Saturday Apr. 19, 2014
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With another round of budget cuts on the horizon, can Glacier National Park sustain its world-class identity?
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By hotfishmt on 02-27-13 @ 7:06 am
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This whole mess….needs some reality. When private business finds a slow spell in income,
they take steps to reduce spending.
The Federal Government is just the opposite, they make budget plans with increases each
year & hope the elected officials respond with some bandaid. The waste is some area of the
Feds is totally out of the ball park: like the new 400 million dollar stealth Destroyer being built,
and another large aircraft carrier under construction, and the list keeps getting bigger each day
some “pet project” is exposed to the daylight by the investigators looking into viable ways to
reduce spending an not let the public suffer some drastic budget cuts that affect day to day life.

Its the Pork Barrel projects that keep the Federal Buget under fire, as elected officials in almost
every state…..get their back door projects to protect the home folks. On a simple way to save
some $$, how much does it cost for the First Lady Michelle Obama to keep showing up on TV
and the mass of Secret Service & the Air Force people to shuttle the cars/people to the events
for a photo opp?????
By polebridge on 02-27-13 @ 7:43 am
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And the way the park service always responds to budget cuts will be to RIF temps that do all the
meaningful work; and use that leverage to create a public outcry! Taking their 2% budget cut would be
easy is they started “top” down and the public wouldn’t notice a bit of a change.
By Gators on 02-27-13 @ 1:08 pm
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Thanks for your service and all the Rangers.
Fact: The reason less money is because the gov’t is giving our money to many worthless
people.  That a look at how many people take the gov’t money and do nothing.  This is where
your money is going and you should be mad as….
By emerson on 02-27-13 @ 1:54 pm
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The “reality” that needs to be injected into all of this budget madness is the reality that demand has
increased (more visitors) while budgets have been constantly slashed. A private business that cuts
services while its customer base is growing is a business that will soon become defunct. If we want
the US government to act more like a business, we need to stop electing idiots that force managers to
make terrible business decisions—that is exactly what sequester does.

Austerity doesn’t work - ask Ireland. Here is a perfect example why: To save $1.4 million dollars the
Park is going to have to delay opening the Going to the Sun Road 14 days. For every day the GTTS
road is open $1 million is pumped into the local economy because visitors come when the road is
open. So we will save the Park Service $1.4 million while cutting $14 million out of the local economy.
If the average tax on that $14 million is 20% we will save $1.4 million while sacrificing $2.8 in new
revenue. That is stupid business.
By TallTree on 02-27-13 @ 9:38 pm
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The National Park Service can cry they don’t have money, yet in 2011 they had given the city of
Kalispell a $75,000 grant to study “wayfinding” signs to help visitors find their way around

If they can give money away for non park studies, the Park Service must have more money that
they know what to do with.  It reminds me of the Kalispell School district… during the bond
votes they plead they don’t have money and without bond approval doom will follow.  The bonds
were voted down and lo and behold the school district found they had money after all and the
world did not end.
By BillG on 02-28-13 @ 10:04 pm
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Glacier Park has had some pretty good rangers.  Gary Moses was one of them.  Dedicated,
professional, fair and a great guy.  Good luck Gary in your future activities.
By mooseberryinn on 03-01-13 @ 3:58 pm
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Cuts of 2.4% to the proposed spending (no budget, yet) - are at the discretion of King Obama and the
regime.  They will decide who they want to hurt the most.  They could look at fluff programs, foreign aid,
pork-barrel stuff etc., but it appears the regime will attack working people to insure they see what
happens when the King doesn’t get his way.  The Revenge of King Obama in progress.
By Gators on 03-03-13 @ 3:27 pm
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Moose: You are 100% correct. Why would anyone believe a President when in 2006 and the
Senate Floor Obama slammed Bush on the Budget and said he would not vote for his budget.
You can be assured that until we die..all we are going to hear is about the money we don’t
have….all congress and Senators are to blame…Oh BTW do you know you call a bunch of
Baboons…It’s called a Congress…Fact!
By montanaeasy56 on 03-05-13 @ 9:31 pm
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Here we go…everyone in America whines about government spending and want deficit
that is the problem. Every state, every community has the very same argument. The all
republican legislators from Wyoming are saying the same thing. Lets cut our deficit, but don’t
do it in Wyoming. Everyone wants the result but no one wants to feel any pain. Everyone has a
horse in this race and everyone will eventually feel some pain. That is the only way to get this
deficit somewhat under control. It has nothing to do with party affiliation or who the President is.
All these clowns have been very busy over the course of the last 40 years building into this
problem. Now, they all want to run and hide…or make the other guy make the tough decisions.
By montanaeasy56 on 03-05-13 @ 9:33 pm
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Funny how we whine about the first Lady and photo ops and plane rides. I guess we forgot how
many week ends the previous guy spent flying back and forth almost every week end to his
ranch in Crawford, TX.
By mooseberryinn on 03-05-13 @ 9:45 pm
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m-easy56 - partially true.  what I believe is the real point of the folks complaints is that king Obama
could actually do a wee bit of leading and managing to steer the cuts to areas of lesser impact.  but -
nope - he will not lead, he will not manage.  He’ll just smile as he states “this is going to hurt”.  he truly
is a royal POS.
By montanaeasy56 on 03-06-13 @ 6:56 am
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You just further made my point. In your OPINION, you want the President to “steer the cuts” so
that they don’t impact YOU and yours. Exactly my point. If he “steers the cuts” to someplace
else, THOSE people will be crying just like you are now. I believe, eventually, when the cuts
start taking ahold nation wide, everyone is going to be adversely impacted. Except the rich of
course. The pubs made sure of that when they wouldn’t negotiate a “common pain” solution.
By Gators on 03-06-13 @ 8:08 am
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Many people I have seen in doctors offices over the years ARE able to hold down a job.etc. 
They choose the BLAME game…it is everyone’s fault but their’s…why did most act like jerks in
high school…why did they not take books home to study…why did they not get a part-time job
during high school…why do many smoke and drink…why do they love the lottery….why did they
##### and complain at restaurants, to get a discount off their check…why don’t they get their
medicine’s filled at the drug store…if they DON’T care about their LIFE why should I?????
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