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Stapleton lost a bruising Republican primary for governor last year
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By dsrobins on 02-06-13 @ 3:24 pm
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Since Montanans reject Stapleton for state level office, what makes him think we won’t reject him
for the Senate?
By mooseberryinn on 02-06-13 @ 7:03 pm
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It may well be that Montanans just don’t want Mad Max Obama-Demo-care destruction team leader
around to kiss Chairman Obama’s XXXX.  I’d say Montanans, Free Montanans,just might not like Max’s
joining the Communist clown in his ‘transforming” America.
By fourweight on 02-06-13 @ 8:10 pm
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could you and your buddies speak up more, write more (to extent you can summon the
strength to embrace all that evil school learnin).....just keep popping off

If there is anything that will make sure that your bunch is exposed for the kooks they are, all we
need to do is just keep having you all be yourselves. 

May stupidity and insanity not stand in your way.
By mooseberryinn on 02-07-13 @ 9:15 am
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fourweight.  thank you for the closing prayer.  All Free Montanans pray to get rid of Max and King
Obama in similar words.
By ride4fun on 02-07-13 @ 10:24 am
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Max Bacus has done a great job for the State of Montana, and I’m sure he will be re-elected,
regardless of who he has to run against.
By ride4fun on 02-07-13 @ 10:25 am
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I totally agree with Fourweight—tired of listing to the ramblings of both mooseberryinn and
russchrowder.  Please post….but make it something intelligent and not “hate speech”.
By mooseberryinn on 02-07-13 @ 5:32 pm
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sigh - only liberals consider any/all disagreement to be “hate speech”.  Is that in your obama scouts
magic decoder ring?  If and when (if that’s possible), there is hope that you may evolve beyond kneeling
in front of the “Anointed One’s” “presidential portrait”.  doubtful, but possible.  maybe that will happen
when you manage to connect the dots from rising prices to rising taxes to rising energy costs, and
surprise! find max and Obama are right there in the mix.  Whatever, good luck.
By reggie on 02-08-13 @ 6:43 am
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Any and all disagreement?!  What if I said, oh,...Conservatives praise baby rapers, they stomp
kittens, eat their dead, worship satan and hate America? Would that be a disagreement, or
would it be provocation? Pretending you don’t know the difference is not convincing.

The right often uses this method to shock debate opponents out of their argument frame and
redirect the subject to something else to avoid haveing to defend their indefensible positions.
There is also the induced effect from constant, exclusuve exposure to rightwing
radio “entertainers” and the proven liers at Fox “news” who use this technique regularly. But
there is also an official party position on this method of nondebate. We must remember Newt’s
advise to GOPAC regarding the up and comming new republican leaders in his 1996 memo, to
use certain words to describe democrats and liberals. Words including; betray,cheat, coerocin,
corrupt, decay, destroy, disgrace, failure, greed, lie, pathetic, selfish, sick, steal, traitors, and

So, tell me rightwing nuts, if your hate speach is something more than I just described, what is
By GATE on 02-08-13 @ 7:54 am
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Using this Orwellian logic, anyone who is passionate about defending the right to life, liberty and the
pursuit of happiness,supports the Bill of Rights and the Constitution..Is a Hater?...Makes sense to me!
By mooseberryinn on 02-08-13 @ 8:14 am
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Actually, it would be more accurate to describe the criticisms of the Obama regime, Max and Jon’s
part in it etc. as “loathe and despise” speech.  Take the creation of “Obama/Demo-dummy care” for
example.  Max had a major part in creating the “mandate” (Buy this or else!).  Yup, buy this
insurance or the IRS will seize your bank accounts and take your money.  (no “due process”
there?).  and Jon - votes “yes” without reading the bill.  Imagine a U.S. Senator burdening his
constituents with such a “special deal” having never even looked at the “law”?? yes indeedy, I do
loathe and despise both of these men for being weak-kneed Obama toadies doing as Obama/Reid
ordered ratherr than doing as Montanans wished.  No doubt, you will remember polls at the time
showing over 70% not in favor of “Obama/Demo-dummy care”.  Since then, we see the economic
damage to small businesses, more piles of paperwork in the medical field etc.  I would also include
“loathe and despise” as response feelings toward King Obama’s “transformation” of America while
the destruction continues.  Again, I pity our children and grand-children for what they have to fight to
correct from this regime.  But hey guys!  The good news is - as Obama worshipers - you can be
just as stupid as you wish and the regime will ignore you.  Just thought I’d cheer y’all up a wee bit.
By reggie on 02-08-13 @ 8:31 am
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I use this logic and support everything in your latest comment, Gate. Perhaps if we could get
beyond slinging mud we could find other areas of agreement?

IIRC,in his “1984” novel Orwell created the fictional ministry of propaganda (or some such) that
was state run and encompassed all media in a constant effort the keep the public misinformed
and angry. Although in the present multinational corporations run the media, isn’t the method
and effect the same?

Does “devide and conquer” ring a bell?
By reggie on 02-08-13 @ 8:54 am
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The use of hate speech by the radical right predates Obama by decades, Moose. Remember
when your side accused the last democratic President of rapeing the prom queen, importing
cocain on the state airplane, fathering a child with a black crack whore, multiple murders,and
much more? It is a favorite method of diversion to avoid having to answer questions such as
mine, (and many others) on this blog.

And I am sorry you don’t understand that NO bill is read entirely by any of our elected
representatives in congress, only summaries created by their staff, as the time required would
render legislating impossible.

Don’t you find it odd that most of the provisions in “Obamacare” are approved by the majority,
but not the law itself? Could this have something to do with our “ministry of propaganda”?
By GATE on 02-08-13 @ 3:07 pm
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Good news for that last President. A Judge in Little Rock, Arkansas, has thrown out the States Anti-
Sodomy Law!  He can go home now. He no longer has to hide out in New York!
By kalispelling bee on 02-08-13 @ 4:41 pm
12 up | 5 down

You’re implying that former president Bill Clinton is gay, Gate?
By GATE on 02-08-13 @ 4:58 pm
6 up | 19 down

In a survey of American Women, when asked if they would sleep with the former President, 86%
replied: “Not again”!
By Mark Phillips on 02-08-13 @ 7:55 pm
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At least women will share their “gates” of heaven with President Clinton smile
By mooseberryinn on 02-09-13 @ 10:07 am
4 up | 21 down

reggie - poor ignorant, misinformed reggie.  I’m sorry, but your demo-dummy propaganda doesn’t pass
the fact check.  Not even close.  Where do you come with this bizarre stuff?  oh wait, come to think of
it, I really don’t care.  it would seem you’re just one of the rabid obama worshipers bent on cheering as
America is destroyed.  “approved by the majority” ???? not true, not funny.  but you go right ahead and
By reggie on 02-09-13 @ 11:55 am
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“(Routers) Most Americans oppose President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform even though
they strongly support most of it’s provisions, Routers/Ipsos poll showed on Sunday, with the
supreme court set to rule in days on wether the law should stand.”

From an article on thinkprogress
“Although consistant misinformation campaigns against the healthcare reform law have
successfully confused a large swath of Obamacare’s actual policies, this type of polling
suggests that Americans will approve of tha healthcare reform law by increasing margins as
they become better informed about what it actually does for them.”

Also note, Politifacts Lie of The year (2009) was “Death Panles”.
By reggie on 02-09-13 @ 12:22 pm
22 up | 5 down

Opps,..... “have successfully confused a large swath of the American population about
Obamacare’s actual policies,.....”

Although I voted for the lesser evil, as an actual left leaning progressive Obama doesn’t
represent my wishes/views on very many subjects. Because I don’t consider most social issues
to be “front burner” important and he is center right on economic issues (at least so far) he has
been a great dissapointment for many of us on the left. If you on the right would take off the
blinders it is quite apparent. Consider Obamacare; originating in the rightwing Heratige
Foundation and put in effect by Mit Romney when Governor it only became WRONG when
Obama embraced it… so much other republican obstruction for political calculation.

It is (the collective) you on the right that remain ignorant….by demand!
By GATE on 02-09-13 @ 12:26 pm
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‘Reuters’ is just another far left parasitical rag feeding off the largeness of and doing the bidding for Big
over bloated Socialist Government(s). Be careful… if the Drones don’t get you,eventually the ‘Death
Panel’ will!
By reggie on 02-09-13 @ 1:33 pm
19 up | 6 down

More proof supporting the claims I have made on this thread, thanks Gate.

Is the link for funding of Routers by “big overbloted socialist government” as easily verified as
the many links proving multinational corporations and the wealthy fund nearly everything the
right does, says, and is?

Deny: science, facts, all media that isn’t openly acting as republican mouthpieces, history, logic
and everything not perfectly in lockstep with the wishes of the top 1%. It’s the republican way,
ever since saint Reagan lied about government being the problem. How else can they continue
to hold so easily refuted beliefs?

But, I repeat myself….ignorant by demand has already been said on this thread.
By GATE on 02-09-13 @ 2:14 pm
7 up | 21 down

Let’s just put aside for a moment the inconvenient facts that 7 Million will lose their Healthcare and
the average cost for a family according to the IRS will be $20,000.00 a year under LeninCARE.
Romney’s program was State sponsored as authorized by the Constitution. LeninCARE on the
other hand was another over- reach of the Commerce Clause. When left-wing pollsters ask people: ”
Would you like FREE Health care..of course the usual deadbeats are going to respond positively.
When polled bases on knowing what’s in this monstrous nightmare and actually seeing the damage
it will cause.. and the multiple taxes they will pay, the overwhelming majority reject this RED

Fortunately, long before you have to stand cowering before the Joseph Mengele Memorial Health
Review Board,a.k.a ‘The Death Panel’, with your diseased liver in one hand and enlarged Prostate in
the other, this Monstrous intrusion on American’s personal liberties will collapse under it’s own
bloated weight!  As this nightmare unfolds, people will be begging and demanding that their Private
Healthcare insurance be restored.

Should the Bankrupt Solid Blue States choose to continue with LeninCARE, then prepare your aged
selves to stand before NERO’S Court with the soft sounds of ‘It’s for the Children’ filling the hall as
you await the dredded ‘‘Thumbs Down’, only to be wisked away to the Soilent Green Room by Two
Hefty cloned ‘Janet Nepalatino’ Guards!
By Mark W. on 02-09-13 @ 2:25 pm
5 up | 8 down

Reggie, do you believe that people who care more about the Jesus statue on Big Mountain than Obamacare should
be forcibly medicated?
By Mark W. on 02-09-13 @ 5:56 pm
4 up | 13 down

Because I don’t need a foundation funded spokesperson to tell me that when a little tort reform
could have lowered costs tomorrow, helped doctors and increased efficiency but a person instead
backs the option of creating a billion dollar bureaucracy that will never be “finished,” it comes from
a darker place than the desire to help people. 
By mooseberryinn on 02-09-13 @ 8:38 pm
4 up | 20 down

Wow - I think reggie may have a career in comedy.  that is, of course, if he can manage to come up
with all that drivel and still keep a straight face.  Hey reggie - keep up the good work, you are one funny
guy.  oh, better yet, give Chris Mathews, MSNBC a call.  Is there any active Communist party sign-up
in our area planned?  be sure to let us know.
By mooseberryinn on 02-09-13 @ 8:46 pm
5 up | 19 down

oh, BTW - just for laughs, check out the “gun laws” being proposed by the California Demo-dummies. 
Ya just gotta love it.  those Demo-dummies are definitely up and locked.
By reggie on 02-10-13 @ 8:41 am
21 up | 5 down

By limiting new information to a few biased sources, those on the radical right doom themselfs
to reaching wrong conclusions…on purpose? But the Affordable care Act is law and future
years will continue to deliver the incorporated benifits for the public….or not, if repub
propaganda proves to be correct.

I used the affordable care act as example of republican intransigence, not as something I or
the left supports. The healthcare method the left favors is single payer. Universal, fair,
overwhelmingly recommended by current users, and among the least expensive on earth. But
opposed by the right because it eliminates the unnecessary middle man (insurance) in the
name of “free market” capitalism, and profit for their funders.
By GATE on 02-10-13 @ 9:08 am
7 up | 23 down

Anyone get a chance to see Dr. Ben Carson, the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at John Hopkins
give the Deceiver a dressing-down and shred BOcare? What a contrast between a gifted self made
man and the abysmal failure of the poster Socialist of affirmative action!
By mooseberryinn on 02-10-13 @ 1:08 pm
6 up | 18 down

yes, saw that.  It was wonderful, precise, concise, factual and had impact.  Hopefully, this is one news
video that will go “viral” as the phrase goes.  oh BTW - the obama/demo-dummy lawsuits continue.
By reggie on 02-12-13 @ 10:24 am
7 up | 1 down

Thanks for the tip, Gate. I saw the vidio of Dr. Ben Carson’s speach, and it is inspirational, and
deserves the praise both you and Moose give it. Absent the slandering of our President, I could
have given you guys a thumbs up.
By mooseberryinn on 02-12-13 @ 2:18 pm
1 up | 9 down

it would appear that Dr. Carson’s speech has indeed started spreading all over the country.  Haven’t
heard any negative feedback, tons of positive comments.  But - I doubt it will have any impact on folks
like Chairman Obama, or Max, or Jon.  Maybe Pelosi?  Nah, she’s just waaaay too stupid.
reggie - I’m sure no one cares what you do with your thumbs.
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