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By RussCrowder on 01-12-13 @ 7:28 am
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School teachers being allowed to defend themselves?  Where are the victims needed for the political
agenda’s in that?  Your talking reality and common sense John.  That’s not what the people voted for
last November!
By Red Green on 01-12-13 @ 11:20 am
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Now Russ,  be honest….52% DID vote for that.

Almost none of the teacher I observe, even in the gun-fascinated state of Montana,
would be emotionally capable of effectively deploying a gun in a classroom….it’s just not
usually part of the DNA of one who chooses a career in elementary education.  I think
however, that a teacher who wants to carry and has empirically passed certification for
use of a gun in a school, ought to be allowed to do so.  I also think that EFFECTIVE
controlled building access is an important factor.  Bank-tellers are behind bullet-proof
glass…why not our kids?

Boy, I’m sure glad I grew up in simpler times.  I’m sorry kids today have to face the junk
they do every day.
By Montanadan on 01-13-13 @ 2:21 pm
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I guarantee if anyone goes to a Front Sight Gun course they will be qualified to properly handle and
use a gun. Its free to anyone in education. Most Training institutions will train for free.
There are plenty of retired or willing people qualified to carry a concealed weapon, ex police, military
or safety personal who would volunteer to protect our schools. The NRA is helping with this
There are States who allow teachers to carry and I have no heard of any problems. Some teachers
are very capable .
By inthemiddle on 01-13-13 @ 4:03 pm
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There are somewhere around 150,000 pre schools, K-12 public schools and Universities in the
United States. Each year over the past 15 years on average there have been fewer than 5
school shootings per year, with less than 20 deaths per year. If on average each school has 8
teachers, custodians and administrators carrying concealed weapons this will put 1.2 million
firearms into our schools. With accidental discharges, lost, misplaced and stolen pistols does
this really make our educational institutions safer? Knee jerk reactions are not the answer,
what we need now are good common sense solutions. Most of the school shooters have
displayed some form of mental illness, this is where the discussion should start. Besides
suicide, a husband shooting their wife is second on the list of deaths by a firearm, if you want to
stop murder by firearms the place to start would be there. Also over the past 10 years on
average 1500 children per year are killed by firearms in this country, less than twenty of these
deaths per year occured in schools, Also over 500 kids per year die from accidental gun shots
in this country, why don’t we try and do something about that while we are at it. I belonged to
the NRA for over 25 years but it finally reached a point to where I could no longer belong to an
organization that was so radical that I could not identify with what it stood for. The NRA does
not represent ordinary gun owners, it only cares about the manufacturers and the radical fringe
By waterman on 01-13-13 @ 4:10 pm
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I can say that this the first time I agree with both points. Their views are not all that different.
Carbonari just has a softer approach that is workable too.
Wish our congress and president could be more like these two.
I still think restrictions it will be done by executive action to avoid having congress answer to their
constituents. Our muslim dictator does care what the people think or want. He is a one termer
now and has an agenda to fulfill in a short time.
By waterman on 01-13-13 @ 4:15 pm
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What a dope. I forgot the word not. “Our muslim dictator does not care what the people think or
want. He is a one termer now and has an agenda to fulfill in a short time.”
By Montanadan on 01-13-13 @ 6:11 pm
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Talk about Knee jerk reactions inthemiddle you forgot about all the institutions who have armed
guards, hospitals, prisons, banks and other high security institutions, you can probably add another
million places. Sure things happen in a country of over 300 million population, lets all leave lala land
and lets concentrate on things that historically have worked. Guns in qualified responsible hands
are what works. Gun free zones and taking the good guys guns just get people killed, history and
the facts prove that.
Mental illness and bad guys with guns are the problems we need to solve not attacking free
American citizens , WE are the good guys .
Your statement about some liberal progressive US hating teachers not mentally capable of caring a
concealed weapon , well we will have to weed them out. RIGHT.  Read the Constitution and the Bill
of Rights. Those guys knew what terrorism and Terony   was and were a whole lot smarter than the
knee jerk clowns running our country. History has also proven Government’s that go broke do bad
things like taking your money, freedoms, guns then kill lots of people. Our Government is BROKE
the most bankrupt country in history and is run by a man raised by Communists and Saul Alinsky
followers bent on ruining this once great Country.
Common sense will win the day. The answers are in our Constitution etc etc.God willing.
By mooseberryinn on 01-14-13 @ 9:11 am
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Well now, just what kind of “gun control law” will stop or even decrease the possibility that some
nutcase will not murder and/or steal weapons, enter a ‘gun free zone” and proceed to kill people? 
Will banning “assault style weapons” do that?  No.  Will banning extended magazines do that?  No. 
Will re-registering, finger-printing, photo-taking, do that?  No.  Anyone have any ideas for laws that
criminals and nutcases will obey?  I don’t think so.  Would the wacko in Ct. have been stopped by
an armed gal (or guy) in the admin. office?  Maybe so.
By Fast on 01-16-13 @ 8:23 pm
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Parents should take turns patrolling the halls of the schools but they need not be out gunned. So they need to be
Armed with full Auto guns.
By waterman on 01-17-13 @ 2:19 pm
7 up | 4 down

Fast, I can see your point. However many people are not in the mind set to act in a fast forcible
action when needed. Not all parnets have the mindset to kill if the need arises. Killling is only an
absolute last resort to protect yourself or other people.
Too many folks think that since they are packing some iron that they can use it at their free will.
Which is recipe for a major mistake. Once that trigger is pulled you cannot redo what you have
committed too.
Often just the treat to shoot is enought to stop the perpetrator. I would recommend that the guns
be left to the skilled, w/a fast response time, willing to take practice in those situations.
If that person is a parent too, then good enough, as long as they can meet the skill tests for that
As others have said, their are many retired police officers, many ex infantry soldiers with combat
experience, and many others w/the skills and experience to protect our children. Do not leave the
job to someone that cannot do it properly. It’ll only open up this gun control issue even more when
someone accidently gets shot in a school..
By mooseberryinn on 01-18-13 @ 12:25 pm
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I tend to disagree…. I think there are thousands are very capable teachers and/or admin folks in
schools.  I doubt very much that they’re going to shoot any students by miss-adventure, or lose their
guns, or leave them unsafe.  I would bet a Woman protecting a child would be far deadlier than a man. 
(recognizing there are more female teachers).  I would guess there would be sufficient capable
volunteers found in any school in our nation willing to carry a gun to protect the kids.
By waterman on 01-18-13 @ 1:03 pm
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moose I agree w/you. Your term ‘very capable’ is the key word. It can be anybody that can
demostrate proficency under duress. You might reread my comment above.
I did post, ‘If that person is a parent too, then good enough, as long as they can meet the skill tests
for that position.”
By waterman on 01-18-13 @ 2:18 pm
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20Members (4)&utm;_content=

“The mainstream media, several politicians, and many special interest groups are doing
everything they can to cloud the waters with misrepresentations, emotional overtones, and
outright lies.  Three times on Jan. 9, 2013 I heard different anchors on CNN refer to “… the type of
rifle used in the Sandy Hook shooting.” In point of fact, no rifle was used at Sandy Hook. A rifle
was found in the shooter’s car. That rifle was unfired and never taken into the school. Responding
police officers (who got there after the killing stopped) found only handguns inside the school. 
And still the leading media outlet in the nation says a rifle was used in the shooting. They must be
lying on purpose and, if so, the reason must be that they wish to direct the debate toward the idea
that guns must be restricted and, later, confiscated.”
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