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Obama’s Bad Policies Have Awakened America
I would like to give President Barack Obama a giant “Thank you!” I appreciate the opportunity to do this publicly.

Many years ago, as a junior high student, I remember enjoying a song in our music class about loving the United States of America. I remember singing out robustly – I really meant it. I have always loved this country and its wonderful promise of liberty.

Through the years, as I focused on raising children and earning money, I didn’t think so much about how lucky I was to be an American.

Then Sept. 11 happened. My daughter lived in Lower Manhattan; my husband was on his way to the Pentagon that morning. As the day went on, I found that they were both safe. I remember seeing members of Congress on television singing “God Bless America” – Democrats and Republicans singing together. The one good thing about that awful attack for me was the awakening that happened. I was feeling once again grateful to be an American.

Likewise, the four years of Obama’s presidency have represented for me a further awakening. I realize again how much I love America and how grateful I am that this is my country. Obama with his power-loving, egocentric, America-hating ways has jarred me into a “proud to be an American” frame of mind. I want only to return our country to the grand promise that was launched in 1776.

I know I’m not the only American who feels this way. And I’m hoping the awakening that Obama reinforced will come to fruition with the election of Mitt Romney in November.

Carol Cummings
On 10-14-12, Eileen Wright commented....
It seems that in every election cycle we get boxed into supporting a candidate in opposition to the latest liberal extreme, but we can’t get to the point of actually playing our own hand. I am hoping that the media won’t be able to provide the usual cover for…
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