Friday Apr. 18, 2014
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By Turnrow on 09-17-12 @ 8:41 pm
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Dear Mimi and Irv - Be sure to check under your bed before you climb in tonight ...
By laker1 on 09-18-12 @ 8:48 am
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      “This administration has destroyed the balance of power by circumventing Congress
through hundreds
of executive orders.”

        Unfortunately in the real world, Obama has issued 138 executive orders to date.
Since Ronald Reagan
issued 210 executive orders in his first term, Obama will have to work really hard to catch up.

        You should also check the closets before you go to bed.
By bocephusj57 on 09-18-12 @ 6:36 pm
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Geez, what a shopping list of rightwingnut talking points, Limbaugh lies and with a couple
whiffs of dog-whistle racism thrown in for good measure.

ACORN committed no voter fraud, voter ID laws are being passed to specifically suppress the
votes of the elderly, students and other groups with a tendency to vote for Democrats.

How many nightlights are lighted in your house after dark?
By GATE on 09-21-12 @ 2:21 pm
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The Deceiver and his Cabal of Fabian Socialists have taken the art of misinformation, deceit and
untruths to a whole new level. What waterboarding does on a physical level, we now have the perfected
art of Storyboarding of the Truth inflicting a constant stream of trauma on the American public.
By bopho on 09-21-12 @ 4:19 pm
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Gate - - What in the world are you talking about?

My retirement depends on the markets doing well.  And the markets are doing much better now than
when President Obama took office.  The markets represent capitalism not socialism so in my case
capitalism is doing better under Obama.

I’m sorry President Obama made your life so miserable.  I’m sure if Romney is elected, on his first
day in office he will make everything better for you and you will be happy.

And if Obama wins - invest in the stock market.  My late father use to tell me that the markets always
do better under the Democrats.  In my 65 years I have found that to be the truth.
By Curry on 10-01-12 @ 11:17 am
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Maybe you should research Romney’s record with financial dealings, and his Vice-Presidential
hopeful’s relationship with the truth.
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