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By Clarity on 11-17-12 @ 6:43 am
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Oh for heaven’s sake. I think the Beacon only publishes this paranoid nonesense to get people
riled-up in the comments section… It’s this kind of divisive extremism that is leading to people
trying to get States to secede from the Union instead of working together to make this county
strong again.  There is no excuse for trying to divide the nation THAT is what will bring America
down and remove freedoms!  Divisive extremism has nothing to do with politics, it’s a mindset
of hate and anger. There is nothing like neighbor hating neighbor to cause everything we hold
as precious to fall apart.  Where is the American spirit of working hard, positive attitude and
making things work!
By Buffalo1 on 11-17-12 @ 7:57 am
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Payne ... get out of your Fox News bubble.  Turn it off!  We’re all going to be fine.  It’s Big Money
America (Koch Bros et al) conveyed by Fox and Rush that has whipped you and others into this
ridiculous frenzy.  Their game is to keep us divided, demonize the left, keep you voting for their
candidates ... the politicians that will give them low taxes and deregulation so they can mine this
country for everything it has left.  People like us, in red states or blue states; conservative or liberal
- we’re not as different as these political forces make us out to be.
By sunrise6 on 11-17-12 @ 8:14 am
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Mr. Payne is not spouting hate, he is stating fact. There is no such thing as a free lunch,
never has been and never will be.  The history books and the Bible are full of stories of one
nation after another falling from just such follies.  The truth is that freedom requires hard
work, individual commitment and responsibility to stand for the right no matter the
consequences.  Unfortunately, the majority in this nation no longer seem to believe that. Unless
the nations returns to self-mastery and righteousness this looming fiscal cliff will shorly look
like a walk in the park.
By Buffalo1 on 11-17-12 @ 8:29 am
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This whole idea that 47% of us are ‘freeloaders’,  “have no individual commitment and responsibility”,
are just hanging around for a “free lunch” is just hogwash.  Blue collar America built this country with
our iron fists and strong backs.  You talk about the Bible but forget what Jesus talked about.  The
lack of “righteousness” is not exclusive to one side of the political spectrum.
By Yodah on 11-17-12 @ 8:47 am
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Wasn’t there something in there about loving your neighbor???
By mooseberryinn on 11-17-12 @ 8:55 am
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Buffalo - true, blue collar America built this country.  But now the likes of Comrade Obama and bribed
union bosses are robbing those workers of their due for taxes to give at any whim.  Our tax system
really needs to be revised, obamacare or should I say “demo-care” needs heavy-duty revision as it is
stifling jobs already, and the federal gov’t needs to be put back into constitutional constraints.  Now, is
this going to happen?  I doubt it.  Free America is in danger from Comrade Obama and his worshipers.
By Yodah on 11-17-12 @ 9:09 am
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Which agency do you get your check from…
By Yodah on 11-17-12 @ 9:13 am
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Come on Mooserade…I would think you’d be proud to be the only one of the 47% that couldn’t be bought…
By ride4fun on 11-17-12 @ 9:22 am
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I’d add my own comments, but “Clarity” said it all for me.  Totally agree with her.  Let’s get a
grip people….and stop crying “the sky is falling…..the sky is falling”.
By Buffalo1 on 11-17-12 @ 9:22 am
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Ah Mooseberry ... I remember you!  The government is us.  If we don’t like it we can vote the
alternative in.  I’m assuming that didn’t happen for you on this cycle.  Next time, try harder!  Sure,
all of our programs need work to make them better.  Let’s role up our sleeves and get to it ...
together.  No, Union’s like government aren’t perfect; they’re made up of folks like you/me and there
always seems to be a few bad apples that try to rig the system for their own personal gain.  They
can become esoteric and just seem to be working to perpetuate their own existence.  Like political
parties.  My main point is this:  this country is made up of people like us who work hard (there are
exceptions), love our families, that want to live our lives the best we can, regardless of our political
affiliation, what church we go to or don’t go to, how much money we make, etc., etc.  Let’s stop
letting all these political forces divide us and lets get to work together to make our country better. 
It may not seem like it so much in certain pockets like NW Montana, but this is a diverse country
with lots of different viewpoints.  Like Yodah mentions, let’s embrace each other and this diversity
more and get on with it.
By HRH Prince Michael on 11-17-12 @ 12:12 pm
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Firstly, the whole “let’s all work together….” blah, blah, sentiment is very noble.
Yet, it’s not unlike the idea of a total stranger walking-up to you and saying “Trust me”.
Again a noble sentiment, but, the reality of the situation?  O.K., YOU, go first though.

Overstand, -if you will- political-parties and other groups have diligently created, fostered,
and EXPLOITED, deep-divisions within our populus.  Also consider, in ANY group or organization,
-from a church-choir to an Executive “Administration”- their is an elite core-power with it’s own
agenda.  So, to think that mere sentiments (Read:  Slogans) however noble or sincere, can
somehow affect a cold and often-harsh Reality, is patently absurd (See:  “Hope” and “Change”).

As Holy Scripture so succinctly advises:  “Faith, without works is DEAD”.

The 2000 Hanging-Chad “Election”?
The 2008 A.C.O.R.N.-“Election”?
The 2012 Almighty God SELECTION:
By hotfishmt on 11-17-12 @ 4:32 pm
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The overall mood of the country would change IF….the government stopped giving $$$ away like
its some free food from a cavier supplier. Just look at what Israel got for the “Iron Dome” now
deployed….200 Million from the US.
Then closer to home….the Border Patrol stations in the middle of now where that cost millions ot
build & yearly upkeep. One North of Shelby…20 mile up a gravel road….2 million to build…and
other than the Hutterites & few Canadians….a total waste.

Waste like the airport on some remote Alaskan Island….35 million to build…and no plane service
wants or can use it….the endless waste need to stop before the house of cards falls to far into
the “Black Hole” of space.
By PatriciaLouise on 11-17-12 @ 4:41 pm
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“Those in favor of big government now outnumber those in favor of limited government. Once this
point is reached, if history is any guide, there is no going back.” 

Perhaps you’ve not noticed that those who receive the largest government subsidies and the
greatest government largesse are corporations. 

These are the “happiest countries” (or countries with the highest quality of life) in Gallup
polls taken from 2005 to 2011 (LA Times 4/12/12 and the Wall Street Journal 5/22/12.  These all
seem to be countries who practice central planning:

  1. Denmark
  2. Finland
  3. Norway
  4. Netherlands
  5. Canada
  6. Switzerland
  7. Sweden
  8. New Zealand
  9. Australia
  10. Ireland

You will also note that the United States does not make the list.  Some examples taken from
Wikipedia make it clear that those countries that care for its citizens do quite well, in spite
of some of their “socialist” ways: 

DENMARK has a welfare system, ensuring tax-funded health care and unemployment insurance.It has
the world’s lowest level of income inequality and the world’s highest minimum wage.  It has a
broad-reaching welfare system, which ensures that all Danes receive tax-funded health care,
unemployment insurance, and pensions.

While not on the “happiest” list, GERMANY has the world’s oldest universal health care system
(and they’re not doing so bad).

THE NETHERLANDS provides Unemployment Benefits of a 70% benefit of the employee’s last-earned
salary for up to three years . . . provided that they have worked for a certain minimum time
period.  Every Dutch citizen receives a a state pension, from age 65. Married couples or those
who live together receive pensions amounting to 50% of minimum wage . . . . single-person
households receive 70% of minimum wage.

CANADA has a publicly funded health care system, which is mostly free at the point of use and
has most services provided by private entities.
Health care in AUSTRALIA is universal.  The federal government pays a large percentage of the
cost of services in for hospital treatment and out-of-hospital medical treatment. It is funded
by a 1.5% tax levy on taxpayers with incomes above a threshold amount, an extra 1% levy on high
income earners without private health insurance, as well as general revenue.

SWITZERLAND has universal health care coverage whicfh is Swiss are required to purchase basic
health insurance, which
The insured person pays the insurance premium for the basic plan up to 8% of their personal
income. If a premium is higher than this, the government gives the insured person a cash subsidy
to pay for any additional premium.

I might add, too, that Cuba has a lower infant mortality rate than the U.S.

This information is readily available from sources other than Fox television, including CIA
websites for each country.
By GATE on 11-17-12 @ 5:13 pm
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..‘A fool and his money are soon parted’- Chinese proverb. EuroSocialism is imploding at this very
moment. They’ve run out of other people’s money to spend and what’s just ahead is going to be very
ugly. Our Socialists have spend decades building the ‘debt bomb’ and the Prince of Fools has lit the
fuse. We’ve reached the Endgame and no matter how much funny money Bernanke prints or how
many tricks the Socialist use to ‘kick the crushed can’ a little more, when this thing blows it’s going
to make 2008 look like a boom year!
By Clarity on 11-17-12 @ 6:21 pm
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The divide between rich and poor has become so huge in this country now, and a hard-working
person is only one period of unemployment away from destitution and no health care.  The
idea that we can somehow ‘go back’ to the old way of doing things and it will solve all the
problems is false, the world has changed, the country has changed. The US has the highest
cost of medical care in the world and it is rising. The burden of cost is falling to the working
middle class. Talk about kicking a crushed can… So many people now have no basic medical
care.  Millions have no healh insurance and can’t get it.  It is difficult, but we have to implement
new solutions that help people deal with this new situation.
By HRH Prince Michael on 11-17-12 @ 8:43 pm
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@PatricaLouise:  Your post reads suspiciously like soft-sell propaganda, from
a -what IS that stench?- politician.  With perhaps Canada being the exception, none of
the countries that you named can provide an even near-accurate comparison on a socioeconomic

@Clarity:  Your post, also reads like a -WHAT is THAT stench?- politicians propaganda piece:
Wistfully, yet wastefully, written.

The House of David 20Twelve Victory:
By Clarity on 11-18-12 @ 11:23 am
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The divide between rich and poor has become so huge in this country now, and a hard-working
person is only one period of unemployment away from destitution and no health care.  The
idea that we can somehow ‘go back’ to the old way of doing things and it will solve all the
problems is false, the world has changed, the country has changed. The US has the highest
cost of medical care in the world and it is rising. The burden of cost is falling to the working
middle class. Talk about kicking a crushed can… So many people now have no basic medical
care.  Millions have no healh insurance and can’t get it.  It is difficult, but we have to implement
new solutions that help people deal with this new situation.
By Gators on 11-18-12 @ 12:45 pm
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USA:  What other countries are better at people making it as you call rich than the USA?  Not
many if any.  It all comes back to the person.  Do I want a better life?  What do I have do to
achieve this?  Can I have a healthy lifestyle?  Can I not spend all the money I make?  Can I
give to help our the REAL needy?  Do I know the difference?  Do I keep the things I own in
good repair?  Do look for ways to steal/cheat people or the system?  Do I do the best I can
These are questions people should be asking themselves.  It is easier to BLAME someone or
company for their lack of anything…It’s not that hard.  Get off the couch and get to it!
By Gators on 11-18-12 @ 6:03 pm
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Look at the really rich people from the 1880’s to the 1930’s…the
Rockerfellers, Chase’s, Getty, Ford’s…they all took advantage of the poor.  They kept them
there.  guess what party they were affiliated with??
By Gators on 11-18-12 @ 6:06 pm
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One point about the the countries people say they like to live…if another country started a war
with them…which country would they come crying to?  Remember the wars of the past? That
was your hint.
By Yodah on 11-18-12 @ 8:11 pm
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The Rockerfellers I recall were GOP…....
By peephole on 11-21-12 @ 5:59 pm
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HRH Prince Michael
Where did you get your crown? Out of a crackerjacks box?
By GATE on 11-21-12 @ 6:49 pm
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Four more years of this Turkey to Gobble up whats left of our Liberties! America’ bones will be picked
clean by the deceptive Quisling press, the Union Goons and the freeloaders who’ve given this once
great country the bird!
By montanaeasy56 on 11-21-12 @ 7:17 pm
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Can’t you disgruntled former patriots of this country just leave. The rest of America would be
sooooo much better off if you would start up some banana republic in South America…just go!!!!
By Mark W. on 11-21-12 @ 8:08 pm
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Why go to South America when the Banana Republic here is just getting going?
By Constitutional Man on 11-23-12 @ 10:36 am
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  The larger issue here is the wasteful spending we do as a nation from our federal goverment.
The money and power the States used to have are so far gone and under the control of folks a
thousand miles away,how can they truly know whats best for Montana or our citizens or anyother
state for that matter? Rather that “target” spending for things needed, our Federal Goverment just
throws money at a problem until either it goes away or “The People” stop asking.
The truth is, we are wealthy enough to have a secure social safety net in the forms of SSI,
Medicare, medicad, UI, food stamps and a Real Universal HC system. Were the problem is that
Our Elected folks dont want to CUT the Wasteful stuff for fear of not getting re-elected and for fear
of losing all the Millions upon millions that they ALL get from the few…(aka lobbiest camped in DC)
and big corp’s.
Until we can say “we are going to stop and cut wasteful spending” and revise our safety net with
programs that work for ALL Americians” we are going to be divided as a nation. We need is to stop
hearing the propaganda BOTH parties Spew (msnbc,cnn,fox,cbs,abc,etc) we will never get this
done. I remember one recent politian that just won re-election, said that he would go thru the whole
budget line by line and “Cut” the waste. Well, were still waiting for that and we STILL havent seen a
budget for four-five years now.

With our “Options” we have had for Leader of this once great nation, we have bought into the lies
from both parties imho. We had under GWB wasteful spending from questionable wars and the
invention of DHS, TSA and the patriot act. All of this while we had nine different orgs to
already “keep us safe”. Rather than fixing the problem we created more dept’s to do nothing more
that give the Federal Goverment more power to steal our freedom and Liberties. The current admin
is no better and the future admin will be the same until we as a nation can stop buying the
propaganda these freedom/Liberty stealing so-called “Humble elected servents” of the people see
that we ARE united and aret buying the BS they are selling.
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