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Budget cuts could close airport control tower in April
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By Peter Panning on 02-22-13 @ 3:52 pm
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This is total BS. There are no cuts. The sequester is an $85 billion reduction in the automatic
increases already scheduled to go into affect. But even with the sequester there will be more
money than last year. Look it up, it is called “base line budgeting”. They don’t need to fire
anyone. The only reason they are doing this is to get people to beg the government to spend more

It is the same at every level (local, county, state, US) When they don’t get the funding they
want, they never try to eliminate waste, they cut the firefighters, police, teachers and air
traffic controllers first.

Absolutely pathetic. But you know what it works because no-one cares to to be involved. We are
absolutely doomed.
By LogicalOne on 02-22-13 @ 5:22 pm
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I am afraid Ms Martin is wrong when she says that the airport will become uncontrolled airspace.

What is meant was the obvious…. if they close the control tower, there will be no control tower
operations.  That happens everyday anyway.  The tower runs 8am to 8 pm and is closed the rest of
the time…. just like not having one to start with.

All of the early morning flights and late night flights operate without a control tower anyway…. so in
some peoples mind…. Glacier does not even need a control tower.

Aircraft use the CTAF system and call in and identify who they are, what they are and where they are
and that they are coming into Glacier.  Everyone looks out for the other guy. And when the area is
IFR, Salt Lake Center is the control authority.

According to some pilots, when the current Glaicer tower is open, some of the controllers up there are
so mean, impatient and down right insulting that many folks would like to see the tower at Glacier shut
down permanently.  It would save money for the budget crisis for sure.

If you want to hear them for yourself,  set your scanner to listen to 124.55 and enjoy rural pilots
getting their butt chewed
By mooseberryinn on 02-22-13 @ 9:53 pm
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The Obama liar’s campaign is going full throttle.  there is no need to government and half of its’ function
to cease because 2% or so of an ANNUAL budget is cut. This is “theater D’King Obama” aka “Hey,
can ya top this lie?”  He is a fraud, and not a very well rehearsed one at that.
By dsrobins on 02-22-13 @ 11:13 pm
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This is wonderful news.  All the fat cat Republicans in the valley will now be seriously
inconvenienced.  How sweet it is.
By HP on 02-23-13 @ 6:33 am
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So will baggage loading problems, bad weather, a sick passenger
By GATE on 02-23-13 @ 8:06 am
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Using the new and improved Jesse Jackson Jr. truth-in-numbers accounting guidelines, the Deceiver
and his regime are now resorting to scare tactics that would have made the Brown Shirts in 1930’s
Germany blush!
By pik20e4me on 02-23-13 @ 9:39 am
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Reality check, borrowed from elsewhere:

The growth of government spending is at its lowest during the current administration, averaging
1.4% per year through to fiscal year end 2013 (Sept. 30).. Here they since the first Reagan
Reagan 82-85 8.7% average annual increase
Reagan 86-89 4.9% average annual increase
Bush Sr. 90-93 5.4% average annual increase
Clinton 94-97 3.4% average annual increase
Clinton 98-01 3.9% average annual increase
Bush jr. 02-05 7.3% average annual increase
Bush Jr. 06-09 8.1% average annual increase
Obama 10-13 1.4% average annual increase
By GATE on 02-23-13 @ 10:33 am
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That’s like saying your already overweight friend gained 40 pounds, and since you overweight friend has
continued to overeat such that his body weight has remained constant. Since he hasn’t gained much
weight in the last 4 years, can we conclude he doesn’t have a weight problem? 6+Trillion in new debt
and 1+Trillion in deficits to fund ever expanding government mandated programs that we can’t afford. A
low rate of spending growth doesn’t imply the absence of an out-of-control amount of ongoing spending!
By pik20e4me on 02-23-13 @ 11:35 am
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Also borrowed, from Jed Lewison:

It’s an indisputable fact: The budget deficit is getting smaller.
In fiscal year 2010, which was President Obama’s first full fiscal year in office, the budget
deficit was $1.3 trillion. In fiscal year 2013, the Congressional Budget Office projects it will be
$845 billion. That’s a 35 percent decrease in terms of dollars, and it’s even bigger—41
percent—if you’re tracking the deficit as a share of the GDP. The percentage drop is even
bigger—roughly 50 percent—if you start from fiscal year 2009, which overlapped the final year
of the Bush presidency and the first year of Obama’s.

But when Bloomberg News commissioned a survey asking Americans whether they believed
the budget deficit was growing or shrinking, just six percent answered the question correctly.
Ninety-four percent had no clue. And 62 percent actually thought it was getting bigger.

So the next time you hear a poll about how Americans think it’s important to shrink the budget
deficit, keep in mind that 94 percent of us don’t even know that it’s getting smaller.
By GATE on 02-23-13 @ 12:25 pm
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Let’s make this simple so even those who have to take off their shoes to count past ten will
understand: Let’ also put aside the ever growing unfunded government liabilities that are approaching
100 Trillion Dollars. Let’s even look the other way at the new magic wand math that counts a
decrease in spending ‘increases’ as a decrease in spending! When Bush left office the National
Debt was $10.6 Trillion Dollars. That’s the total National Debt from all 46 Presidents over 232 Years. 
When the Vacationer leaves office after 8 years (assuming he’s not impeached) the total National
Debt is projected to be $22 Trillion Dollars!
By Fast on 02-23-13 @ 1:21 pm
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FEAR THIS AGAIN! Anybody that took High School Econ. knows they will just print more$$$$$$. The
Nixon years where full of this type of fear proliferation.
By pik20e4me on 02-23-13 @ 4:04 pm
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The Wall Street Journal asks, “Is the deficit shrinking too fast?”

There’s just no winning with little Prince Rupert, is there?

What exactly is it that you folks want?
By GATE on 02-23-13 @ 4:14 pm
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Bob Woodward; Washington Post; ” Obama Lies on Budget Cuts.
By mooseberryinn on 02-23-13 @ 4:55 pm
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OK - so King Obama has been ruling America and there is no ‘budget”.  hasn’t been for several years. 
The “spending problem” has been making news for several years (except for Pelosi of course).  Hmm,
kinda difficult to pin down the Liar in Chief with no budget to reference.  But, the bright spot is king
Obama hasn’t abolished the Constitution yet, and (so far) his demands to raise taxes hasn’t gained any
sponsors.  (well, except Pelosi of course).
By pik20e4me on 02-23-13 @ 5:13 pm
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Digest this again, MBI:

The growth of government spending is at its lowest during the current administration, averaging
1.4% per year through to fiscal year end 2013 (Sept. 30).. Here they are since the first Reagan

Reagan 82-85 8.7% average annual increase
Reagan 86-89 4.9% average annual increase
Bush Sr. 90-93 5.4% average annual increase
Clinton 94-97 3.4% average annual increase
Clinton 98-01 3.9% average annual increase
Bush Jr. 02-05 7.3% average annual increase
Bush Jr. 06-09 8.1% average annual increase
Obama 10-13 1.4% average annual increase
By GATE on 02-24-13 @ 7:39 am
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According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), DEFICITS as a share of GDP in the past 4
years has been the highest since 1947. The so-called deficit decline, however, is due mostly to
shifts in the timing of payments! (Bernie Madoff bookeeping).

Since the Deceiver’s reign began, federal spending has increased $822.90 for every Man, Woman
and Child in this Country!
By pik20e4me on 02-24-13 @ 9:59 am
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Okay, Gate, you have registered your complaint.  Outrage is easy, much easier than
governance.  So here is my challenge to you: 

About the time President Obama took office, the economy was crashing down (let’s not argue
why or who was responsible at this time).  Unemployment went up to something like 30
million—I can’t be convinced that all of those people are lazy layabouts wanting to suck at the
safety net.  Tax revenues went into the tank.  The banking system had largely imploded. 
Scads of people were losing their homes because they were suddenly overextended and the
properties were devalued.  There were a couple wars to unwind (incidentally put on the credit
card, but let’s not assign blame).  Our automotive industry, employing millions directly and
indirectly, suddenly lost its market and was poised to become extinct.

What precisely is your solution?  Do you not extend unemployment benefits or other
components of the safety net because it would increase the deficit?  Do you cut the EITC?  Do
you lay off teachers, policemen, and civil servants, increasing unemployment?  Do you cut tax
rates for the affluent so they can buy a Lexus or Mercedes (built overseas, so the money
leaves the country)?  Or do you get as much money as you can into the hands of the
desperate, knowing that they will immediately spend it?

Do you look at other nations’ experience with austerity budgets, such as the Brits?  (If you look
at the recovery of many nations in the world economy, you will see that—as tepid as ours is—
we are doing better than they.)

So, tell us your solution, balancing short-term imperatives against a long-term concern of the
aggregate national debt.

You like to give us simple analogies.  Here’s one for you.  Think of our nation much like your
Dodge Ram pickup—fairly late model and not too banged up.  But its transmission just went
out—it’s going to be $3800 for repair or replacement.  Are you going to park it (it’s your only set
of wheels), or are you get a loan to patch it up and keep on driving?

I am not taking this post lightly.  I sincerely want to see your solution to some fairly intractable
problems.  Feel free to split your answer into a couple of sequential posts if necessary. 
By GATE on 02-24-13 @ 11:04 am
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Take your late model Dodge Ram Pickup and trade it for a simple late model ‘beater’ that will get
you where you need to go…. Use the extra money you get from the trade-in to pay down your debt.
If you have a toothache do you keep buying ibuprofen and anbesol and pretend a root canal is not
waiting in the wings?
The Country is ‘Broke’. You can ‘kick the can’ and ‘cook the books’ for as long as the Fed get’s
away with printing more money. At a point ‘Mr. Bond’ is going to demand higher rates. The ensuing
inflation will have a devastating impact on the poor and whats left of the middle class. We are past
the ‘tipping point’. We have an out-of-control spending problem..not a revenue problem.
By the Federal Government own admission, $125 Billion dollars annually is wasted!... $1.25 Trillion
Dollars over 10 years! Start there. The elimination of overlapping agencies and programs are
estimated to save another $500 Billion.

We either start to implement a plan for some serious downsizing now or deal with the widespread
chaos that is unavoidable if everyone keeps pretending we don’t have an unsustainable crisis.
By reggie on 02-24-13 @ 11:30 am
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One answer to your question, Pic is to do what Australia did when the financial crash became
apparent in 2008.

Australia has a minimum wage of $16 per hour, unemployment of 5% and public sector deficit
of 1%. The Ausies are too crazy to realize that high minimum wages are a disaster! They think
wages create…... demand!.

In 2008 the Australian Treasury calculated the projected hole in the economy. The federal
government took Treasury’s advice and threw money at the projected hole. Wasting no time it
posted checks to Australian households with a request that residents spend the money Now,
but please don’t save it or use it to pay down debt.

It the gave every school in Australia (public and private) cash for new buildings with the
requirement that construction begin in 2009. Tax cuts were not included in the package as they
have a low stimulatory effect.

What happened? No recession and Australia will be the first in the OECD to return to a surplus.

Of course, this “progressive” proven solution will be, at best, ignored by the reality denying right
because it is opposite of their failed beliefs.
By pik20e4me on 02-24-13 @ 11:58 am
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Once again, Gate, I see you register your concern.  Everyone recognizes that the debt is a
long-term problem.  That is not our only problem.  What do you want to do about the health
care system?  What about our decaying infrastructure?  What do you want to do about social
security?  Pretend for the moment that you are a legislator. 

It is easy to identify a concern such as the national debt.  Again, as I asked in my challenge,
what are your specific policies to deal with our current problems?  What is your plan for that
serious downsizing you advocate?  “We have a plan” is not enough.
By pik20e4me on 02-24-13 @ 12:26 pm
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Thanks, Reggie for your input.  I wasn’t aware of how Autralia dealt with their situation.  That
was new information to me. 

I’m really looking forward to seeing GATE man up and show us his stuff.

Have a nice day.
By reggie on 02-24-13 @ 1:03 pm
107 up | 85 down

I imagine it will be a long wait, Pic.

If any on the right had any real answers to our pressing problems they would surely have been
presented by now. After all, they just spent billions on a futile attempt to convince voters
(again) that their failed policies were worth another try.

Until they come up with better propaganda or (GASP) embrace change, every patriot’s
obligation is to oppose them and their democracy hateing ways.
By GATE on 02-24-13 @ 1:12 pm
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Australia is a Country with a land mass similar in size to the US with a population of a little under
23 Million or about 8% of that of the US. Thanks largely to a boon in mineral wealth through 2008
they had massive reserves. Australia is not burdened with excessive entitlement expenditures and
massive debt. No comparison, but nice try Reggie…Any good 12 step program starts with
acknowledging that there is a problem.  Once you’ve reread my post why don’t you ‘Man Up’ and let
us know your plan to solve this disaster!
By GATE on 02-24-13 @ 1:22 pm
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Reggie: Reading your posts are very entertaining. In your pursuit of ever elusive Utopian Workers
Paradise reminds me of watching one of my dogs spinning around chasing his tail.
By pik20e4me on 02-24-13 @ 2:28 pm
105 up | 75 down

Shucks Gate, 

You remind me of that story about the hats and cattle.  Don’t you have the guts to come to the
By GATE on 02-24-13 @ 3:13 pm
84 up | 97 down

Aside from your ‘All bark and no Bite’ snips why don’t you let us all know how you would solve the
financial armageddon our Country is enmeshed in!  You can take the long-winded Progressive high
road of bait and switch or take your ‘guts’ out of your ‘boots with no saddle’ and as Trace Adkins said ”
I think I’m gonna tell him to pack up his act and go back to were he came from, cause all hat and no
cattle ain’t gonna get it done”.
By pik20e4me on 02-24-13 @ 3:18 pm
99 up | 78 down

Gate, I believe I respectfully asked for your input as a means of establishing a dialog on issues
we face.  Please forgive me for confusing you with someone who had something to offer. 

Enjoy the rest of your day.
By bocephusj57 on 02-24-13 @ 4:42 pm
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Is Woodward lying now, or was he lying in his book?

Bob Woodward’s been banging the tables of various talk shows for weeks, making the same fairly
banal point: The White House proposed sequestration as part of a package to raise the debt limit
in 2011. Watching Woodward in action has been disconcerting for the many reporters who covered
the story in real time. Did the White House float sequestration as a “trigger” to force a
better, later deal from Congress? Yes. Would this have ever become an issue if Republicans
hadn’t chosen to hogtie the debt limit and hold a sixgun to its head for six months? No. So who

Banal, like I said, until Woodward’s Friday Washington Post column on the topic. The Post
blasted this out to its news alert list with the subject “EXCLUSIVE: Obama Misled; He and Jack
Lew Planted Seeds For Disastrous Sequester.” That cranked it up from banal to outright strange.
First, Woodward’s been talking about Obama’s slippery denial of ownership of sequestration all
year. Second, as Brian Beutler points out, Woodward himself gets the point of sequestration
totally wrong. Here’s Woodward.

The Beutler analysis referenced in the above follows.
Woodward’s book about the debt limit crisis includes the fairly inconsequential detail that the
idea of using sequestration (as opposed to other policy options) as an enforcement mechanism
originated in the White House. Republicans, who voted for the Budget Control Act in overwhelming
numbers, argue flimsily that this detail absolves them of all blame for the coming spending
cuts, and have since tried to turn Woodward into a sort of grand arbiter of the debt limit fight.

But in this case Woodward is just dead wrong. Obama and Democrats have always insisted that a
balanced mix of spending cuts and higher taxes replace sequestration. It’s true that John
Boehner wouldn’t agree to include new taxes in the enforcement mechanism itself, and thus that
the enforcement mechanism he and Obama settled upon — sequestration — is composed exclusively of
spending cuts. But the entire purpose of an enforcement mechanism is to make sure that the
enforcement mechanism is never triggered. The key question is what action it was designed to
compel. And on that score, the Budget Control Act is unambiguous.

Remember, when the Budget Control Act was passed Weeper of the House Boener bragged that he got
98% of what he wanted in the deal that encluded sequestration.
By bopho on 02-24-13 @ 4:56 pm
88 up | 67 down

Come on Gate - Man Up

You moan and groan, and complain and blame - but not once have you offered your own solutions. 
We are an educated country and this is the 21st century and I admire pik20 for attempting to have an
adult conversation here.

So here Gate is the question - Considering the actuality of how things were in January, 2009 when
President Obama took office, what type of leadership would a President McCain or better yet a
President Gate have offered to the country to address the problems that existed?  Pik20 had filled in
the particulars for you.  So answer the question or shut up.

Personally I and the majority of Americans believed that President Obama did a fine enough job that
we returned him to office for a second term.  There are certainly problems remaining, but the country
will survive the next four years and beyond just as it has survived in the past. Living in fear in Un-

Thank you pik20 for your dialog. I and others appreciate it.  In another thread you mentioned airline
cockpit familiarity.  Do you have B737 time?  I have some FMC questions?  I fly the PMDG B737
By GATE on 02-24-13 @ 5:29 pm
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Another one of the part-time Helium Balloon Salesmen….. You don’t want answers. What you want
is for someone to tell you what every level headed American who is not on Laughing Gas knows.
Then you’ll proceed squeal and weep about how heartless it is to deprive anyone of the ever
expanding basket of goodies the benevolent[bankrupt] State is giving them. I certainly don’t want
you to shut up. Every time you post your meaningless dribble I know it’s time to invest more in
Laughing Gas manufacturing stocks!.
By bopho on 02-24-13 @ 5:33 pm
87 up | 63 down

I rest my case Gate - you live in your reality and I shall live in mine.
By BleedingHeartCapitalist on 02-24-13 @ 11:41 pm
50 up | 18 down

This is definitely fear mongering, but a lot of people are blaming Obama or the Democrats.  He
or they are just the puppets…the fall guys..this time.  Next time, the Republican puppets will
do it in their turn.

Stop wasting your time yelling at puppets and go after the puppeteers—the mega-rich,
international bankers who see us as their property.  As hard as it might be for many to accept,
these conspirators own (pwn) both the Democrat and Republican parties at the top.  These parties
are merely dancing bears that keep us entertained and believing that there’s real strife going
on, when, in actuality, the ultimate result of this apparent strife is always the same—less and
less freedom, until we’re all completely reduced under utter slavery.
By BleedingHeartCapitalist on 02-24-13 @ 11:45 pm
46 up | 18 down

P.S.  Some of you talk of solutions, but only a solution which recognizes the puppet masters for
what they are, and deals with them accordingly, can ever come even close to making a true
By thinker on 02-25-13 @ 6:03 am
39 up | 31 down

Anyone who thinks our automotive industry was suddenly in trouble in 2008 wasn’t paying attention
when Ross Perot sold EDS to General Motors years and years ago.  He pointed out what a
disaster GM was then, and for years countless business and finance people urged them to declare
bankruptcy and put everyone out of their misery.  Obama didn’t save the automotive industry, he
gave taxpayers’ money to unions in exchange for their votes.  I’m a taxpayer.  It was my money. 
And Detroit ain’t lookin’ too good at this point.
By JosephineDoody on 02-25-13 @ 6:23 am
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Direct the planes to land at the Kalispell City Airport - the City Airport expansionists would LOVE
that! They could get their mouth piece Jim Lynch, to start selling that right now!

Yeah, that should work.
By GATE on 02-25-13 @ 7:21 am
47 up | 64 down

BHC: You are 100% correct in you comment. Educating those have who slowly been stripped of their
Liberties and possessions in exchange for a few bread crumbs from the masters table has to start a
the grass roots. Movements like the Tea Party terrify the Elites and they will use every means
necessary to stomp out any threat to their power.
By Ryan on 02-25-13 @ 9:52 am
35 up | 18 down

Bread and Circuses
By mooseberryinn on 02-25-13 @ 9:56 am
36 up | 37 down

josephine - landing at the city airport - now that is funny.  imagine the pax, bug-eyed, clenching arm
rests and just about tossed out of their seats by g-forces.  Well, maybe not so funny.  but good mental
By Mark W. on 02-25-13 @ 10:09 am
33 up | 36 down

“Only a solution which recognizes the puppet masters for what they are, and deals with them
accordingly, can ever come even close to making a true improvement.”

This is true.  So how do we get there?  How did Iceland get there?  Iceland got there because they
were still culturally sound.  They hadn’t hadn’t been sliced, diced, diluted, refuted, Frankfurt
Skooled and psychiatrically drooled, porned and scorned, upside downed and turned around. 

We rebuild our culture and rebuild ourselves, from the ground up, and we take care of the issues
that stand against us as we firm up the ground beneath us.  Swinging at the puppet masters now is
useless.  Even if we managed to hit a couple, we’d still be a people ripe to be scammed.
By DaisyCutter on 02-25-13 @ 10:24 am
34 up | 39 down

Josie - right you are!
...and yet this is what the Kalispell City Airport expansionists are proposing…bigger airplanes
landing in City limits. The 11 pilots who use the City Airport are now trotting out Jim Lynch to sell
their expansion idea under the fantasy of “economic impact”, which the taxpayers know is nothing
more smoke and mirrors.

A ex-state head of transportation has no more credibility than the 11 pilots who want the Kalispell
taxpayers to finance their personal playground.

This year, vote FOR REPEAL of the Kalispell City Airport Expansion!
By hotfishmt on 02-25-13 @ 2:28 pm
41 up | 20 down

There is sure a lot bad mouthing on the comments, but rare or short on helpful ideas. I have a
couple:  can the F-35 Raptor over budget high tech plane with 440 billion $$ spent so far & now
the last week…grounded due to blades in the enigine with cracks and who/what country can
afford a plane that cost 135 million; add in eliminating the huge cost of Medicaid & the endless
freebies that welfare collectors get & the ensueing professional mental health experts that
say….this poor soul needs government help; then the unwanted way past reallity of the
Pentagon & its $$$ that waste billions on experimental star wars thinking; and the recent probe
by NASA to Mars with its cost of some ONE billion, and finally the $$$ spent to revive the
economy in many states that lined the pockets of business with little or no oversight what so
ever $$$. The Simulus $$$$ that did some good, but a lot was wasted on goofy projects.
By reggie on 02-25-13 @ 2:36 pm
48 up | 26 down

Gate, my proposal to fix our current problems is the same one I have stated here in the past.

As the decline in lifestyle for the vast majority started with the introduction of the supply side
economic theory as policy the logical answer is to return to our previously successfull
economic policy. The one we used to create the highest standard of living in world history,
peaking in the mid to late 1970s. The one we were useing when we paid down our WW2 debts
to very low, acceptable levels.

Reestablish trade protection for our producers; reregulate multinational corporations; and again
tax those who benifit the most from our system of government and use our infrastructure as
part of the mechinism to make profit; to the rates in effect when the economy worked for

Basicly, return to sane economic policy…..Keynesian economic policy….the only one that has
ever worked successfully in the U.S.
By LogicalOne on 02-25-13 @ 3:35 pm
57 up | 24 down

There are NO Kalispell City Airport “Expansionists” !

There are Kalispell City Airport improvement supporters.

You should support it too. 

Run the trains, planes and businesses out of town and all this city has left is an aging population who
will ruin it for future generations…. of course unless these same old fogies run the schools out of
town as well.

You are making a city where no one will want to move to and raise kids because it’s future is all but
over but for the tourists passing through.
By JosephineDoody on 02-25-13 @ 6:52 pm
33 up | 46 down

IllogicalOne -
If you support the Kalispell City Airport expansion, you are an expansionist. An expansionist at the
expense of the City Taxpayer.

Weren’t you and Piper Pilot going to move to Bozeman together? Whatever happened to that?
By LogicalOne on 02-25-13 @ 9:12 pm
49 up | 22 down


You are so singleminded and obtuse that I am afraid to tell you that there are more people, including
ME who pay a boat load of city taxes and WANT the mere 700 feet improvement and runway rotation
away from downtown called “improvements” by knowledgable because they “improve” safety, reduce
noise, “improve” the asset value of city property, “improve” the LOCAL economy with 25 million hard
to find NON-LOCAL TAX DOLLARS with the jobs they bring… paid for by flying people using FAA AIP

If you want to be an ugly local troll, go ahead…. just know that every one comment made by you and
your ignorant-billybob-pensioner-has-beens who DON’T want to pay for anything… besides coffee at
Sykes makes three possible forward looking investors runway from investing in Kalispell.

Kill the rail, kill the jail,  kill the airport, and you’ll end up killing the town… if it ain’t dead now.

Just look around where the business is going…..  it’s because of Doodys like you.

Give your kid’s, kid’s kids and their kids a future in Kalispell by supporting community asset
preservation and infrastructure improvement instead of acting like a herd of turtles racing to the
retirement home recliner to watch Fox News.

Airport improvement is not expansion….. its just fixing it the way it should fixed SINCE IT IS GOING

Don’t your get it?  The airport is staying for the next two decades not matter if the voters repeal the
City’s Council wise plan (what we elected them for) of taking the FAA funds and fixing the airport like
it should be.

By JosephineDoody on 02-26-13 @ 6:19 am
30 up | 34 down

Illogical One - There you go again. As soon as your argument tanks, you resort to name calling as
you’ve always done. The fact of the matter is a handful of pilots want the Kalispell Taxpayer to fund
their personal hobby and playground within the City limits on property that is not being utilized at
its best and highest use.

Why should the Kalispell City Taxpayer pay to expand your recreation ammenities? You and your
ilk are attempting the biggest scam on the Kalispell Taxpayer since Streetscape and the Bronze
Statues. What did Streetscape get us - pink sidewalks and loitering benches. And, where are the
Bronze Statues? Aren’t they parked in an airport hangar somewhere and don’t we still owe money
on those boat anchors? Now you want the Kalispell Taxpayer to fund your personal play time with
bigger aircraft. Thanks, but no thanks.

By LogicalOne on 02-26-13 @ 7:13 am
45 up | 21 down

The only thing that tanks in the Kalispell Airport if old cronies like you stop the improvements is that
the future generations can watch the current airport crumble into a state of disrepair and neglect.

Doody brained airport detractors will cause the airport to slide further down the danger scale until in 10
or 20 years the taxpayers WILL have to to fix it with their own tax dollars…. because as we all
know…. you want to VOTE to reject $25 million dollar from the FAA!!!  That is insane!

And what is really insane, Doody, may I call you Dopey, is people like YOU trying to convince sane
people that by taking FAA AIP FREE MONEY people like you (minimalist taxpayers) are funding the

Your ridiculous argument is Kalispell takes $25 million free dollars from the FAA user fund and fixes
the airport and that constitutes you paying for the eilte pilots that use the airport?

Haha…. you’re cracked egghead.  The yokes on you!

Fix it right with the FAA or let the Doody’s of Kalispell force the 85 year old airport to decay into a
blighted area which will have to be fixed and funded later with local taxes.

Not a hard decision for people who think straight.
By fcb on 02-26-13 @ 11:52 am
29 up | 24 down

Bob Woodward ; Washington Post; : Lies on Spending Cuts.
By 5YearLapelTac on 02-26-13 @ 5:08 pm
30 up | 34 down

Are you impaired? Because you sound like you’re impaired.

We all know (sans you evidently), that the FAA money is hardly “free money.” Where exactly do
you think that money comes from, Professor? THE TAXPAYER. You and your cronie pilot buddies
want the city taxpayers to pay for an expansion of the airport so you can continue to recreate in
the manner of which you have become accustomed. You can call it “improvement” if you wish, but
we all know it is an EXPANSION at the taxpayers expense for a handful of pilots who don’t want to
fund their own hobby. SHAMEFUL!

I, and others like myself are unwilling to fund an expansion so a handful of people can recreate on
our nickel. There’s a perfectly good airport 10 miles up the road that is under-utilized.

So, you can trot out your new spokesman, Jim Lynch all you want to. He’s got no more credibility
than the handful of pilots that want everyone else to fund their hobby.

I, and many others will be voting FOR THE REPEAL of the City Airport Expansion this year.
By LogicalOne on 02-26-13 @ 7:27 pm
43 up | 23 down

Another DUNCE HAT goes to 5YearLapelTac!

You people who soap box like the world is coming to an end because pilots use airports are borderline
basket cases.

Dumber yet is turning away $25 Million dollars FAA AIP designated funds marked for Kalispell City
because you think the AIP is a tax fund which Kalispell taxpayers pay into.  They don’t.

Even dumber yet is voting down the FAA money so taxpayers in Kalispell will have to pay for it in the
future…without the $25 million boost from the FAA.

The fact is…. the airport is here to stay far longer than the few dunce followers will live here.  Doody
and 5YearLapelTac would love to saddle future generations with millions of bucks out of their kids
pockets because they think a handful of airplane pilots use the airport as private playground.

Kalispell must have mutant genes that have surfaced.

Trains are only for the elite few that “recreate” with trains?

Airports are for the elite few that “recreate” with airplanes?

You knuckle heads need an elite padded cell with soft music because you are demented!

Either the FAA pays to improve the airport, as voted on by the city council, or you get to pay for it
locally because the airport is not going to be closed and it needs fix and ongoing maintenance.

Every other community in Montana that has an airport has taken the FAA AIP funds and they have
nice airports serving their community.

Tell the airport dunces to go sit at the back of the class.
By JosephineDoody on 02-26-13 @ 8:23 pm
32 up | 32 down

Illogical One -
Are you about 14? You sound like an 8th grader.

You said, “You people who soap box like the world is coming to an end because pilots use airports
are borderline basket cases.”

The reality is, no one is “soap boxing” because pilots use airports. The taxpayers of Kalispell are
opposed to paying for the personal playground of 11 pilots. If it were not so, the citizen driven
referendum would never have made it to the ballot this year. (Oh…but it did!)

You said, ” Doody and 5YearLapelTac would love to saddle future generations with millions of
bucks out of their kids pockets because they think a handful of airplane pilots use the airport as
private playground.”

The reality is, it is YOU and your pilot buddies that want to saddle future generations with the
responsibility of funding your personal playground. It is YOU who believes FAA funds are “free
money.” (please return to your 7th grade civics class for a re-fresher course on where “free money
comes from).

You said, “Every other community in Montana that has an airport has taken the FAA AIP funds and
they have nice airports serving their community.”

The reality is, you and your airport buddies and your new mouth piece Jim Lynch will no doubt try
to sell the above “airports serving their community” line to the public - in an effort to pull the wool
over the taxpayers to get them to fund your recreational proclivities.


By LogicalOne on 02-26-13 @ 8:35 pm
42 up | 23 down

Dooty,  what is your problem?  DId you get jilted by a pilot?

Next time a kid from Kalispell makes it big in the Blue Angels, the community can blame it on those
recreational proclivities learned at Kalispell City Airport… what a shame!

SO why is that a reason to force taxpayers to cover the cost of maintaining the airport in the long run
with what the FAA is willing to cover today?




By JosephineDoody on 02-27-13 @ 6:11 am
33 up | 29 down

The problem has already been established: You and your 11 pilot buddies want the KALISPELL
TAXPAYERS to finance your recreation by expanding your airport playground to allow for even
BIGGER aircraft!. FOR SHAME!

If you and your 11 pilot buddies want a bigger playground, place the financial burden on yourselves,
not the KALISPELL TAXPAYERS. Or, better yet, go 10 miles up the road and use our International
Airport that is already under-utilized.

By LogicalOne on 02-27-13 @ 7:38 am
39 up | 24 down

The only problem that has been created is by dopey dudes like you, Josefiend.

You folks are trying to divert attention from the decay and neglect that the city of Kalispell has
allowed the 85 year old, once state of the art airport to become.

You must be a city cronie by the way you try and make the users of the airport villans after the city
has allowed the airport to go down hill for so long that the only way to fix it is with FAA funding given
freely to the city to fix what you and the back ward city governors have allowed the airport to

Your stupid focus is like a broken record…. blaming the last person to have anything to do with the
neglect and damage there…. the end users… the pilots.

Plus you dismiss those users/pilots as being a total of 11 and of those 11, all are treating flight for
business, recreation and community development as gift from the city taxpayers you want to ungift.

People like you Doody and the rest of Quiet Skies and the city council who have neglected a piece of
asphalt that carry the leaders, movers and shakers of our socio and economic community to our city.

You have let it deteriorate to the point that the safety of our leaders, law enforcement, government,
and business leaders are being put in peril should it continue without the airport being improved.

You call it expansion…. if you want to use that term… you need a modifier to describe expansion and
what is proposed is a total of 25,000 square feet of runway…. the size of Costco.  One small building
of “expansion” of a small increase of runway safety area

That is not expansion…. it is minimalist nay, it is only improving what is turning to krap…  and fixing it

Even with my 8th grade education you accuse me of, me and others with half an 8th grade brain can
see through your mislabeled charges and nonsense logic trying to mislead the general public with
nothing more that…. well DOODY!

A vote against airport improvement with FAA funding is a vote for higher taxes later for Kalispell to
pay for those improvements after the FAA gives those funds to another deserving city.

Vote for the FAA funding and they’ll fix the airport for what it is for….safely landing and taking off of
aircraft with thousands of people who spend millions of dollars in our community.

Neglect it and the money will move away and you will still have an airport which you WILL pay for right
out of your own pocket and face the possible danger, damage and resulting law suits against the city
for harboring a neglected public utility.  Keeping the airport as it is IS the definition of neglect and

FAA funding does two things positive:  It FIXES Neglect and lessens the tax burden on the citizens.

Any other arguments against the airport only furthers this negligence.  Don’t fall for the detractors… it
is a smoke screen of nonsense. 
By EnPrime on 02-27-13 @ 10:10 am
32 up | 29 down


If the Kalispell City Airport is in such a state of decay and disrepair, why are planes and helicopters
still landing there? Why is it still being used? According to you, the conditions are so dire, that no
aircraft should be using it at all.

Your pubescent rants are nothing more than a smoke and mirrors attempt to divert from the real
issue which is: A handful of people want the entire taxpaying population of Kalispell to fund their
recreational hobbies. This is a complete assault on the taxpayers of Kalispell who deserve that
airport property to be used at its “best and highest use.” An airport expansion that allows for bigger
and more dangerous aircraft for a handful of recreators should not be funded by taxpayers.

Vote to repeal the airport expansion in 2013!
By 3Hills on 02-27-13 @ 11:14 am
33 up | 29 down

I agree. I will be voting for the repeal of the city airport expansion this year.
By LogicalOne on 02-27-13 @ 8:34 pm
41 up | 23 down

Ok big mouths… there are a handful of people using the airport.

Name them and I will ask them to stop.
By JosephineDoody on 02-28-13 @ 6:45 am
31 up | 27 down

IllogicalOne - Now that’s just silly. They wouldn’t listen to you anyway, just as we don’t listen to
you. Afterall, you know full well who’s making the wheels on your bus go ‘round and ‘round.

The taxpayers of Kalispell will reject the City Airport expansion at the ballot box this year. The
Council’s decision will be REPEALED.
By LogicalOne on 02-28-13 @ 9:10 am
36 up | 22 down

Silly?  Why?

Your complaint “in principle” is that 11 pilots airport use are being completely paid for by the
taxpayers of Kalispell;  and you don’t want to use FAA funds the city council voted to take to fix the
airport.  You want to leave the airport as it is and let the City government figure out how to fix and
pay for the airport.

RIght?  If this is not your position, please explain.  PLEASE ? PLEASE?  Otherwise…..

Next issue:

You would rather mobilize the entire electorate to vote on a ballot issue involving thousands and
thousands of voters time, and the taxpayers money to count all the votes rather than ask 11 pilots to
either agree to not use FAA funds or just pack up and leave?  You are silly.

If there are ONLY 11 people bothering you….who are they?
Jimbob, Zack, the Sheriff, Seaman, Strand… who are the other elite spoiled pilots you say are
abusing the taxpayers?  11 is a small crowd and we should know who you think they are so we can
address the issue or show you that you could be a little mistaken in your assertion.

Come on Dooty…. speak up.  You expect to the entire population of Kalispell to follow you if you
cannot even tell us who these alleged abusers are because of them you are asking everyone to vote
to remove the FAA funding to fix the airport with? 

If this is not personal… say so and identify them.  If it is personal,  tell us who did what to you to
make you such a sad case?
By Heikens on 02-28-13 @ 10:29 am
31 up | 26 down

Poor IllogicalOne; You are in a constant state of frustration aren’t you? Is it because you’ve
lost this argument a long time ago ~ clear back when the referendum made it to this year’s ballot?

You’d love it if we all started naming names wouldn’t you? I think we all know about the few who
want the electorate to fund their
aviation recreation. It’s a small group of individuals.

You say, “You want to leave the airport as it is and let the City government figure out how to
fix and
pay for the airport.” That’s certainy a good start!

I agree with EnPrime who wrote the following:

“A handful of people want the entire taxpaying population of Kalispell to fund their
recreational hobbies. This is a complete assault on the taxpayers of Kalispell who deserve that
airport property to be used at its “best and highest use.” An airport expansion that allows for
and more dangerous aircraft for a handful of recreators should not be funded by taxpayers. “

I too, will be voting for the repeal of the City Airport Expansion this year.
By LogicalOne on 02-28-13 @ 10:51 am
37 up | 20 down

There is one guaranteed outcome of any vote:

The airport is not getting closed,  it stays.  We all agree.

All that is left to discuss is where the money is coming from to keep it open…. which it will be.
No vote on any side of the November ballot will close it.

So all the problem of elite, spoiled, “hand full” of individuals… aka pilots…  remains.  They still get
an airport.

What is the only thing that remains is “who pays for after the vote:?

The City of Kalispell will is the answer… they pay.
EIther 100% comes from the city.
OR $25 million comes from the FAA leaving the City portion rather small in comparison.

So to the intelligent person…. the choice is not between “a handful of people want the entire taxpaying
population of Kalispell to fund their recreational hobbies.”

It is a choice to let the FAA take 95% of the money Kalispell taxpayers have to pay and let the
taxpayers pay 5%,  or take no money from the FAA and let taxpayers pay 100%/

You can cry all you want about who uses the airport and who you think benefits but what is for certain,
either Kalispell pays 100% or Kalispell pays 5%.

Poor me? HAHAH.  Poor thinking on the voter referendum.



By Maria on 02-28-13 @ 11:21 am
31 up | 28 down

Baby steps, IllogicalOne, baby steps.

In other words, things that are progressive just don’t happen overnight. Maybe, just maybe, when
the people vote to repeal the Council’s decision this November, it’s simply the first step in getting
the City Airport closed for good and that taxpayer owned property can finally begin to be utilized at
its “best and highest use” whatever that may be…because it certainly isn’t at the moment…which
is a personal playground for a few.

I will join the others here and be voting for repeal of the city airport expansion.
By LogicalOne on 02-28-13 @ 11:54 am
39 up | 20 down

Maria… and you other baby steppers….

Are you going to get elected to the city council and hear what the lawyers say about closing the
airport, first? 

OR are you just going to badger the elected council and become the “citizens vigilante airport board”
and threaten to force a referendum on any improvements out there suggested before council?

You see the current council lost the vote to the majority to take FAA funds and fix up the asset.

One vote made the difference. 

But instead of pulling together, the loosing side became sore losers and got sympathizers like Chad
Graham to carry the cry baby tantrum to the voters and carry around the petition to overturn what the
council voted for.

Now Pandora is out and what is left for the city is to let the citizens march to the meetings to discuss
what ever is on tap the airport for at least the next twenty or thirty years.

In the mean time, baby steppers, YOU PAY…. for thirty years. 

Thats what I call winning…. being dead from old age when your dream may come true.

Until then, the entire community suffers a black eye from the losing side of the council trying to force
their way.

By Maria on 02-28-13 @ 4:50 pm
30 up | 29 down

Gee Illogical One, you seem angry. A pity.

It’s been my experience that patience is a virtue…and I’m very patient.

p.s. I wouldn’t be so quick to pick losers…November isn’t here yet!  As the saying goes, “It ain’t
over til the fat lady sings.”. She may not be singing yet…but she’s a hummin’.

Vote to repeal the Kalispell City Airport Expanion this November!
By JosephineDoody on 02-28-13 @ 7:40 pm
30 up | 28 down

Illogical One

No one has to “diagnose” your anger. You put it on full display with every post along with your
name calling and now, lewd vulgarity. You lost this airport argument when the referendum was
successful. Pack your bags and make the move to Bozeman as you promised. Do us all a favor.

Vote FOR REPEAL of the Kalispell City Airport Expansion!
By JosephineDoody on 03-01-13 @ 6:18 am
30 up | 24 down

Poor, poor Illogical One. You are exasperated because you lost this argument when the
referendum became successful and made it to this year’s ballot. The Kalispell Taxpayers will
REPEAL the Council’s decision in November. You and your handful of pilot buddies will fail at
forcing the Kalispell Taxpayers to fund your aviation recreation. You and your handful of pilot
buddies and your new mouth piece Jim Lynch will fail at your marketing scam to convince the
public they need to finance your personal playground.

There is a recurring theme here and that is: You will fail. You have failed to keep the referendum off
the ballot and your dastardly scheme to stick it to the Kalispell Taxpayer will fail at the polls in
November. If you and your handful of pilot buddies want to play with airplanes, that’s fine…you’ll
have to do it on your own nickel.

Vote FOR REPEAL of the Kalispell City Airport Expansion!
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