Thursday Apr. 24, 2014
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Reichner of Bigfork wants to increase the donation limits candidates can receive from various sources
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By Westside2 on 01-28-13 @ 12:45 am
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What Reichner fails to acnowledge is that Western Tradition Partnership became American
Tradition Partnership and has since all but collapsed due to well documentted allogations that
they violated the law.  His proposal to fight fire with fire seems juvenile at best.  It is
clearly against the what most Montanans want.
By Johnny on 01-28-13 @ 8:03 am
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ATP is only one of many dark money groups that were involved in our elections last year.  It is naive to
think just because one group collapsed that we don’t have to deal with this.  The public needs the
candidates to have control of these campaigns, not wealthy individuals set on buying our legislature,
executive and judiciary.  Maybe you need to spend some time digging through those news reports,
emails, and finance disclosures, or lack thereof.
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