Friday Apr. 18, 2014
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Track work slows the Empire Builder, as rail advocates worry about its future
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By hotfishmt on 09-18-12 @ 1:17 pm
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It seems the “derailments” got left out of the story…course BNSF does not want to mention that
small matter when it comes to Amtrack being late. Add in Ole Daddy Warbucks Warren,  adding
rail work/lines to be able to load oil tankers cars and the 2 items add up to almost impossible for
the passenger train to meet time demands….heck, look at airplane schedules….hardly on time
By Rabble on 09-18-12 @ 8:05 pm
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I took a trip over to Havre a couple months ago and the train was on time, unfortunately there was a
long line of people that showed up at the Whitefish depot about 10 minutes before the train was
expected to arrive. They all wanted tickets and so we had to wait for them, (you can buy tickets
online fyi).  Later in the day I grabbed the train back from Havre to Whitefish and we ended up
wasting time at one of the depots because the train was ahead of schedule and the conductor didn’t
wanna show up early.
By monroe on 09-19-12 @ 3:03 pm
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Would like to see our Country be in the 21st Century and look into high speed trains.  Don’t think the
current political climate will allow.
By Rivergal on 09-21-12 @ 2:23 pm
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Sorry you had to wait at one of the depots Rabble, however, what if someone needed to catch the train
and it left early?  It could have been someone needing to get to their family for an emergency.  And not
all people have access to the internet to buy tickets.  As for the latecommers that wanted tickets it’s
unfortunate that people do not plan ahead and the rest of us have to wait.
By hotfishmt on 09-22-12 @ 8:38 am
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Common sense, need to travel fast….fly or drive. High speed in Montana….a high speed crash
would not be nice, Europe & the US are vastly different, and who in a hurry to get “to” travels by
Amtrack for seeing a blur out the windows. The train is just a different transport with a slower pace
to enjoy passing life.
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