Friday Apr. 18, 2014
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At Whitefish screening of award-winning documentary, researchers discuss potential impacts of melting glaciers
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By GATE on 05-01-13 @ 3:10 pm
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Maybe the’ Hand wringers’ should take their cameras down to the Antarctic and watch the Ice Sheets
growing or go over to Mt. Rainier and stand on the 200+ Inch snow pack. While this Apocalyptic Cult of
Warmism continues to fail the reality test, Crazy AlGore , Chicken Little’s best friend, gave another
‘Hot Air’ speech about impending doom yesterday while Denver and the rest of the Midwest was being
blasted by a Blizzard-like-Snowstorm!!
By mooseberryinn on 05-01-13 @ 3:42 pm
41 up | 38 down

There are two reasons for global warming.  Sunshine and Al Gore’s hot air.
By GATE on 05-01-13 @ 4:08 pm
48 up | 37 down

While the ‘Warmist’s’ fraudulent computer models used to create this ‘crisis’ have been completely
discredited, does anyone see an ongoing pattern here? Never let a ‘crisis’ go to waste…or create one
to terrorize the ‘low threshold’ citizen in to believing the only the ‘State’ can save you from your lowly
ways. Gun Grabbing, CastroCare…the list is endless and unrelenting. The Progressive parasites will
not stop until individual freedom is surrendered to the Collective State!
By mooseberryinn on 05-01-13 @ 8:55 pm
36 up | 36 down

GATE - But of course, that is what we cal King Obama’s “transformation”.
By mooseberryinn on 05-02-13 @ 4:55 am
34 up | 35 down

It will turn out to be an opportunity to create income via “carbon taxes” and/or other forms of economic
penalties, and to force higher energy costs on America.  Get out your solar panels and mount ‘em on
the roof.
By reggie on 05-03-13 @ 8:22 am
31 up | 51 down

Ya, the corrupting power of organized money has gone beyond control of our “democraticly
controled republic” and our media, to include the regular denial of science. As evidenced here
by comments made by the regular (paid?) corporate shills.

Isn’t it odd that you pretenders’ opinion is always the same as that of the malefactors of great
By mooseberryinn on 05-03-13 @ 9:17 am
34 up | 29 down

Must have been dropped on his head as a kid.
By Fast on 05-03-13 @ 11:27 am
8 up | 10 down

Hey guys don’t forget the reach around. smile
By todd tanner on 05-03-13 @ 7:14 pm
35 up | 55 down

Kudos to the Beacon for solid reporting, and to Steve Thompson and Glacier Climate Action for
bringing Chasing Ice to the Flathead.  Climate change is the single biggest threat we face going
forward, and it’s time to step back from the partisan vitriol and the anti-science rhetoric.  If we want to
give our kids & grandkids a fighting chance at a decent future, we need to listen to our scientists and
move quickly toward clean, renewable forms of energy.
By mooseberryinn on 05-04-13 @ 12:48 pm
30 up | 29 down

I agree.  I think the true believers must immediately park their cars and trucks, and walk every where. 
Shut down home heaters, shut down the lights, and TVs, and computers, and stop using fossil fuel
power.  We have to look at our community and state activities also.  No more plowing up there in the
park, no more mowing grasses, no more gas powered equipment etc. etc.  This use of fossil fules has
to stop totally.  right now, or we won’t save the planet!
By dsrobins on 05-04-13 @ 3:10 pm
34 up | 38 down

One wonders if it’s painful for moose droppings to be such a sourpuss all the time/
By mooseberryinn on 05-05-13 @ 7:00 am
23 up | 29 down

ds - not at all, It’s just entertaining to tweak the progressive hypocrisies.
By reggie on 05-05-13 @ 7:28 am
31 up | 44 down

Moose, do you really think your childish name calling and repeating bogas rightwing
propaganda reaches progressives? If you want to “tweak” progressives, try useing logical
arguments supported by verifiable evidence. Throw in a few facts and drop the constant insults
and we can seek the truth together.

There are some on the right who can, and do make reasoned arguments in support of various
positions taken by Republicans. They just seem to be in short supply here.
By GATE on 05-05-13 @ 8:06 am
40 up | 29 down

..“Arkansas sees first May Snow since records began in 1819”....!
By mooseberryinn on 05-05-13 @ 8:59 am
31 up | 29 down

I really don’t care about “reaching progressives”.  That would be a futile exercise.  I just like to point out
the obvious now and then.  The fact that so many enviro-wackos wring their hands and whine, but don’t
make any personal sacrifice, (like Al Gore for example, or King Obama) says the issue isn’t going to
even be addressed toward any worthwhile solution.  But - we may well see social engineering tools
hurt working folks along the way.
By reggie on 05-06-13 @ 7:23 am
20 up | 34 down

Yes, perhaps from your level of discorse it would be futile to try communication instead of
looking for approval from chearleaders on the right, or juvenile attempts at humor. Not one
piece of real, verifiable evidence has been presented by the right on this thread to support your
argument, but still you deny reality…. and insult those who don’t.

Remember the old saw….“Ignorance can be cured by education, but stupidity is forever”? I
would add, ignorance by demand looks like stupidity from the outside.

None of the usual suspects have answered my question asking if rich exploiters on the right
pay you individuals to gin up and write this crap…. again and again regardless the subject.
By GATE on 05-06-13 @ 8:17 am
32 up | 20 down

Maybe you could get Ayatollah AlGore, the Religious leader of the Climate profiteers to kick in
some of the $200 Million in cash he’s sitting on! This poster boy of Progressive Corporate cronyism
went from selling $6,000 worth of cows in 1999 to amassing a fortune estimated to be $500 Million.
Pretty good for a lifetime politician who took a 1+ Million Sliver Spoon inheritance from his former
Klansman father, spent his adult life working the system from the inside using shameful influence
peddling while perfecting the art of Progressive shakedown tactics to enrich himself!
By mooseberryinn on 05-06-13 @ 1:50 pm
16 up | 15 down

Recent news, several “mainstream” sources. = check out Mr. “Inconvenient Truth” Al Gore’s “carbon
footprint”.  Now there is a guy thumping the drum in public, and ignoring the whole climate change
issue at home.  He qualifies as “Hypocrite of the Year”.
p.s. - reggie - we’re ignoring you. You qualify as totally unteachable anyway.
By reggie on 05-08-13 @ 8:50 am
4 up | 10 down

Thanks Moose, but I already noticed the lack of informed responses from the right.

On the subject of this thread; have you read anything about the acidifying of the oceans? Turns
out that the added carbon in the atmosphere being absorbed by the oceans (especially the
artic ocean) is rapidly changing the PH ballance, to the detremint of enough life forms to
potentially endanger the food chain….If the oceans die, so do we.

Also, the group of scientists that don’t believe the vast majority of scientists claiming humans
cause global warming go far enough, is larger than the bought off corporate shill scientists
being paid to deny AGW.
By GATE on 05-08-13 @ 8:55 am
8 up | 5 down

With all that acid being absorbed by the fish, the good news for the ‘stoners’ is that they can now buy
a can of Starkist Tuna and get ‘high’ for less than a buck!
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