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Woman Pleads Guilty to Embezzling from Blackfeet
Sandra Sanderville pleaded guilty to embezzling almost $300,000 from federally funded program.
GREAT FALLS — The former director of a federally funded aid program on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation has pleaded guilty to embezzling almost $300,000 from the program to support her gambling addiction.

Sandra Marie Sanderville of Browning pleaded guilty Thursday to embezzlement and fraud charges during a hearing before U.S. District Judge Keith Strong in Great Falls. A sentencing date has not been set, the U.S. Attorney's Office said.

Sanderville, 58, was director of the tribe's Temporary Assistance to Needy Families program from 2006 to 2010, during which the program received $12 million in federal funding.

Sanderville admitted she used various schemes to make overpayments to families, who then provided her with a cash kickback. Her scheme involved 16 to 20 program beneficiaries, including some who were ineligible for payments, court records said.

Prosecutors said Sanderville overpaid some recipients by adding children or grandchildren to the payment calculations, some real and others fabricated. She also failed to remove people from accounts when she knew they no longer lived in the household, court records said.

When the tribe began investigating the missing money, Sanderville tried to delete or destroy the files related to the fraudulent scheme. A backup computer file allowed investigators to re-create those transactions.

Sanderville told investigators she was gambling hundreds of dollars a week.
On 02-28-14, hotfishmt commented....
SO…So, big deal. She will end up with house arrest and probation for 3 years and walk away scot free?  There sure is in the last 3-5 years….lots of women caught with the “cash drawer” in their pocketbook…and rarely do they get any real time behind…
Kellyn Brown
Kellyn Brown4h
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Dillon Tabish
Dillon Tabish19 Apr
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Molly Priddy
Molly Priddy18 Apr
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Tristan Scott
Tristan Scott19 Apr
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