Wednesday Apr. 23, 2014
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Her last formal testimony on Capitol Hill as America's top diplomat
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By fcb on 01-23-13 @ 2:16 pm
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The live feed from the drones above Benghazi allowed the Military, CIA, White House, FBI,
Dept of State ... to watch in real time the Islamic planned attack for 7 to 8 hours.

America had airplanes, response teams ... Air Force minutes away in Italy , Marines and air
assets with the US Navy, etc. Who repeatedly ordered the military to stand down ?
By Mark W. on 01-23-13 @ 2:29 pm
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The CIA ordered the stand down because the Ambassador was about to blow the whistle on its gun
running operation to the Syrian rebels.
By Mark W. on 01-23-13 @ 2:58 pm
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And the reason it was so important that not come out, by the way, so important that it was worth
this kind of world class screw up, is because the rebels in Syria are the extremists. Assad is a

If it came out that the rebels we are backing were the extremists, it would break the trance the
media has created that somehow the US Government wants the same thing the American people

What we can’t know, is that the US Government is aiding and abetting the slaughter of people that
should be our friends.  We’re not supposed to figure that out until after they confiscate the guns. 

Unfortunately, I think the cat might be out of the bag.
By hotfishmt on 01-23-13 @ 3:09 pm
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A terrorist on evey street in most 3rd world coutries. Face it, poverty, lack of education, poor
living conditions, way too many mouths to feed, disease, etc…..finding some or a lot of men
willing to cause trouble….is not hard to find….promise them a MILK COW or a GOAT & you got
a mob of men with modern weapons….willing to leave their shaggy tent & cow dung.

And that folks is the normal for a long time I think.
By Mark Phillips on 01-25-13 @ 6:57 pm
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Ouch. Future President smacks down would be wannabes. Where’s the cable asking for help dealing
with smart grownups? Dang.. No one read it.
By montanaeasy56 on 01-26-13 @ 8:04 am
20 up | 14 down

You can tell the publican members get all their info from Fix News lies and fabrication by the
moronic questions they asked and issues they pursued that went no where. All they
acomplished at the hearings was succesfully launch the HILLARY 2016 campaign. She was
heads above them in intelligience and the abillity to tackle the tough issues…
By GATE on 01-26-13 @ 9:56 am
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This old washed up Water Buffalo has been an absolute disaster. Time to put her out to pasture. Slick
Willie’s ’ What ‘is’, is and her ‘I can’t Recall’  will define their places in the Narcissistic Hall of Fame!
By HRH Prince Michael on 01-26-13 @ 12:53 pm
34 up | 19 down

In many ways, Clinton exemplifies all that is wrong with American -both- Politics
and Society:  Corruption. Deception.  Unaccoutability.  Immorality.  Nepotism.

Her diversionary false-bravado before Congress, was vintage “Waco Willie”.
Ironically, her single, most-important accomplishment was who she married.
Professionally, much of her actions were shadowed in suspicion.
Yet, the Gloria Steinem crowd hail her - and her highly-ambiguous lifestyle.
Complete with an assistant who family has ties to the Muslim Brother.
By GATE on 01-27-13 @ 7:17 am
23 up | 17 down

...We lied…People Died…‘What difference does it make?”
By mooseberryinn on 01-27-13 @ 10:56 am
17 up | 15 down

Hmm, well, Hillary didn’t seem to know much, now did she?  didn’t see any cables?  No requests for
increased security?  Oh no!  Was her paper shredder marked “In-Box” again?  Maybe it was the bonk
on the head?  her question - ‘what does it matter (now)???  Well ya see Hillary - people who expected
you, or your boss King Obama, to do something useful, were ignored.  Now they’re dead, and you’re
asking “what does it matter?”  Hey, Hillary - why not take a trip to Iran or Syria maybe?
By Fast on 01-27-13 @ 8:49 pm
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It won’t be the first time or the last time ( most of the flight schools in Phoenix knew some thing was up with them
fellows that flew into the towers in New York ) we don’t know the truth.  O ya Georgie Bush jr was in charge.
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