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By Mtwatch on 12-29-12 @ 10:28 am
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We as a nation would do far better to empower ourselves against becoming victims.

So what do you suggest Debbie…give the 7 year olds guns????
By RussCrowder on 12-29-12 @ 12:41 pm
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Actually Debbie the State of Utah and some school districts in Texas are doing exactly what you
suggest.  They are allowing teachers that are firearms qualified to conceal carry in their schools for
their own protection and the protection of the children in their charge.  Of course this would be
illegal in most states including Montana that don’t recognize this Right of self defense for our public
school teachers.

Unfortunately, you can’t expect this common sense measure to catch on and spread as the liberals
like Mtwatch depend on “victims” for their empowerment, and what is more empowering to the
liberals now controlling the political landscape in this country than a grade school full of “victims”,
both present and future!
By Mtwatch on 12-29-12 @ 1:52 pm
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Ok Russ…now we have all the teachers in the US “empowered” with their “concealed weapons” and
somewhere, sometime in the future one of them goes “insane” and shoots everyone in their class!!
  Not possible you say….REALLY????
By Mtwatch on 12-29-12 @ 1:52 pm
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WHERE AND WHEN DOES IT END??????????????????
By getman on 12-29-12 @ 4:19 pm
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Ms. Burke.  If you go out and about, you will see many nut cases who own big guns.  Talk to
people.  You know them.  I would like to think that the automatics are owned by responsible, fair
minded folks; but it is not the case.  Fair minded people don’t want these guns.
  I have worked in the public, in this valley’s areas.  One hears the truth.  There are many cammo
wearing fellas here that can’t even get along with a wife.  Wake up, go out and meet them.  Then
tell me about letting them have all of the guns and ammo they want!  They don’t make very good
fathers, either.  Do your own research.  It’s easy to talk with them. Find them by looking in the
usual places: 1.  crawling in outlying fields with camouflage wear. 2.  Hilltops, while shooting rifles
over the heads of neighbor goats or kids.  3. In the corner of a restaurant reading their literature,
trying to get 6 hours out of the price of a cup of coffee.  4. After 2 am, leaving their favorite drinking
hole.  5. Gassing up with their ammo sash over their breast. 6.  Hanging out at the gun show.  7.
Spreading paranoia and fake hate books outside of church. 8.  Making chaos at the county library
about Jews. 9. Praising any number of Militia nuts or Political cultists with sister wives. 10. 
Complaining about immigrants. (they mean Mexican, not Canadian).. No need to list more, but you
can get the drift.  Look around you, there are deep mysteries in the holes behind these guys. 
Splain to me again, why do they need 30 rounds, automatic, assault rifles?  Could it be that people
want to make the guns and have gun money,  while NOT thinking about who the gun may kill? 
Guns are for killing, no getting around that one.  Wake up, time to take off the rosy glasses.
By Mark W. on 12-29-12 @ 8:56 pm
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Well getman, I’m going to take a wild guess here and say that one reason people might want what
seems to you like excessive weaponry is for when “good” people start spreading hatred and
calumny against “bad” people because of what they believe or the clothes they wear, or the way
they might behave. 

I think one thing all Americans should reject is government by crisis.  And whatever you believe
about yourself or others getman, your decision to write this kind of inflammatory rhetoric at this
time was decidedly unhelpful.  You ought to be ashamed of yourself.
By mooseberryinn on 12-30-12 @ 8:18 am
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getman - so what do you do if you are confronted by some druggie with a gun at the local store parking
lot?  pee in your pants?  beg for your life?  try to outrun a bullet?  I’d rather take the chance to try and
shoot that piece of garbage so no Moms or kids are killed.  Ya see, the world has changed.  There are
just too many dope heads, criminals, apathetic self-centered gimmie, gimmie people looking for easy
money out there.  you better face reality and be ready to defend yourself (and others).
By Mtwatch on 12-30-12 @ 9:50 am
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Really intelligent answers Moose and Mark..take a look at reality!
By Mtwatch on 12-30-12 @ 10:53 am
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By RussCrowder on 12-30-12 @ 2:31 pm
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Don’t feel bad Mtwatch….After reading these blogs, I’m quite certain this isn’t the first time you’ve been
wrong….Happy New Year
By NYer on 12-31-12 @ 7:47 am
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New here… I have never understood why guns are considered so special. There is no
specific mention made of guns in the 2nd Amendment. Hence, why doesn’t the 2nd
amendment also protect the right of the citizenry to bear hand-grenades and land-mines?
Yet, in a rare fit of common sense, we do not allow their general possession. Of course, I do
understand that this is Montana and some might feel that it should be their right to fish for
trout with hand-grenades and to use land-mines to protect their herds against those wolves.
But still, where does some common sense actually take hold to recognize that there should
be some reasonable actions to control who should own a gun, and what kinds of guns can be
By RussCrowder on 12-31-12 @ 10:38 am
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“Political power comes from the barrel of a gun”.....Liberal icon Mao Tse Tung.
By LogicalOne on 12-31-12 @ 11:48 am
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Hi NYer,  welcome to the fray!

There already is a Federal Firearms License and a conceal carry “permit”  system in place for law
biding citizens to carry sidearms or to buy Tax Stamps for many types of military weapons and
relics…. even “grenades” 

The ATF can issue you a FEL (Federal Explosives License) as well for either high or low explosives if
you pass the background check and comply with the rules. 

Perhaps we should extend the purchases of all firearms to the same scrutiny as the now permitted
processes?  That way everyone who “qualifies”  eg,  was a mentally sound, law abiding citizen could
still get the “guns” they want for protection, hunting or what ever use they want, regardless of your or
anyone else’s interpretation of the 2nd Amendment?

The question still is how many times have you seen one these permittees use their cache to attack

Then we are back to only criminals, terrorist and mental cases obtaining weapons outside the system.

The later will never go away, but I bet you might feel safer?
By NYer on 12-31-12 @ 11:57 am
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Mr. Crowder, that is quite amusing and clever and I am sure it plays well among your pals, but
why don’t you exert yourself and try to generate a coherent argument.
By LogicalOne on 12-31-12 @ 12:45 pm
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Of course, I do understand that this is Montana and some might feel that it should be their right to
fish for trout with hand-grenades and to use land-mines to protect their herds against those wolves.

Later NYer:

why don’t you exert yourself and try to generate a coherent argument.

Come on NYer…. you just proved you can dish up crow and eat it at the same time!
By NYer on 12-31-12 @ 3:23 pm
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LogicalOne, you wrote:

“Come on NYer…. you just proved you can dish up crow and eat it at the same time! “

You are right. I guess joining the fray frayed my nerves a bit.

On your previous posting, thanks for the interesting and useful information about the ability
and processes by which law-abiding and sane citizens can obtain various military weapons
and explosives. It does seem to me that the same type of oversight applied to these articles
could be applied to guns and their accoutrement which have become more deadly. As it is
now, guns are treated as somehow special and sacred so far as regulation is concerned,
despite some guns and their accoutrement having become much more deadly. Guns are not
special but are part of a continuum of weaponry best characterized by deadliness rather than
by its class (i.e., guns, grenades, mines,...). Let’s treat them that way.
By Am Trans on 12-31-12 @ 8:28 pm
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I have no problem understanding how people can get pretty ticked off.  And then go to the next level
of pissed and rage takes them postal.  It isn’t that hard to do, in fact a quick scan of the daily
political headlines might help it right along.  Added to some hunger and despair next comes a wild
idea to just show the world you’re not gonna take it any more. 
Get used to it.  Mr. Bush’s “kindler, gentler nation” is a frickin joke.  It is hopeless. 
I just wish people who go berserk would choose their victims a little more compassionately. What
good could come of shooting up a classroom, why not see how many bullets you can pump into a
crack house instead?  Be a hero on your way out, not the a hole of the century.
By ICallB.S. on 01-01-13 @ 10:29 am
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“Dear Crazy ########:  If and when you decide to finally teach all those who have wronged you
a lesson, please go to your local or state or national seat of government and run screaming
and shooting through those buildings. Leave the innocent and the hard working alone.” - a
concerned citizen.
By mooseberryinn on 01-01-13 @ 11:11 am
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Note - There are any number of laws that could be written to limit types of weapons, sizes of
magazines in weapons, availability of weapons, etc. etc. - But - there are also people who can build
weapons, alter weapons, steal weapons, etc. for a few bucks.  I’d say, there are also, lots of
Americans ready to do just that should Comrade Obama’s regime become just too communistic. 
Just to make y’all feel at ease about all this - go back and study-up on candidate Obama’s early
speeches, or “his” book.  Educational they are.
By Gators on 01-04-13 @ 10:50 am
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HIPPA laws will not help law inforcement or phyisicans tell us which pts might be a much
higher risk of doing something wrong.  In almost every case it is a we do not need to
profile women?  On the same case almost ALL of the hijacking were done by Muslims with a
chip on their why do feds treat me like a criminal at the ariport?  Many doulbe
standards.  I can tell you I don’t like it..but have to live with it whether I llike it or not….so it
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