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LETTER: Tea Party Express Endorsement Hypocritical
As a Constitutional Conservative, I find the Tea Party Express endorsement of Congressman Steve Daines for U.S. Senate openly hypocritical.

The Tea Party Express claims “six simple principles” as part of their mission statement:

• No more bailouts

• Reduce the size and intrusiveness of government

• Stop raising our taxes

• Repeal Obamacare

• Cease out-of-control spending

• Bring back American prosperity

Congressman Daines has failed in these principles. He voted four times to raise the debt limit and put off the budget matter until a future date. He voted for CISPA, a gross violation of the Fourth Amendment. He voted twice for the Farm Bill, which not only lacks in crop insurance reform but also adds two new crop risk bailouts, continues the sugar subsidy, and is nothing shy of a massive food stamp program. His October vote ensured the implementation of Obamacare.

Three of the top conservative scorecard groups rate Steve Daines from 58 percent to 70 percent on the conservative index, failing scores by nearly every standard.

By endorsing this type of candidate, the Tea Party Express shows it has gone the way of the national Republican Party and is looking for party loyalists rather than true conservatives.

Montana, and this country, can ill afford a moderate in the U.S. Senate, and that is what Steve Daines promises to be.

Edna Kent
On 12-21-13, mooseberryinn commented....
And don’t forget, reggie is the local expert on the evils of the “radical right”, and “brainwashing” too.  ooops, maybe he put his brain in the dryer and it shrunk?  Too bad.
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