Thursday Apr. 24, 2014
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Issues of disclosure of proprietary information to potential investors are problematic
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By hotfishmt on 03-27-12 @ 4:04 pm
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Well, if a potential investor won’t sign a simple non disclosure agreement….WALK.

After that make sure your gun ho about your idea. Don’t expect any investor to be your
cheer leader & be prepared to give at least up to 50% of your company or idea to get
someone on broad.

Rich people can also steal as well as a poor person, and the better an idea….. is bad for
the inventor or idea person. Having too much $$$ does make some people think they are
bullet proof. Greed is a rich persons crutches…..will walk right up your back & trample on
your ashes.
By Bill Payne on 03-28-12 @ 11:05 am
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Hi HotFishMT-
I agree with your implication that there are good investors and bad investors, just like there are
good entrepreneurs, bad entrepreneurs and scam artists looking for their next pyramid
scheme.  That is why I urged entrepreneurs to do “due diligence” on their investors.
And, entrepreneurs and inventors are most free to WALK away from any investor, just as they
are free to WALK away from entrepreneurs.  Happens all the time.  But, as I explained, refusal
to sign NDAs is a characteristic of almost all good investors and not a trait that allows
entrepreneurs to separate the good from the bad or greedy.  The purpose of the column was to
explain that, in fact, investors don’t sign NDA, and entrepreneurs need to be prepared to share
their business plans without revealing the secret sauce.  If that is too uncomfortable for
entrepreneurs, then they simply have to find ways to self fund their ventures.
Bill Payne
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