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By mooseberryinn on 11-17-12 @ 8:43 am
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Basically, the petitions are simply protests.  Free Americans do not want a communist president
elected by either criminal means or stupid people.
By Really? on 11-17-12 @ 8:58 am
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I agree with the other petition that all who signed the Secession petition should be deported
and on their own.  We’ll see how that works for them…  If you don’t like the system, then
either work to change it, or go and take your toys somewhere else.  All i see from the “Free
Americans” is whinning that they didn’t get their way.
By Yodah on 11-17-12 @ 9:15 am
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Here’s an oldie but goodie, “LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT”...bringing you all the hits of the 60’s…..
By HRH Prince Michael on 11-17-12 @ 12:27 pm
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As an always-aspiring Christian, Leader, Amateur Boxing Champion, and second-generation
U.S.A.F. Veteran, by nature, it’s fight not flight.
Several years-ago, I received a Divine confirmation:  “Leave these men alone!  Let them go!  For if
their purpose or activity is of human origin, it will fail.  But, if it is from GOD, you will not be able to
stop these men; you will only find yourselves fighting against GOD.”
The House of David 20Twelve, The Victory is HERE:
By Yodah on 11-17-12 @ 1:25 pm
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Somehow I find comfort in that…..
By Vud on 11-17-12 @ 1:57 pm
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Secession?  Another foolish idea stirred up by the right-wing talking heads.

Before the election they would say (during their more lucid moments) “This election will be a clear
choice for the voters to decide the direction the country should take” .  Now that their side lost
it’s “Our candidate just wasn’t clear enough”.  Wrong.

The Republican party has shifted too far to the right and the voters rejected that shift. 
By Gators on 11-17-12 @ 6:10 pm
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Yea we have to live with it.  Obama ran on taxing the rich, they can afford it.  He really plays to
many people who don’t know how this whole game works.  The rich business man will stay
RICH, if he/she has to cut employees to stay that way they will. If they don’t open more stores
because of the tax policy..that will happen to.  Then in the end, the gov’t has less tax revenue
and less people working.  Like a three ring circus…and these people buy it.  Really??
By montanaeasy56 on 11-17-12 @ 6:28 pm
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Amazing that we never heard all this socialist, communist, bulls%$$((^%t when the republicans
were putting policies in place to help the needy or giving away corporate welfare…their friggin
silence is deafening when it is the right wing nut cases doinf it. President Obama was re- the popular vote and the electoral college. If you right wing nut jobs can’t get over it
then i sugggest you go to one of the right wing governments overseas. They seem to fit your
billing a lot closer…maybe you could get a job shining shoes or something.
By montanaeasy56 on 11-17-12 @ 6:31 pm
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Gators…amazes me how the rich got richer when Clinton had the highrer tax bracket just a
measly 3% higher than what it is now. The economy was booming and he handed off a budget
surplus to one of your “conservative non-spending” repukes and look what happened. If you
don’t like it all I can suggest is therapy or leaqve!
By Clarity on 11-17-12 @ 6:45 pm
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“Gators” the Extreme Rich made millions of hard-working Americans unemployed and left them
without health insurance when the recession hit. Even when the economy started to pick-up
the Extreme Rich still didn’t hire. You’re right, they will always take care of themselves. THAT is
why we need basic systems in place to protect working Americans and a chance to rebuild the
middle class. The Extreme Rich will have less control over the middle class and poor if there
are proper systems in place. That means less chance that middle class workers will contnue to
live in poverty and fear of no health care, and more chance for individuals to start small
businesses, and for them to be able to survive, compete and succeed.
By Fast on 11-17-12 @ 10:54 pm
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Yea if n
By Safehaven on 11-18-12 @ 5:07 am
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By Scratching my head on 11-18-12 @ 6:46 am
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You guys crack me up.  You talk about how we should be more unifying and unite to help the common man, yet you
throw out comments that are as divisive as the “Right Wing rhetoric”.  Everyone deals with disappointment in
different ways.  If they burned the flag would you say it was OK because that is free speech?  The grieving process
involves denial and anger and bargaining and later acceptance.  Give these guys time.  Most are very patriotic and
given a bit of time will be some of the best supporters of a great nation.  Fanning the flames of anger only leads to
more drastic measures on both sides.  If you are sincere about healing the divide and reducing the polarized
ideology, show it.  Let them vent and then welcome them back when they are through venting.
By Gators on 11-18-12 @ 11:12 am
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Good Replies: One point..I’m not a Republican or a Democrat. I vote for each person on THEIR
merit.  I’m all about each person making their way in life. My parents were sharecroppers on
farms. My dad got out and made a very good life for his family. 
I went to school and PAID attention.  I made my own success.  Many people make their own
failures, and as a tax payer, I should not be obligated to pay for their mistakes.  That’s why
welfare programs do not work.  It just creates more people on the freebie system.  No not
everyone falls in this category but it is a High Number to make sure it stays that way.
You can dance around it…but it won’t work.  Ask Europe?
By Clarity on 11-18-12 @ 11:18 am
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Gators, is it someone’s ‘mistake’ if they get sick and lose everything to uncovered health
expenses? Would you see that neighbor become homeless and left without healthcare? If you
don’t like welfare programs, what do you suggest?
By Gators on 11-18-12 @ 11:44 am
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Medicaid…as I posted before..Montana bill is $1,600,000,000…Billion for 2011.  It goes back to
each person and the choices they make.  I have had many neighbors over the years and I
have not heard of ONE going broke becaue of medical.  It does happen.  Do you know of
anyone?  Believe it or not health care in not a right.
By Clarity on 11-18-12 @ 1:14 pm
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People are going broke over medical every day… Including your neighbors.  Many simply can’t
get the medical care they need.  “According to the American Enterprise Institute and a Harvard
study reported on CNN, 60 percent of all bankruptcies filed in the U.S. arise out of
unmanageable medical bills and health care debt.”
By waterman on 11-18-12 @ 2:16 pm
15 up | 24 down

I am at a total loss of what the great “O” care is supposed to do for us. Lets see, the gov’t runs
veterans medical care, medicaid, medicare and in MT even childrens health ins. We already have
programs in place to help the “down and trodden”. Where has the gov’t shown they can run a
medical health program when all of the above are so ridden with issues that many doc’s will not
accept you on these programs?
Why do I need to support other people and their kids when I am struggling to support my own
family ? I already pay my fair share of taxes that the gov’t waste in interest alone. Because, they
cannot run a balanced budget admendment thru congress and the president. They take what is
left of my taxes give it to the poor and trodden already. Its not enough, they want more and more
and then some more.
When they take a percentage of your paycheck and the value of it goes up they automatically get
more in taxes without even changing the rates. Yet somehow they think that the percentage needs
to keep increasing and that leaves me struggling more to provide for my own family.
If the vicious cycle never ends they will have 100% of my income in due time.
Count how many taxes we already pay out with our take home pay now. Phone bill, fuel tax,
property tax, booze tax, tax for your vehicle plates, self employment tax, and the real kicker is if I
get a tax dollar back in one year they tax that again the following year. Count all of those up and
then add in what they draft from your paycheck and the rate would easily exceeed 50% or more of
what you earn now.
They do not need to keep paying games w/tax rates ! The gov’t needs to focus on having the 52%
that do not pay in now to become contributers and not takers.
Not only the federals and the states what their pie, but the schools then want a bigger piece of the
pie each year also because some people keep banging out kids they cannot support so they
need more. So I can pay for their breakfast, lunch and, now in some places, their dinner too !
I ‘m done w/my ranting’, hand me a beer !
By Gators on 11-18-12 @ 5:58 pm
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Waterman: You said it best.  One thing someone told me to do…when I go grocery shopping
with my wife, look at what the obese people are putting in their shopping carts.  I could write
you a list but we know what they buy.  Then they want to blame someone else for doing this to
them.  Question: Why do they then buy diet coke?  Mystery to me…
By Clarity on 11-20-12 @ 12:56 pm
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“Gators”, people buy trash food, cigarettes, alcohol and soda because it is cheap but
satisfying. When you are poor, (maybe hard working but still poor) you are hungry for
something that fills you up and makes you feel better. Unfortunately, food manufacturers have
been capitalizing on this for decades leading to an explosion in the rates of diabetes etc.  A
spiral happens because the less nutrition there is in the food, the hungrier a person becomes
and consequently eats more ‘satisfying’ and addictive cheap junk food in an effort to feel
satiated, which creates massive weight gain.  When a person can’t afford to join a gym and is
maybe in a low paid job that has them sitting all day (such as Teletech) in major boredom,
more coke and chips and junk food goes in just to make the depressing day go by… It’s not as
simple as you think.  It’s EASY to lose weight when you’re on a good salary and able to afford
good food, a gym membership, and time off to relax and enjoy yourself.  When a person never
gets that relief from the stress their under, they often eat custome engineered cheap junk food
to feel better and to help the day go by. In short, don’t judge unless you have walked in a
person’s shoes…
By Gators on 11-20-12 @ 1:44 pm
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Wow…that is total nonsense.  Everyone is in charge of their health right or wrong.  I see it first
hand.  We were poor on the farm..but WE choose not to do the things you said.  That is the
biggest scape goat.  They first have to get that big CHIP off their shoulder before they can
move on.  Many won’t but the ones who do will prosper, and the ones who don’t will continue
the downhill slide.  This to should be easy to see. I Have relatives who do the same things you
said, and so far it has gotten them nowhere.
By waterman on 11-20-12 @ 6:15 pm
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I can see where a few of Clarity’s points can hold true. Maybe they are all true to some extent. But
still, why does the gov’t need to get involved with what I eat ? I am a big boy and can make my
own bed and lie in it with what I choose. If I screw up and lay back because work is just too hard
for me then I reap what I have sown and am willing to accpet the consequences.
I do understand what Clarity stated about being medically broke. Been there, done that. First wife
passed away from diabetes complications. Left me broke and a single parent. I didn’t whine for
the gov’t to bail me out or even declare bankruptcy. I chose to bail myself out and with the help of
another great wife, married me while broke, has been supportive and helpful and we have done
ok for ourselves. Not even near upper middle classs, but well enough to get our 2 children thru
college, without gov’t funds. Not because the gov’t gave me a handout. But, because we did what
we had to to survive.
Because, we truely believe that you are what you make of yourself. And what the Gov’t gives you
makes you more dependent on them for your next meal. Exactly what they want. A bunch of stupid
hard working people that makes the gov.t wealthy. Oh, wait a minute! I think I read that some
where in a history book.
By iceman on 11-20-12 @ 7:55 pm
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Maybe a couple quotes of the greatest American of all time would suffice and explain why so
many question the direction of this country. We have had 3 ugly Presidential terms with respect
to the Constitution and why America is so special. “I predict future happiness for Americans if
they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of
taking care of them.” and “What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned
from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? ” There are so many
thoughts of this man I admire. The Euro plan, although I enjoy visiting there, is a failure. It
is time to stand up against against being a nation we are not. Thomas Jefferson would approve.
And I approve a dissenting remark, that is American, because we can.
By waterman on 11-20-12 @ 8:26 pm
11 up | 9 down

Thomas Jefferson had great ways of summerizing important concepts in a few words. He is a true
hero of mine, although we never met. We can thank him for authoring and drafting our constitution.
Not to mention being a president.
He was a slave owner his entire life. He inherited them from his father. Gave several them their
freedom and the ones that ran away, he never pursued. Althogh that practice, owning slaves, is
frowned upon now, it was the way most of our country lived at the time. Right or wrong was not
even a major talking at the time.
By bopho on 11-20-12 @ 9:58 pm
11 up | 9 down

Thomas Jefferson was in France during the summer of 1787.  He had nothing to do with the drafting of
the US Constitution.

I believe that slavery is more that just “frowned upon now.”  Civilized people find it repugnant.
By waterman on 11-21-12 @ 10:00 am
7 up | 4 down

You are correct. He drafted the Declaration of Indenpendence.
Regardless of the detail, we probably would not be here today without his help in forming our
By Fast on 11-21-12 @ 5:46 pm
13 up | 2 down

I looked it up Montana used many more billions in federal money than we payed to them. Wow it seems we are a in
the red state too.
By montanaeasy56 on 11-21-12 @ 7:15 pm
12 up | 2 down

Just about all these states that have signed seccesion petitions take in way more federal
dollars than they pay out. They are more than happy to be receiving but the hell with the
giving…like spoiled children…wahhh ...wahhhhhhhhh
By bopho on 11-22-12 @ 12:07 am
5 up | 2 down

Waterman - I agree with you that Thomas Jefferson is a very important figure in this nation’s founding
and early years and he deserves his place on Mt. Rushmore.  I have been to Monticello and it is
amazing living history and I urge everybody who happens to visit that part of the country to make an
effort to visit.

Jefferson also coined the phrase “wall of separation between church and state” in a letter he wrote
while he was president in 1802.  Jefferson believed in that wall of separation strongly.  That phrase
continues to be controversial to this day in this valley and throughout the country. 

Since it is Thanksgiving we should think about another of my favorite founders - Benjamin Franklin.  I
came across this column today by Franklin biographer, Walter Isaacson.  It speaks directly to the
initial subject matter of this thread:

Everybody have a Happy Thanksgiving.  Forget about all this other stuff for a few days.  Don’t forget
that hunting season ends this weekend.
By GATE on 11-22-12 @ 6:24 am
7 up | 5 down

....” I do recommend and assign Thursday…next to be devoted by the people of these States to the
service of that great and glorious Being, who is the beneficent Author of all good that was, that is, or
that will be.” - George Washington 1789.
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