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$1 Million Lottery Ticket Sold in Columbia Falls
Top prize, a $1 million ticket, was sold at Mike’s Conoco at 1645 Ninth St. W.
Someone in the Flathead Valley is holding a $1 million lottery ticket.

State lottery officials announced the winning numbers of the Montana Millionaire 2013 after the final drawing Jan. 2. The top prize, a $1 million ticket, was sold at Mike’s Conoco at 1645 Ninth St. W. in Columbia Falls, according to the lottery office in Helena.

The winning numbers are 0-9-0-9-0-7.

The lucky ticket was not claimed as of 10:30 a.m., Thursday, according to lottery officials. The person with the winning ticket is advised to sign the back of the ticket immediately to establish ownership before notifying the lottery office at 406-444-5825.

Tickets for Montana Millionaire were sold for $20 apiece and went on sale Nov. 1. All 130,000 tickets sold out for the second year in a row, by mid-day Dec. 26, according to the office.

Two other tickets worth $100,000 were announced as part of the special annual lottery: one at 3G’s Convenience Store in Billings and another at the Tip it Bar in Havre. Three tickets worth $10,000 were sold: Smith’s Food and Drug in Bozeman; Safeway in Helena; and Superpumper in Sidney.

Montana Lottery operates out of Helena, with seven sales representatives around the state. It is supported by a network of more than 800 retailers. Retailers receive a 5 percent commission for lotto and Scratch ticket sales, with the opportunity for additional commission for Scratch sales above base.

In 2012, $2.6 million was given away in prizes, 54.4 percent of total revenue, according to the lottery office.

The Montana Lottery was created by referendum in 1986. Since then, it has paid over $465 million in prizes and returned approximately $210 million to the state of Montana.

For more information, visit the Montana Lottery website.
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Glad & Sad….it was not me, but someone in C Falls….maybe?  Now, maybe the Beacon can find out….HOW DOES MONTANY LOTTERY…pick their #/‘s . I have e-mailed them an no response…..the secrecy seems to be WHY…don’t they let folks know about the picking process…for…
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