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Life in the Ourdoors of MontanaLife in the Ourdoors of Montana
Decision on Wolverine Protections Delayed
Delay will be used to address questions about the impacts of climate change
BILLINGS — Federal wildlife officials have delayed until next summer a decision on whether wolverines should receive more federal protections.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said Tuesday that the delay will be used to address questions about the impacts of climate change on wolverine habitat. Spokesman Steve Segin says the agency will decide by Aug. 4 if wolverines should be listed under the Endangered Species Act.

Government scientists say the carnivorous weasels face an uncertain future as their high mountain snow field habitat dwindles because of warming temperature.

Representatives of western states opposed to more protections say the animal's population has increased in some areas.

An estimated 250 to 300 wolverines live in the Lower 48 states, primarily in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and Washington. Larger populations persist in Alaska and Canada.
On 12-18-13, ride4fun commented....
Wolverines do need protection.  A study done years ago in Glaicer sited only 45 Wolverines in all of Glacier, which is over a million acres.  And as the article says, with glaciers melting and warmer temps, that number may dwindle.  Only 250-300 in the lower 48 states sounds…
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President Declares Montana Disaster After Flooding http://t.co/PIbPhx1k9V #mtnews
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Tristan Scott16 Apr
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President Declares Montana Disaster After Flooding http://t.co/N9uG5NRGw9