Thursday Apr. 17, 2014
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By Red Green on 01-12-13 @ 11:03 am
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Good letter!  One sentence in this letter really…..REALLY strikes at the root of the

“Our American society is ill.”

And a great deal of our illness is being spread by the media.

Our freedoms in this country have morphed into a distinct lack of responsibility for our
behavior (or lack thereof), and a waning of concern for those our behavior affects. 
Everything from screaming kids in restaurants to fireworks that destroy peace and quiet
and terrorize our pets and vets.

Heaven forbid we should teach civility and responsibility in our schools….nooooo, its all
about personal expression these days. 

Oh yeah, society is ill alright….deathly ill.
By mooseberryinn on 01-13-13 @ 1:16 pm
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Agreed!  Good letter, and good comment Red Green.  If “gun free zones” are effective, why do such
atrocities happen there?  If gun control laws are effective, what happened to Chicago?  Suggestion: 
Make All federal offices in Washington D.C, Congress, The Whitehouse, etc. “Gun Free Zones”.  let’s
see how that works out.
By JLight on 01-14-13 @ 8:24 am
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Thank you for such a thoughtful and well-written letter.
By Gators on 01-16-13 @ 10:27 am
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The VT shooting was by a male who had mental health problems..and the school did nothing.
This kid had many problems and why they take it out on fellow classmates is beyond me,
unless they want the headlines. The Media has a big ugly hand in all of this, as the Congress
listens to them.  It is ugly all the way around.
By mooseberryinn on 01-16-13 @ 10:49 am
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keep in mind - Comrade Obama, Joe Buffoon, and the Marxist demo-dumbies are only trying to solve
one problem.  They are trying to get the 2nd amendment out of the way.
By Native on 01-18-13 @ 7:34 pm
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David, I really enjoyed your letter even though I am on the opposite side of the debate.  Many of us
just want a dialogue; want to know more so we can figure out the steps forward.  Unfortunately, the
pro-gun right that we see on TV seems to be dominated by those that think that even talking about
the subject is taboo.  Your argument is rational and reasonable and you make good points.

I only take issue with your preface because it insinuates that anyone who is asking for gun control
must hold the theory that its the gun’s fault.  Why can’t we get past the “guns don’t kill people,
people kill people” debate?  Yeah, no ####.  We all agree on that, so why can’t we just all come
together and make some concessions so that the next time a crazy person walks into a crowded
area and opens fire, he only has time to kill 20 people instead of 22.  Or maybe we have a system
effective enough to throw up a red flag when someone amasses dozens of assault rifles in a short
period of time and stop the whole thing all together?
By GATE on 01-19-13 @ 8:09 am
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Last year 77 Children died from choking on food. The primary culprit: Hot Dogs. It’s time to demand
that our President gather all the Children around him once again and proclaim ‘Hot Dog Confiscation
Day’, issuing an executive order limiting the size and amount of Hot Dogs to be sold and boldly
proclaim: People don’t kill people, Hot Dogs do!!
By waterman on 01-19-13 @ 11:09 am
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Native wrote- “Why can’t we get past the “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” debate? 
Yeah, no ####.  We all agree on that, so why can’t we just all come

I ask you: If we all agree on that statement why are all of the new regulations focused on the gun ?
By waterman on 01-19-13 @ 11:12 am
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Can our dictator use executive orders to ban hotdogs ? Does it have to go to Biden for his
recommendation & approval too ?
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