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‘Inspiration’ Tops CNN’s List of World’s Best Ski Runs
Big Mountain's "Inspiration" featured on CNN as one of "World's Best Ski Runs"
Beacon file photo
“Inspiration,” Big Mountain’s corduroy-draped roller coaster plunge down the heart of the mountain’s front side, is a household name in the Flathead Valley.

But for those of us unfamiliar with the terrain at Whitefish Mountain Resort, or unenlightened about the sweeping views of Glacier National Park and the Flathead Valley that the intermediate-level run affords at the summit of Big Mountain, the name may not inspire so much as a second thought.

A Jan. 13 feature on CNN may change that, however, as “Inspiration” is currently enjoying its 15 minutes of fame.

The CNN feature, “World’s Best Ski Runs,” ranked “Inspiration” at Whitefish Mountain Resort No. 20 on its list of 100 best ski runs. It’s the only Montana run in the top 100, and joins France, Switzerland, Canada and Wyoming among others in the top 20.

“The 701-meter drop is fun, but it’s the views of Glacier National Park and the Flathead Valley that make Inspiration special,” a caption notes below a photo of several pint-sized skiers bombing down Inspiration, the expansive Flathead Valley pictured in the background.

According to the article, CNN followed its feature on best beaches with a ski run analogue, and asked some of the world’s top skiers, snowboarders and winter sports journalists to name their favorite ski runs.

The panel included Andrew Weibrecht, Olympic medalist and U.S. ski team member; John Stifter, editor at U.S. ski bible Powder magazine; Mike Douglas, the godfather of freeskiing and creator of the world’s first twin-tip ski; and Nicola Iseart, editor of the UK’s top ski magazine, Fall Line.

Read about Big Mountain’s “Inspiration” and 99 other inspired ski runs in the world.
On 01-15-14, MontanaTrace commented....
Wow! Top ski run in the world! (if you don’t count the nineteen ahead of it) Still, this is good PR. Our local writer sees us as #1 and the rest of the world will see us listed in the top twenty in the world. That’s great. Who…
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Kellyn Brown12h
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Dillon Tabish8h
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Molly Priddy12h
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Tristan Scott16 Apr
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