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Last major city in Montana without law limiting cellphone use while driving
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By wanita on 12-18-12 @ 6:51 pm
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I can’t believe that the council is not going to do nothing about the cell phone problems while
other towns in MThave started new laws in their town.  Wait until there is another car accident
caused by a distracted driver using their phones.
By LogicalOne on 12-18-12 @ 8:33 pm
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Maybe they can pass a law making it illegal to stop at a green light and talk on the phone?
By Red Green on 12-18-12 @ 9:49 pm
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Distracted driving is deadly and costing us all in increased insurance premiums.  Public Safety
ought to be the city’s top priority and yet, they kicked this can on down the road.  This tells me
a great deal about the “quality” of leadership on this council.  Quite disappointing.
By JosephineDoody on 12-19-12 @ 7:12 am
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There he goes again -  Randy Kenyon has accused the entire Council of being against public
safety. Simply because Randy Kenyon chooses a bicycle as his mode of transportation, DOES
NOT mean the rest of us should have with a useless ordinance thrust upon us that is nearly
impossible to enforce.

Those on the Council who voted against this did the right thing. This was nothing more than a “feel
good” ordinance that creates more of the “Nanny State” mentality. Whitefish is using this
ordinance as a revenue generator. If it were truly about safety, the fine would be minimal at best.

As usual, the 3 stooges of liberal, bigger government (Atkinson, Kenyon, and Saverud) have
attempted to force Nanny State ordinances upon the taxpayers of Kalispell. The only surprise in all
of this is that Fake Conservative Jeff Zauner wasn’t in on it too.
By JLight on 12-19-12 @ 7:58 am
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I am personally opposed to people driving while talking on the phone, but the reality is you can’t
legislate everything, and you’ll never be able to force all the irresponsible people to practice safe
driving habits.
By cantoo on 12-19-12 @ 2:06 pm
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I’m glad our council voted no. I didn’t see any hard facts to claims that talking on a cell phone
when driving is unsafe.  I think texting is.
By Heikens on 12-19-12 @ 7:45 pm
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The 6 who voted against it did the right thing. It’s just too bad that Saverud is swayed by liberal
kooks Atkinson and Kenyon. Saverud could stand to buy a can of starch. I hear it’s beneficial to
the backbone.
By MontanaTrace on 12-20-12 @ 6:57 am
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By 2014, 97% of American cities are projected to have some sort of cell phone use while driving
laws. Considering the results of university and insurance studies are concluding deaths and
injuries drop by 50% when these new laws are in place, it only makes sense to legally restrict
cell phone use.

Kalispell will be one of the 3%. Not too smart!
By corsair1945 on 12-20-12 @ 9:13 am
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This post is for Cantoo who doesn’t see any “hard facts” that talking on a cell phone is
dangerous. If you’ve ever seen people here in
the valley talking on a cell phone with a look on their face that no one is home, it’s obvious
they’re distracted. They don’t use turn signals and they cut people off, this is becoming a very
serious problem around here and I am sick of it. The Kalispell city council had a chance to do
something for public safety and failed miserably.
By Westvalley on 12-20-12 @ 10:17 am
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Again,  Better ban those eating cheeseburgers and messing with the radio dial while driving.
By cantoo on 12-20-12 @ 11:28 pm
19 up | 11 down

This post is for corsair1945, we have laws on the books for people that don’t use there turn
signals, or cut people off. Don’t blame the Kalispell City Council for the lack of public safety,
maybe the local police department needs to step it up. I still think it’s the people that are texting
when driving are the ones that need to be stopped.
Westvalley got a point, now should we close every coffee shop, and fast food drive through,
and order the removel of all radios, CB’s, GPS…......take out the whole dash board.
By hotfishmt on 12-21-12 @ 8:41 am
19 up | 13 down

The talking on cell phones while driving is a MENTAL HEALTH ISSUE… of I gota talk no
matter what danger I am to others. I know very few people that can drive & talk without losing
focus…an FOCUS is a must.
One only needs to go around the Hutton Plaza area around 5 pm an see the hoards of yakking
away cell phone users while driving….or attempting to drive.
Its like divorce, until you experience the emotional ups/downs of what a divorce causes your
emotional rollercoaster focus is very hard. Driving while yakking away or taking notes…is not a
good idea. Least have enough sense (a small amount), want to talk…PULL OVER & GET OFF
THE ROAD…...before you are treated in the Emergency Room an or the morgue.
By mooseberryinn on 12-22-12 @ 8:10 am
13 up | 26 down

Hot coffee is far more dangerous than a cell phone.  Lipstick, eye shadow and a comb are just as
dangerous as a cell phone.  Breakfast burritos are more dangerous than burgers.  (except in the case
of too much ketchup).  Anyway - all these things must be outlawed!  Immediately!  Right now, or our
streets/roads will become clogged with wreckage and injured people wandering amidst the carnage.
By hotfishmt on 12-22-12 @ 8:34 am
33 up | 13 down

Moose Droppings: you must have not taken your meds again. Far more people use cell phones
while driving than you seem the capacity to understand. Evidently your experience with “smart
phones” is beyond your ability to use or know what the phones can do…its the web/internet on the
move. If you have to concentrate on hot coffee & lose control, at least warn the public when you are
about to head out shopping with some hot coffee….FOCUS is the problem & a bad driver before the
phone rings…a worse driver after the call is answered.
By mooseberryinn on 12-23-12 @ 8:06 am
10 up | 25 down

hotfishmt - you missed the point of course.  The idea here is to use a little sarcasm to show there are
many things that could be distractions to the weak minded, or to those making poor decisions of when
to do things.  (make-up, eating, etc.)  Obviously, we most likely will not make individual laws on things
not to do while driving.  Why not just enforce the laws already in place?
By MontanaTrace on 12-23-12 @ 7:43 pm
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What is it the rest of the country and developed countries see that Kalispell doesn’t. 49
developed countries have bans against driving and using cell phones. Some laws go back as far as
2001. In the UK fines can go up to over $1,000 USD They see that deaths and injuries statistics
are cut in half.
By MontanaTrace on 12-23-12 @ 7:52 pm
7 up | 5 down

This is an eye opening report from the National Transportation and Safety Board.
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