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By inthemiddle on 01-03-13 @ 8:35 am
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Bullseye Mr. Breeding
By Craig moore on 01-03-13 @ 11:08 am
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Conceding a step on the stairs of gun control gains nothing.  See: “In summary, the Task Force found
insufficient evidence to determine the effectiveness of any of the firearms laws reviewed for
preventing violence.”   

Attempts to split the firearms community into “hunters” and “other” does nothing to protect the
rights of anyone or make the public safe.    If there is to be a “ban” how about including
emotive symbolic labels like “assualt” that mean nothing when describing the functioning of a
By mooseberryinn on 01-04-13 @ 11:01 am
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Well said.  I’ve long known the uneducated public, and uneducated politicians don’t know that “assault”
rifles are merely semi-auto weapons made to look like the combat models.  I’ve written the same
several times.  “Gun Control” zealots don’t understand a very basic truth.  Simply put; “law-abiding gun
owners are not the problem, criminals and nutcases are the problem”.  and the summary - Criminals
and nutcases don’t care what laws are in effect as they will not abide by them.
By Westvalley on 01-05-13 @ 12:00 am
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Our founding fathers wanted every citizen to be armed equally to the military in case of
takeover by a tyrannical government. They wanted us to have protection from them!! An armed
society is a polite society!!!!  Wanna fix gun violence in this country??  Fix mental health!!!
  One of the LARGEST mental health hospitals in this country was guess where???  NEWTOWN
CONNECTICUT which operated from 1931 until 1995. At its peak the hospital housed over 4,000
patients!  If this facility was still open we likely would not be having this discussion today!!!
By mooseberryinn on 01-05-13 @ 4:36 pm
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Westvalley you are way too optimistic.  Afterall, Chairman Obama was re-elected.
By hotfishmt on 01-06-13 @ 9:53 am
71 up | 60 down

Hay….MooseMan….don’t you live back East ?????
By mooseberryinn on 01-06-13 @ 2:08 pm
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I have had residences in 8 states and traveled through or spent longer periods of time in about 45 or so. 
Presently, (for about 27 years?) I’ve lived in Montana.
By Herc Driver on 01-08-13 @ 6:38 am
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Moose’s legal residence, however, is the state of confusion…
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