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By fatheadfred on 02-23-13 @ 5:06 pm
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the facts according to your group only,not the true facts. guess what other cities do have
farmers markets it is an idea that has been around for a long time not your creation heart of
whitefish sorry to burst your bubble.  as for volunteer hours, do downtown business benefit
from the farmers market,so since when is working for a profit called volunteer hours. are you
telling me that it is truly not a farmers but for the benefit of the downtown merchants,hmmmm. 
as for your wayfinding signs, shame on you for being sign natzis for every other kind of signs,
but the ones you want are ok, is that how your system works? oh boy!!  the signs are very
attractive to you but not others, what about signs other folks think are helpful and attractive that
you have banned, oh i see it doesnt work that way, interesting huh? keep holding yourselves
above everybody else heart of whitefish,after all isnt that the whitefish way?  opps that another
group in it for themselves only.  keep patting youraselves on the back heart of whitefish your
arrogance is well known around the whole state of montana.
By reggie on 02-24-13 @ 10:23 am
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Calling the narrowing of central ave. a GOOD thing disregards the lost parking, driving lanes
restricted by average length pickups, and lost time by all who must use vehicles to access
downtown. All to widen central ave. sidewalks, which also are now harder to use due to
merchants putting racks of goods in the way of pedrestrians.

Heart of Whitefish should not have rejected the petition signed by hundreds of residents and
business’s opposing this boondoggle, when the general public became aware of this impending

Is there any evidence that making downtown harder to access by automobiles and pickups had
any positive effect on the recent investments in downtown business? It would be easier to
believe that most merchants would prefeer that coustomers have easier access, and given the
lack of public transportation, this means private vehicles.
By getman on 02-24-13 @ 1:52 pm
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We work with people all over the country.  We are in and out of many states for our businesses. 
People throughout the country agree with your fantastic letter.  Everyone speaks to us about
Whitefish.  They are always dreaming of their next visit.  There are pauses around the possibility of
a, “gun toting, wild west, right wing nut, racist faction”, but, then, a breath and a smile.  They
already know, by hearsay, that Whitefish will be a grand, safe, beautiful destination for any traveler. 
The young and single, families and oldsters all dream of a Whitefish vacation.  Lovers of Nature are
not looking for box stores and strip malls.  We hear this often.  A good, beautiful, sane environment
is good business.
By RussCrowder on 02-25-13 @ 7:36 am
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You should assure those that are worried about the “gun toting, wild west, right wing nut, racist
faction”, that they will be fine getman, as long as they don’t buy property in Whitefish or the
surrounding area….After all, one doesn’t voluntarily give up their basic civil liberty’s in our society,
unless of course they come to Whitefish, the city with “Heart”.
By fourweight on 02-27-13 @ 8:44 am
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I personally want to congratulate Heart of Whitefish.  It appears that by applying a modicum of
intelligence and planning to something, they have found a way to insure that Russ Crowder and his
mouth-foaming Tea-Koch-Rehberg loonies have no desire to live there.

That alone should encourage every single entity in the US to copy their approach. 

Of course I suspect that many do secretly want to live there - but their hypocrisy is a topic for an
entirely new column some other day.
By RussCrowder on 02-27-13 @ 12:58 pm
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At one time I considered relocating to Whitefish fourweight, but I just couldn’t bring myself to renounce
my American citizenship.
By fourweight on 02-27-13 @ 1:17 pm
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Hmm….no wonder real estate values are higher there.  I thought it was due to all that communist
planning they do, but it must be because Crowder’s Tea Party Bunch stays away.

Regardless, its obvious Whitefish is richer for it.
By Common Sense on 02-27-13 @ 1:51 pm
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Heart of Whitefish serves its Masters, approximately two dozen property owners along Central
Avenue and their tenants.  All of the actions mentioned in the article were undertaken out of
self-interests, not community good will.  If I am incorrect in my beliefs, then the homeowners in
Whitefish should not be asked to use precious tax dollars to support paving a parking lot on the
vacant corner lot at 1st and Central.  Those benefitting from the additional parking will be the
commercial businesses along Central Avenue.  Let them pay 100% of the cost to upgrade the
property and use my tax dollars for citywide concerns and needs.
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