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Daines, Tester Respond to House Vote Reducing Food Stamp Program
Tester: cuts would make it harder for working families and seniors to buy needed food
Two of Montana's lawmakers issued statements immediately following the House vote to cut $4 billion annually from the food stamps program.

The 217-210 vote was a win for conservatives after Democrats united in opposition and some GOP moderates said the cut was too high.

Rep. Steve Daines said the decision would make important reforms that reduce fraud, waste and abuse within the food stamp program, which acts as the nation's main feeding program and is used by more than 1 in 7 Americans.

Sen. Jon Tester blasted the decision, saying it would make it harder for working families, seniors and other Americans to buy needed food.

Sen. Max Baucus has not yet issued a statement following the afternoon vote.

Rep. Steve Daines

“Montanans have been waiting far too long for Congress to pass a five-year farm bill. The passage of the Nutrition Reform and Work Opportunity Act now allows the House and Senate to come together in conference and work toward a solution that provides our ag producers and rural communities with the long-term certainty that they deserve. This bill also puts in place important reforms that reduce fraud, waste and abuse, make the nutrition assistance program more efficient and effective and ultimately ensure Americans that need assistance are getting it so that they can get back on their feet. I hope that the House and Senate can now work quickly to approve a five-year Farm Bill that put the American people, not politics, first.”

Sen. Jon Tester

“We must get our debt and deficit under control, but eliminating critical food assistance for mothers and children is the height of irresponsibility. The House of Representatives today made it clear they are more interested in cutting the legs out from working families than working hard to find a common-sense solution, and it will make it even tougher to get a five-year Farm Bill signed into law.”
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On 09-24-13, mooseberryinn commented....
Heeeeey, now there’s a great idea!  “stop public funding”.  Yup, we could stop public funding of idiot “studies”, endless multiple “bennies” for druggies, endless lawsuits, etc. etc.  And…. let’s tax business and corporations so much they leave the country!
Kellyn Brown
Kellyn Brown2h
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Molly Priddy
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Hung Jury in Over-Serving Drinks Case http://t.co/xHKNgIK63x