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LETTER: Global Warming: Is it Really That Important?
I have been observing the “back and forth” between the two sides over global warming and I realize that this is more than a “facts fight” – this is an ideological battle between the Left and the Right. I have my own comment and I feel educated enough to speak for the low-income earners who will be deeply affected by the outcome of this battle. Leave it alone. Just take your data and walk away. Yes, global warming is probably manmade and is probably happening, but can the world afford to throw trillions in dollars of economic revenue out the window just to “solve” it? No. And not only that, nations with booming economies like China and free market economies like Singapore are not about to let a bunch of paper pushers ruin their dynamic economies.

Perhaps the U.S. will someday have the courage to come to the same conclusion and say “enough” to the environmental crowd, but until then the First World is doomed to reduce its revenues to nothing in the name of “a healthy planet.” The third-world, socialist nations and communist ones are literally sitting in environmental disaster zones already because of years of mismanagement, but one quick look to the first-world capitalist economies reveals that the march of modern technology has done more to clean the environment than any government regulations will. When palm trees grow in Montana, I am sure not too many people will notice or care. They will be out trying to make a living. I write this as a private citizen and not as a representative of any company.

David M. Tyler
On 01-24-14, RetRR commented....
Yeah, moose, I probably spoke out of turn. The Great and powerful Oz should always be allowed to speak first. Just figured that after the last blow-up we all had here about climate change you’d surely bite on the money remark. Kudos to you, though, for…
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