Thursday Apr. 24, 2014
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Members of Montana’s Army National Guard headed to Afghanistan
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By MontanaTrace on 11-06-12 @ 7:40 am
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Brave men and women, our prayers for safety and for mission accomplished, go with you.
By hotfishmt on 11-06-12 @ 11:12 am
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I do wish them well. Its a shame though, that the National Guard has to send good men & women
off to fight in a black hole of a 18th century of a country that neither cares for or values life. I wish
the CO….who the article specializes in electronic warfare…TAKES DOWN THE CELL TOWERS
IN that goat herding cave dwelling place….at least eliminate the cell phones the terrorist use to set
traps for soldiers….and the US gets out of there tomorrow.
By Shamrock on 11-07-12 @ 11:31 am
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God Bless all of our brave men and women who fight for our freedom.  Thank you, Thank you,
Thank you!
By hotfishmt on 11-08-12 @ 3:28 pm
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I do wish someone connected to the 495th can pass along a simple idea….that is TAKE DOWN
THE CELL COMMUNICATIONS… the Taliban cannot get covert help with cell phones.Least it
would save so many lives. The enemy does not need modern devices to help hurt the troops over
there in this mud hut womanizing “country” ???

Sure is worth looking into an if it saves one limb, one leg, one life….good.
By bocephusj57 on 11-09-12 @ 5:04 pm
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Hey genius.  Don’t you think over the past 10 plus years in Afghanistan somebody in the military
command thought about that, on more than one occasion?

Maybe they realized that penalizing an entire nation’s gov’t, economy and social fabric is a bad
idea?  I don’t think it’s good strategy for winning hearts and minds.  Do you?

But some white guy in MT thinks it is the end all/be all of solutions. After all, they’re just a
bunch godless Mooslins, right?  Believe me, nobody between here and Kabul (going east or west)
gives a hoot about your solution.

Maybe you should see your therapist to determine a better coping skill for your
obsessive/complusive disorder on this issue.  Or you could go back to whining about pavement


With that said, I hope our folks have a safe, event-less deployment.
By hotfishmt on 11-10-12 @ 1:13 pm
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Eh Gads….Boc Hiccups:  if as you hint its not been thought of…how come I have seen Afghan’s
that live in a cave mining coal, standing on top of a mountain….trying to get a signal on their cell
phone. An don’t think for one nano second the Taliban does not use that little communication
device to call ahead…and say…GET READY…US troops are coming????? Let them rebuilt the
fabric & such after we get out and stop wasting billions on top of billions. So if one man/woman
can be saved from losing some limb or life…tuff cookies if they have no cell phones.
By waterman on 11-10-12 @ 3:14 pm
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hotfish- sounds ok up front. If they did not use cell phones they would resort back to CB or FM two
way radios to do the same work. Then what we have is a goat herding, cave dwelling country w/no
communication, except for the terrorist ! To me that sounds even worse. Besides I am sure that
our gov’t is smart enough to listen in on the cell phone towers for terrorist comms.

bo- you replies read as if you spew hatred to anyone who thinks differently then you. If you tone it
down some you’ll have more folks that would agree w/you. You get more bees w/honey than
By bocephusj57 on 11-10-12 @ 3:32 pm
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Nah.  I like slapping (metaphorically) rightwingnuts briskly about the head and shoulders.  They
don’t like it when they get treated the same way they treat ‘anyone who thinks differently than
them’. smile

It’s sad that so many on the left think that if they are nice to the bully, the bully will stop
their abhorrent behavior.
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