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LETTER: We Don’t Need Another George W. Bush
Mitt Romney wants to take the lead in the Middle East? Maybe he wants to arm the potential terrorists so they can kill thousands of Americans once they kiss and make up with each other. It’s a really bad idea and history tells us we’ll take it in the shorts. Oh man! I hope people will think this through and see the consequences before voting for this unenlightened person. We don’t need another W.

Kathleen Maloney
On 10-28-12, mooseberryinn commented....
Montanadan - You cannot change the beliefs of the Obama worshipers.  No reason, no logic, no facts can sway their drooling admiration of the Emperor/King/Community Organizer-in-Chief.  Even in the midst of ruin, they will still stand and shout “all glory” to Obama the Messiah.  As for…
Kellyn Brown
Kellyn Brown3h
Governor Weighs in on Barry Beach Clemency Application | Flathead Beacon http://t.co/MPQ0KXsiEc
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Molly Priddy
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MT Gov. Steve Bullock sends letter to Parole Board, largely supportive of Barry Beach's petition for commutation of sentence. #mtpol
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Flathead Beacon
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Governor Weighs in on Barry Beach Clemency Application http://t.co/fePORvxmT4