Wednesday Apr. 16, 2014
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Guest Commentary: Travis Kavulla and Gail Gutsche
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By ConservativeMT on 04-28-11 @ 5:43 pm
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This is not an explanation, this is a cover-up. Kavulla stated the spectacle he created at the PSC could have been avoided if only he had received an apology from Gallagher. Really? An apology for what? There was no wrong doing. There was no unauthorized secret travel by Molnar. I am very interested in the work the PSC performs and I watch the PSC work sessions regularly. I am appalled by the immature school-yard antics of Kavulla since he began serving his term as Commissioner of District One. I am ashamed and embarrassed that I ever supported him. 

Molnar did not represent the PSC at the FERC conference. He attended the conference and any other interested Commissioner on the PSC could have attended it as well. Molnar put his travel plans on the PSC calendar five days before the conference. How is that secret? In fact, Kavulla attended the MISO conferences in Indiana this week. Kavulla wasn’t the designated PSC representative at the MISO conferences, he simply attended, just like any other Commissioner could have done. Should we now consider Kavulla attending the MISO conferences an “egregious transgression”? Of course not, but both of these Commissioners attending conferences on tax-payer dollars when they weren’t the PSC designee is exactly the same action. 

What I do consider a serious breach of public trust is: Kavulla campaigning against renewable portfolio standards and now he is supporting these mandates. Kavulla being critical of demand side management and lost revenue recovery mechanisms during his campaign but now supports these inequitable burdens on Montana’s ratepayers. Kavulla campaigning as a consumer advocate but meets with utility investors in Las Vegas. Kavulla’s highly critical stance of the environmental left during his campaign, but now Gail Gutsche is his confidant, ally, and Vice Chair. And the kicker? Kavulla giving his Commissioner proxy vote to Democrat Gail Gutsche this week while he was attending the MISO conferences. These are the actions we should be considering as egregious transgressions and a breach of public trust. 

Last I checked Mr. Kavulla, you had an “R” after your name and you were elected as a Republican to represent District One on the Public Service Commission. The voters did not elect Gail Gutsche or any Democrat to represent District One while voting on PSC issues. You, Mr. Kavulla, are the one who is breaching the public trust.
By Westside2 on 04-28-11 @ 10:02 pm
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Who has the face of entitlement?

(Click on the “Story” tab for coverage by the Billings Gazette)
By Westside2 on 04-28-11 @ 10:21 pm
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Poor Brad.
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