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Local education officials offer opposing views on private school tax credit bills
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By Flathead Opinion on 02-04-13 @ 5:03 pm
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This is not a matter of whether or not public schools are performing well.  It is however, a
matter of giving people a choice in their education…  What is wrong with people having a
personal choice in thier education?  If giving people a choice in their education is going to
make public schools worse off, then it makes me wonder how great and reliable the public school
system really is.
By waterman on 02-04-13 @ 8:40 pm
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Of course any public school employee is going to give you the reasons why John Q Public should
not have a choice. They are trying to make sure they have a job. Even for the union protected non-
performers.They are the last people I would ask.
By interested1 on 02-05-13 @ 3:27 am
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I would pull my kid from SD5 immediately if I had a non-religious alternative.  It has been a
battle for many years.  What amazes me is how hard they have worked to provide an ok
education v. a superior education.  However, it all starts at home.
By Johnny on 02-05-13 @ 8:53 am
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The problem with people having a choice about education is they aren’t paying for it, I am.  We all
are.  Public schools have public oversight over public dollars.  I’m not so sure I want my dollars
going to unregulated schools with no disclosure.  I could be OK if any school receiving public
money has the same level of testing and performance disclosure.  There are plenty of private
schools doing worse than our public schools but that information is hidden away cause they can’t
make a buck or keep their agenda going if it were known.
By reggie on 02-05-13 @ 11:40 am
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Has everyone heard of ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council? This group of
corporations and republican legislators meet before state legislative sessions to work up bills
that favor corporations over people and conspire on how to get them passed. The repub
legislators get campain money and corporations get to further rape the public. Were these bills
originated there? As they transfeer public funds to private, for profit businesses to looks like it.

How about the Texas State Board of Education? This board has outsized influence on what is
included in school textbooks, nationwide, due to their huge system buying in volume and the
high cost of printing corrected ones for smaller populated states. Dominated by extreme
conservatives and evangelical “christians” the board works to rewrite history in favor of
conservative causes and deny the seperation of church and state, even removeing Thomas
Jefferson from text books as he is considered a liberal….and much more, google Texas school

“What better tool could you have to institute the corporate state, than teaching corporate
history with corporate textbooks in corporate schools?”
By waterman on 02-05-13 @ 12:11 pm
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Johnny- you it partly correct. In MT mostly property tax payers are paying for public schools. There
is some federal money coming back also. But, then again, that is our money also.This system
puts a hugh burden on a small amount of residents. And the problem is continually getting worse
each year.
If a parent wants to send his child to a private school why should they have to also pay for the
public school system ? Similar to double taxation ?
Why cannot his dollars be used to pay for his own child to attend a private school ? There are
many good private schools that are far superior to our public school system. Yes, there are a few
not so good. Pretty much like public schools.
Of course the governer is against private schools. He is a gov’t employee and wants a bigger
gov’t so they can continue to brainwash our children to be all good democrats. Items such as
teaching only the Darwin theory, gay marriage is just a good choice for some people, it is OK for
teenagers to get pregnant, but in case you don’t want to- here take some condoms- the’re free-
for the taking. I have a problem with that type of education. It is nothing but brainwashing. The
gov’t impossing their will on the population so they cannot think for them selves anymore. Our
public colleges are about the same.
Home schooling is catching on and has proven that it can work better than the public system if the
teacher is doing their job correctly. And, they teach the same basic core classes as in public
schools. Without the brainwashing.
By Johnny on 02-05-13 @ 3:47 pm
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Why should a parent get a break?  I don’t have any kids.  I pay for the schools.  I don’t have a problem
with paying for that, I think schools benefit everyone not just the student.  But why should some people
who choose not to use the “service” get a break and others not get the break?
By Westside2 on 02-05-13 @ 11:43 pm
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Well said Johnny.  Nail meet hammer.
By waterman on 02-06-13 @ 8:37 am
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A break ? Give me a break. Parents who chose a private school are still paying for their childrens
education. Their funds are just diverted into the private sector temporary while their are there. And
after they are all thru their funds would there go back to the public sector.
The whole idea is that the same amount of money is still going to the education.of our children.
It is a choice that any parent w/chilren could use. Remember that the suggestion was for a
voucher. The parents would still be paying their county property and income taxes. If you do not
pay into it, then you could not get the voucher.
By thinker on 02-07-13 @ 7:55 am
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What school system produced these commenters?  The spelling, grammar, syntax and
proofreading are so sloppy that some of it is close to incomprehensible.  If we can do no better
than this, we should all stop commenting, especially on the subject of schools.
By inthemiddle on 02-08-13 @ 6:37 pm
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The point is that it is the parents choice to send their children to a private school. I paid for my
daughter to attend a private school for 6 years and I never expected a dime of help from
anyone. A right to a free public education is the law in Montana under our states Constitution.
How they are funded is also part of the law as mandated under Montana’s Annotated Code.
Also I agree with Johnny about getting a break, since my kids don’t attend a Montana
University should I get a break for that. There are many things we pay taxes for that we may
not use, should we all itemize them and deduct them from our taxes. Like it or not many parts
of our federal, state, and local governments are Socialistic, things work better that way. Our
public education system is not perfect but it is still the best option out there for most people, if
you start defunding it to help a few people who choose not to use it then the entire system will
suffer, and the students will be the biggest losers.
By reggie on 02-09-13 @ 8:12 am
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Inthemiddle, that is the best, most accurate, concise statement I have ever read on this
By thinker on 02-09-13 @ 8:30 am
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Well, inthemiddle, I recognize the factual basis of most of what you say.  However, I would point
out that if you read the articles on why we should keep students in school, the logic is that if they
can get jobs that pay well, the STATE can get more in taxes from them.  They stated so outright. 
That is not about the students, it’s about society and government losing sources of other people’s
money to spend.  There is no guarantee they will stay in the state where their education was
And the statistics on lifetime earnings if you stay in school have been turned upside down in the
recent economic morass.  Lifelong learning is a positive thing, but first you have to have the means
to survive, which is tough to do without jobs of any kind.
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