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A wide-ranging blog on new businesses, events and other happennings in the Flathead Valley.
Life in the Flathead Valley - Kalispell, MTLife in the Flathead Valley - Kalispell, MT
Just Imagine
Book Corner
Have you ever met someone whose life seems to parallel yours? And you think, “Hey, that could have been me.” If you had taken that other job, or moved to that other town, or chosen that other path. With a couple of different steps, you could have been a tattooed race car driver or a world-traveling chef.

That’s the crazy thing about life. It’s like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book every day. Remember those? I always read every single ending. I couldn’t stand not knowing every option.

Those books are for kids, but kids aren’t the only ones who should have choices for adventure.

So why not try choosing your own adventures? Give yourself an alternate ending – or two or three – to every story.

Imagine other endings for trivial things, like whether you’ll have toast and juice for breakfast, or bacon and a cupcake. The healthier choice is obvious, but the other option would give you a whole different feeling to start off the day.

Stretch your imagination by picturing yourself doing the things your alternate selves have already achieved: starting a business and being your own boss, going on a blind date and meeting an attractive stranger, moving to a new town and trying out a new persona, taking a solo trip to a far-off country and dipping into other cultures.

Don’t dismiss any ideas as being too wild or unlikely. After all, being able to picture something new is one step on the way to making it happen.

What adventures are you going to imagine today?
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On 01-17-14, gehugh commented....
What is the book review, Choose Your Own Adventure?  Can you review real books?
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