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Putting Your Oars in the Water
COMMUNITY -Lakeside / Somers
Photo courtesy J.C. Chaix
Residents and visitors to the Lakeside/Somers area can take advantage of several places to launch boats, fish, swim and enjoy the lake.

Caroline Point

This place is marked on a few maps and guides as a boat dock and ramp – but it is hardly more than an end-of-the-road easement between two residences. The remains of the boat dock are about 20 yards from shore (and can barely be seen when the water level is extremely low). So, if you’re looking to launch you’re 40-foot powerboat, the next three spots on the list are the way to go.

Lakeside Boat Ramp
The boat launch along U.S. Highway 93, at the end of Bierney Creek Road in Lakeside, can accommodate boats large and small. The boat launch is close to some great conveniences in town – but traffic and parking could pose a few hassles if you’re not prepared.

Somers Beach/Fishing Access
Just south of Somers Road, along U.S. Highway 93, you’ll find the Somers Beach and fishing access area. It’s a great place – with plenty of parking – for swimming, fishing or boating. The boat launch is used year round (as the signs of “Watch for Ice” attest).

West Shore State Park
For those looking for the combination of boating and camping, look no further than West Shore State Park (located at the south end of Lakeside along U.S. Highway 93).

There are 31 campsites (seven tent-only). Some are right along shore, and others throughout the fir, pine and larch trees in this mostly wooded, 130-acre park beside the lake.

Along with RV/trailer hookups (40 feet and under), the park also has a boat launch and dock.

The park is a great place for those wishing to enjoy a longer stay along the lake, or the spirit-lifting combination of boating and camping by the lake.

Volunteer Park
While Volunteer Park does not have a boat launch, it has a dock that allows boaters quick access to the middle of downtown Lakeside. The dock is perfect for picking up or letting off passengers – or picking up some local fruit from the many roadside stands along the road in the summer.

The park also has a canoe/kayak rack for easy use and storage of these small boats when not in use.

The racks make it easy to enjoy the park and the beach, and also kayaking or canoeing as well.

And if you just want to swim, picnic or enjoy the shore, Volunteer Park is a perfect place.

The swimming docks, just off shore are fun for kids of all ages.

So take advantage of all the possibilities Flathead Lake has to offer around the Lakeside and Somers area this summer.
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