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Denying Bush
Doesn’t it seem odd that Republicans never mention the most recent Republican president, George W. Bush? He is not with Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan on the campaign trail. He did not speak at the Republican convention, nor is there any reference to his administration by his own party. Eight years of a Republican presidency and it is like it never happened.

Could it be that the GOP is ashamed of him and embarrassed by what Bush did as president? By the surplus he squandered? By the unfunded wars and prescription drug bill that created our huge deficit? By the deregulations that caused the economic collapse? Could it be that they have to distance themselves from their own president because of the horrendous damage Republican policies did to this country?

And, by avoiding “he who shall not be named” do they think we, as voters, will not remember what a mess the Republicans, under Bush, made of our country?

We do remember and will not trust our nation to them again. Republicans are pretending President Bush didn’t and doesn’t exist. Do they think that, by denying him – one of their own – we will put another Republican president in control of America? If so, they are truly delusional. Republican ideologies didn’t work under Bush and they won’t work now. President Barack Obama, in less then four short years has managed to reverse the Bush downtrend and, in another four will bring our country back to economic and social health.

Jackie Ladner
On 10-07-12, W00drat commented....
I could understand Bush just wanting to step out of the glaring light of a hostile press that has done a masterful job of frying him. Perhaps the old line GOP has wised up to the fact that most Americans are frustrated with Wash DC politicians…
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