Thursday Apr. 17, 2014
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Dispute between Eureka ranch for troubled children and state could be decided this week
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By spartanmt on 12-03-12 @ 11:15 am
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this “ranch” stinks to high heaven
By window2hvn on 12-05-12 @ 2:26 pm
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I find Joyce and Bill Sutley to be genuinely concerned about the kids at the ranch. I did
volunteer work at the Ranch for about a month and enjoyed the beauty of the mountains, it’s
serinity and tranquility. I think this type of environment helps reduce stress in the kids live’s
there. I do wish I could have had more interaction with the kids in their academics. I was a
licensed substitute teacher K-12 in my state of NM with a BA degree in criminology, law
enforcement and psycholgy. I also took numerous courses in religion in college and religious
rights of inmates working for the Dept. of Justice federal bureau of prisons.  As a lab inspector
for the U.S. Dept. of Energy with Ames, Labs I did a few inspections of the ranch. I found a few
areas where improvement was needed and made several recommendations to the proprietiers’
of the ranch. Rather they followed up on any of them is unknown to me at this time as it was
late in the year and may now be slated for their 2013 agenda as many projects come to a halt
in MT. when winter approaches. My two years stationed at Malmstrom AFB, Great Falls, MT.
taught me much about winters in MT. I am currently retired from the FBOP (federal bureau of
prisons) and have a deep passion and concern to see that these kids be given every
oppurtunity to succeed in their lives’ and not fall into the pitfalls that so many inmates’ have
with their lives and our current justice system. Put the government in charge of anything and
everything is not the answer. It’s been said, “put the federal government in charge of the
Sahara Desert and in two years there will be no sand left.” I fear if these kids are placed in a
government program they will just be ware-housed like inmates today.  The state of MT.
should be an aid for these folks rather than an albatross around their necks.
By hotfishmt on 12-06-12 @ 4:12 am
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Window2: you did a good job describing things at the “ranch”, but with a degree in Crime seems
out of place for recovering kids? How is it that you lasted only 30 days? I still fail to see the
connection between troubled kids from Russia, now somehow transported to Eureka and who
pays the bills for the food, labor, staff etc…? You stated yourself, that you did not have much
interaction with the kids….what then did you do as a free worker??? Much to be found out about
the real goings on I feel.
By window2hvn on 12-06-12 @ 5:21 pm
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I was there only a short time due to my wife’s health back in NM. I am not sure nor was I really
privy to finances of the ranch. I was basically working on small engines like lawn mowers,
string trimmers, chainsaws. I did have a problem with no manuals or a computer to get part
numbers to be able to order parts or trouble shoot some problems. I did inform the boss of that
issue. Regardless of where the child is from Russia, Poland, Turkey or Timbucktu the courts
and the state should be concerned about the health and welfare of the child. None of the kids
were looking anemic, sick, or abused to me or I would have had a legal obligation to address
that issue with authorities.  I am pretty sure some of these kids are elgibile under state law to
receive assistance for their care, food and housing. Just as other kids and their families are
elgible for assistance. I certainly don’t see a need for the state to enact “parens-patriae,”  which
is what the state is trying to do in a round about way, .as the kids are being well cared for
where they are. They could be a lot worse off standing in a bread line in Russia or in the middle
of a war in other parts of the world. These kids are not a political basketball, but that is how the
state is trying to use them since the managers of the ranch have invoked their constitutional
rights. It is a shame these kids are becoming political pawns of the 2 major super powers.
Rather than the state spending it’s resources (your tax dollars) more wisely they choose to
badger freedom of religion and the right of private property owners. They’ll ask you to leave at
a private country club too.  JMHO
By hotfishmt on 12-07-12 @ 9:36 am
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Window2:  in most schools there is oversight to make sure the “students” are getting proper
levels of learning. I fail to see how imported students could get any kind of aid? As, if they
did…what does the “school” do with any form of aid?
Given some facts of how the students are exposed to learning….the State does have a right to
make sure things are being done half way correct.

I can see one local family near the Old Costco store that built a very large addition to their house
and judging by the young people I see outside during the summer….gota be some form of
adoption or big city troubled kids home…..but, also its safe to say its a money maker$$$$. Are
people in this form of “schooling” there to help or make money ???
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