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Engineering firm recommends that Kalispell invest in updates at facility
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By HP on 04-05-12 @ 6:37 am
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Being a private pilot and having Glacier Airport in Kalispell is a wonderful treat. There is no traffic at Glacier so why
expand the city airport. It will only benefit a few and be an inconvenience to many.  A real bad idea and a waste of
By HP on 04-05-12 @ 6:42 am
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Of course a firm likely to get the contract would recommend its acceptance
By Mommy Dearest on 04-05-12 @ 7:16 am
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If Kalispell City Airport has been there for 83 years,  how will adding 600 feet on 110 acres it
already sits on “inconvenience many” when there are almost 100 airplanes already based there? 
You call 100 airplanes, few? 

It will not be a waste of money unless they don’t use it…. then some other smart community will.

Ronan has exactly the same improvements done to it with what FAA funds would do to improve
Kalispell City.  About 100 planes there, as well.  The take off is right over Pablo.

No big jets, no increase in noise, no burning bodies falling out of the sky onto the college…  NONE
of that has happened there,  and it won’t happen here.

For 83 years the people of Kalispell have built homes, raised families, work and call Kalsipell
home… all while the airport has been there providing jobs, security, and aviation services to the

Listening to Quiet Skies rant, you would think 83 years and one day later, all those things people
live in Kalispell for will go to hell because Quiet Skies One Man Loud Mouth with an Attitude has
decided HE does not want an airport.

Not only does he insult the local population but he reaches out to obviously nice guys like out-of-
towner piperpilot, who has not stooped to Davis’ level and tried to promote dialog and understanding
about the airport issue.

Quiet Skies has now told people who come to Kalispell by small plane to “crawl back” to where
they came from, as it is apparent Quiet Skies does not want out of town people supporting our local
businesses and local economy.

So Quiet Skies agenda has gone way beyond making things “quiet” and now is devoted to ruin an
industry and an economy all because they don’t understand the issues and argue moot points and
with irrational behaviors.

Not very nice ambassadors for Kalispell!!.

Quiet Skies has embarrassed the entire town.

It has taken 20 years to get this same conclusion to the table…. the airport needs improving and
FAA designated funds will give us a 20 million dollar improvement for 2 million bucks.

The future is awaiting those bold enough to forge ahead.  The rest of you can stay in the car and
drive out to Glacier.  Try and get on the ramp there to talk to a local pilot about fulfilling your dream
of flying!

That is exactly why City Airport has appealed to so man;, it’s accessible, convenient, friendly and
By mooseberryinn on 04-08-12 @ 10:25 am
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Hopefully, the danger to homes and businesses can be mitigated via properly thought out approach and
departure routes.
By Smackya on 04-08-12 @ 8:03 pm
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Nice reporting Dillion, Your paper is the only one that told the truth about what this new
upgrade is going to bring into this town as in bigger aircraft and fast ones. We have G.P.I. for
all the faster, louder, bigger, aircraft, we don’t need it right down town Kalispell. I think when
people see what the new alignment will be, that will tell a whole new story also. Aircraft taking
off and landing right down main street of kalispell.
Stellings report had only 57 Utility one aircraft, 3 B-1 and 1 B-2 out there. How in the world can
they justify 16 million dollars for such a small amount. Just two months ago it was going to cost
11 million, and the city 550k, now they are saying it’s going to cost the city 2.1 million.  This
airport don’t pencil, for years it has run in the hole. Taxpayers have been supporting a airport
for a local flight club. I personaly when to the Hilton and asked, How many people land at this
city airport and stay here? They said they knew on none, and pointed to there shuttle bus to
G.P.I. and said that’s where we get pilots and airport people. And people really don’t
understand the con’s of turning our airport over to the FAA, they need to be told what and how
the 39 assurances are going to affect them. Even some of the pilots that want this upgrade,
don’t understand that they will not be driving ther auto’s up to there aircraft anymore. And there
is some talk with TSA that any and all B-2 Aircraft and Airports will have to go through a check
point and maybe scanned.
  See you all at the meetings…..
By Mommy Dearest on 04-08-12 @ 8:43 pm
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Best part about going to a works session with the city is that Smackya Davis can’t won’t have the
guts to tell the city officials he has all but defamed them in his rhetorical bursts of misinformation
he has been spreading in the news.

Thank goodness we don’t have to put up with the BS from QS much longer.
By Smackya on 04-09-12 @ 6:02 am
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Ha Ha You tell us all about it Mommy Dearest, They are figuring out all the misinfomation the
city staff like you have been feeding them. We like what this reporter reported, it’s about time
the general public learned of what’s been going on down there. Your actions and your writings
on these blogs give you zero points with the Council. You darn right embarrassed them and
showed the public how unproffessional some of the city staff and workers we have down there
at city hall are.
By Mommy Dearest on 04-09-12 @ 10:46 am
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Good Job tattle tail.
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