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Life in the Ourdoors of MontanaLife in the Ourdoors of Montana
Bob Marshall Wilderness Ranked Top 10 Place for Intrepid Hunters
South Central Montana near Bozeman also made the list
A nationwide survey found the Bob Marshall Wilderness is considered one of the most rugged areas for hardcore hunters in the United States.

W.L. Gore & Associates, the makers of GORE-TEX fabrics, surveyed hunting experts to determine the top U.S. destinations for hunters undeterred by brutal conditions and recently released the results.

“Serious hunter athletes know that the most exciting and rewarding hunts often involve battling the elements,” said David Dillon, hunting category leader for W.L. Gore & Associates. “Gore is committed to making sure hunters don’t miss any experience, or pass up any great hunting destination because of wind, rain, sleet, freezing temperatures or other challenging weather. We gear them up so they can stay out longer in any conditions and experience more. We hope this ‘Best Hunt / Worst Conditions’ list inspires some epic hunts for hard core hunters.”

South Central Montana near Bozeman also made the list.

Top 10 U.S. Destinations for Best Hunting in the Worst Conditions
1. Kodiak Island, Alaska
2. Penobscot Bay / Stonington, Maine
3. South Central Montana / Northwest Wyoming
"Some of the wildest country in the lower 48, commented one hunter about this area rich with elk, sheep, mule deer, whitetail, goat, antelope and moose. Survey respondents were poetic in their praise of this area, which included territory south of Bozeman, Area 501 and the Absaroka Range in Wyoming. Elk hunting can go from 70 degrees and sunny to 40 below and blizzard-like conditions overnight. Elk are hunted hard here, and they are constantly on alert using the nastiest rock outcropping and ledges. Rifle season typically brings winter with subzero wind chills and face-stinging ice. In addition to the unpredictable weather (and possibility of snow any month of the year), this area is rich with predators. You are not at the top of the food chain in an area with high density of grizzlies and wolves, so getting packed up fast is essential."
4. Black Hills and Badlands, South Dakota
5. Northwest Montana
"Like Alaska, Montana was a popular state with the focus group. While the south central part of the state rated a bit higher, particularly for scenery and amenities, this area (which includes the Bob Marshall Wilderness) earned praise for its high elk numbers, scarcity of people extremely challenging topography. Extreme variation in weather conditions – from rain and snow to hot sun – combined with the physical exertion of long hikes makes staying dry and comfortable a challenge. Hunters appreciate the accessibility of the region, which is not as remote as other parts of the state, and head here to harvest waterfowl, elk, mule deer, whitetail and sheep."
6. Southwest Colorado
7. The Cascade Mountains, Washington and Coastal Oregon
8. The Big Woods, Western Wisconsin
9. Idaho Panhandle, Idaho
10. TIE: Central Nebraska / Platte River and The Low Country, South Carolina
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