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LETTER: Apparently I’m Part of the 1 Percent
I woke up recently to a wonderful new realization. I am one of the top wage earners in our country. No, it’s true. Remember all through the election how Obama kept saying that it was time for the top earners to pay their fair share. When I picked up my paycheck from payroll last Thursday, I couldn't believe the increase in my taxes and the reduction in my take home! I could only deduce that I am one of the top one-half percent.

Now that my take home-buying power has been reduced, I am not going to be able to spend as much, but that’s OK. The local businesses won’t notice the difference.

There are a couple of truly bright spots in all of this: first, I am sure that Al Gore is going to pay his fair share for the sale of his “successful” TV network to Al Jazeera. Second, that all those who drank the Kool-Aid and voted Democrat have found themselves in the top one-half percent, too.

Now, who wants to blame this on George W. Bush?

Richard Funk
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Dear Moose, There is no question that the deficit and national debt are issues to concern us.  I’d like to suggest that you read, as I did, “The Shock Doctrine,” by Naomi Klein.  It’s a tough slog—589 pages, plus about 100 pages of notes.  Like me,…
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