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LETTER: A Wake-Up Call
Immediately after the election, Tea Partiers and other so-called conservative groups started pointing the fingers and speaking out about how and why they lost the election.

Here is one of the more ‘telling’ comments. Richard A. Viguerie, chairman of “ConservatieHQ.com” ended a press conference with these words: “Tea partiers will take over the Republican Party within four years.”

Now, I ask you. If this particular comment is not proof enough of the great fragmented ideas, ideals, and direction of the Republican Party in America, what is?

I’m sure that the Republican Party will be looking very carefully at just how it is going to frame and promote a clearly stated political platform and resist being dragged, with huge monetary contributions, into loud yet out of touch representatives-of-the-whole splinter groups such as The Tea Party.

The Republican Party never defined itself during this election. It was all over the map. And it relied heavily upon some social and moral issues which further muddled the American public’s perception; a public which generally agrees with the complete separation of church and state.

I do believe that this election was one great wake-up call to our political system in America. There are better days ahead. We the People have spoken.

Bob McClellan
On 11-16-12, mitch commented....
Let them rant and rave, they’re giving the rest of us something to laugh at.    Your guy lost, our guy won, deal with it.    Actually I think they’re mostly the same person, there can’t be that many mental cases on here, can there?
Kellyn Brown
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