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LETTER: Outlawing Weapons Won’t Curb Violence
I am writing in response to Mr. Lyle Olsen’s letter (Feb. 6 Beacon: “Assault Weapons a Menace to Society”).

Mr. Olsen states that society does not need military pattern rifles (aka “assault weapons”), “…because our shotgun or handgun or pepper spray will stop a criminal in our home…” I agree, however, what will Mr. Olsen do when tyrannical government agents or a United Nations “peacekeeping force” comes to take away his shotgun or handgun or to escort his family and neighbors to the nearest “re-education camp?” Remember, it was a tyrannical government’s military that escorted the European Jews to the concentration camps just 75 years ago.

Again, Mr. Olsen states, “…ownership of assault weapons is a moral issue and no Christian can justify ownership of such murderous weapons.” Since Christians derive their moral foundation from the Holy Scriptures where does it say ownership of a sword (the “assault weapon” of the day) is immoral? I can’t find any such notion but what I do find is Our Lord commanding His disciples to sell their garment and buy a sword (Luke 22:36, KJV) Either Jesus is wrong or Mr. Olsen is; I believe Jesus, thank you.

Finally, Mr. Olsen says that, “…assault weapons will remain a constant menace as long as they exist in our society.” ANY weapon (shotgun, pistol, knife, crow bar, rock, etc.) wielded in the hands of a deranged individual is a menace to society. Attempting to outlaw military pattern weapons will do nothing to rid this land of violence. Only a return to the moral, and yes biblical, principles that our Republic was founded on will. It starts when we, as a nation, repent of our national sins and return to following God instead of our own way.

Thomas Millett
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