Sunday Apr. 20, 2014
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By ride4fun on 11-21-12 @ 9:02 am
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I’m not an angler or a hunter…..but I totally agree with you.
By Montanadan on 11-21-12 @ 2:37 pm
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Ole Ted is looking at the big picture, not just Montana. Even though I agree we must be ever
vigulent to protect our Libertys and Freedoms. A good way to do it is give every City Counsel
member and elected official a copy of the new fiction book ( Agenda 21 ) based on the UNs
sustained development charter. By Harriet Parke and Glenn Beck writen in a suspense thriller way.
A whole lot better than reading the 2000+ UN version. The Obama administration fully supports it.
We are in the pot and we don’t even know it. A must read.
Can’t wait till 2014. America has to wake up someday. The economy and world events will force us
By inthemiddle on 11-22-12 @ 7:15 pm
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Very good and informative article.
Beck is a nut, why would any rational person read anything this guy writes. He sees conspiracies
in everything and you paranoid right wingers eat it up. Get a grip.
By Montanadan on 11-24-12 @ 12:12 am
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Ol Beck is a nut ? He batting average is almost 100% and at the rate his company’s is growing will
be one of the biggest news services in the world in a couple of years. If you have noticed all the
liberal so called main stream news papers , magazines and news services are going out of businesses or viewership is shrinking drastically. The American people are catching on to the lack
of common sense or out right lies.  The The Truth starts Here. Try it you might like the
truth for a change.
2014 will be just like 2010 more tea party candidates winning State, county, Congress and Senate
seats. Just like we won in the last election 16 more T-Party candidates in congress and 1 in the
Senate. America will see the truth , they always do.
By mooseberryinn on 11-24-12 @ 8:58 am
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Basic thruth - Comrade obama is not about helping America, he is here to destroy it. 
“Obama/Demo-care” will cause businesses to stop hiring full time employees.  part-time?  maybe. 
The Tax the rich push will slow/stop investment money causing businesses to stagnate, or fail. 
“Disposable income” will decrease still more as wages go down, and prices will increase as goods
become less plentiful,.  Energy costs will skyrocket as Comrade Obama wishes for his “green”
energy push.  etc. etc.  Now, this sort of analysis is present via, Fox business, Glenn Beck, Forbes
etc.  Comrade Obama makes speeches saying he is going to solve problems, but his actions are
the opposite.  Too bad the brainwashed buffoons re-elected this economic wrecking-ball.
By Montanadan on 11-24-12 @ 1:22 pm
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Obama is following the plan as prescribed in Saul Alinski’s                      
, Rules for Radicals, you know he taught this plan to destroy America In His Law class in Chicago.
He is just following his mentor Frank Marshall Davis a card carrying Communist. Need proof watch
the documentary Dreams from my Real Father. if you can handle the
TRUTH a must see. It will make the cool-ade drinkers cry.
American’s with any money will all be crying before his 4 years are up. Trillion dollar deficits as far
as you can see. $20 Trillion +++ Just look at Europe you will see our future.
By GATE on 11-24-12 @ 3:42 pm
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The great Patriots who founded this Country and once said ’ Give me Liberty or give me Death’ are
spinning in their graves at the new Socialist battle cry;’ Gimme, Gimme, Gimme’. Perhaps it’s time to
change our once mighty symbol of American greatness, The Bald Eagle, to a Plucked Chicken!
By BiggerMig on 11-24-12 @ 10:08 pm
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As a true patriot, I voted for Obama.  He won.
By GATE on 11-25-12 @ 6:18 am
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The Misleader is about to discover the consequences of inheriting his own mess!
By mooseberryinn on 11-25-12 @ 8:39 am
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Um, BiggerMig - wipe yer chin, you’re drooling on yer shirt.
By GATE on 11-25-12 @ 10:16 am
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Psalm 666:  The State is my shepherd. I shall not want. It makes me lie down in federally owned
pastures. It leads me beside quite waters in banned fishing areas.It restores my soul through its
control. It guides me in the path of dependency for its namesake. Even though our Nation plunges into
the valley of the shadow debt I shall fear no evil!
Kellyn Brown
Kellyn Brown5h
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Dillon Tabish
Dillon Tabish19 Apr
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Molly Priddy
Molly Priddy18 Apr
@natashavc @TaraAriano @allyzay Oh no, I've been thinking it's a room for all your types of mustards. Recalibrating my ideas now.
Tristan Scott
Tristan Scott19 Apr
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