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Conservation groups sue to halt wolverine trapping in Montana; separate intent to sue has been filed to protect lynx
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By jennifer on 11-01-12 @ 1:25 pm
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Its Disgraceful that in the year 2012 any human would trap these animals!!!!!!!!!!!
By brokenbutcher on 11-01-12 @ 2:21 pm
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So I guess we might as well bring back world wide whale hunting. I do not understand the reason
for trapping in modern times…Trapping is an indiscriminant way of torture… Here on Maui they
are trying to re instate green sea turtle hunting.. The protests are underway. Why in this day
and age must we resort to this kind of activity, mostly based on heritage, ignorant tradition,
and just to kill for the thrill is beyond me…I guess if something is labed endangered, the
statis means nothing..Good luck out there…
By Footloose Montana on 11-03-12 @ 5:25 am
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Permitting the legal trapping of the rare and slow reproducing wolverine is counterproductive
to protections it has been deemed to warrant by the USFWS under the Endangered Species
Act.With the population at these low levels we cannot afford to lose any! Trappers had reported
wolverines were everywhere as evidenced by their tracks. However, it was later determined all
those tracks were by ONE wolverine! They travel far and wide in search of food and a mate.
This increases their risk of getting trapped or snared! We, at Footloose Montana, are still
waiting on the answer as to how many wolverines from the last trapping season were pregnant!
The now legal trapping of wolves in Montana and the bigger more powerful traps used will
result in the incidental take both of wolverines and the protected lynx. Both species are
reported to either tear themselves up or die easily when trapped. This is no way to manage
wildlife! The inherent indiscriminate nature of traps and their enticing bait and lures attracts all
carnivores and excludes no species. Trapping removes the most healthiest reproductive aged
individuals weakening the gene pool of these rare species needing protective measures.
By Mtwatch on 11-03-12 @ 9:24 am
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It is time for this country to take a stand against exporting ANY animal skins!  It is time for this
country to BAN the import of ANY garment made with animal skins!  It is time to stop
TRAPPING in this country PERIOD!!!
By Kokanee on 11-03-12 @ 6:25 pm
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Get a tissue, you know nothing about trapping.Comments like this gem.

“Trapping removes the most healthiest reproductive aged
individuals weakening the gene pool of these rare species needing protective measures.”

How does a trapper do this, you people have no and I repeat no common sense,give me a break.
By Clarity on 11-04-12 @ 5:47 am
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If a child got their leg or head caught in a trap and suffered in agony for days, maybe even
pulling off their own arm trying to escape, and then a man came along and stood on the child’s
chest until the child suffocated to death, or clubbed the child over the head, or tightened a
clamp on the child’s neck while the child writhed in agony still in the trap - the person
responsible would be hanged.  Animals are as vulnerable to human abuse as children.  Stop
trapping.  You ugly-hearted, shameless destructors of God’s creatures.
By Penokee on 11-04-12 @ 7:35 am
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There is no scientific support for trapping wolverines in Montana.  The season is based on
ideology, like the wolf trapping here in Wisconsin.  No support, based upon emotions, and likely to
have damaging and long-lasting adverse ecological effects. 

Its the tyranny of small decisions (and small perspectives) that push individuals to believe that
their own perceptions are accurate.  Thus, supporters of trapping wolverines repeat to themselves
the mantra that they have lost of land in Montana that could support wolverines and therefore, there
must be lots of them and how could trapping hurt their populations…....etc. etc.  This provincial and
ignorant viewpoint is maintained by those with financial interests or with ideological axes to grind. 
The result is a small but vocal group of wildlife exploiters having way too much power to damage
publically-owned wildlife. 

I thank God every day for the work that Montana organizations like Swan View Coalition, Friends of
the Wild Swan, Alliance for the Wild Rockies and other groups do each day to protect our nation’s
natural heritage and wildlife. 
By skyranch on 11-04-12 @ 10:45 am
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Even though I am an Ohio State football fan, I support wolverines!
By Clarity on 11-04-12 @ 1:06 pm
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Thank you for the clear observtions Penokee. The only thing I would say is I disagree with the
idea that wildlife is publicly-owned.  Animals own their own lives and deserve to live with the
same freedom that we seek as well. They are not ‘ours’.
By CVEddy on 11-04-12 @ 1:46 pm
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Why in the world would anyone in this day and age want to go out and indiscriminatly set traps
for wildlife?
Our invaluable resources, clean air, sparkling waterways, lush forests, majestic mountains of
the northwest, are so clearly diminished if they suffer the loss of the heritage species which
live there. Killing off these wild creatures is like strangling the ‘Golden Goose’.  The rarer
the animal the more we should make sure that its survival is protected.  No one should be
allowed to indulge their thirst for adventure or status by killing off a member of an
exceptional species that is on the brink of extinction.  In addition, as mentioned earlier,
traps catch any animal unfortunate enough to be lured by the scent.  Some people don’t care as
long as they can bring home a pelt, but our irreplaceable Montana wildlife should not be exposed
to this risk just to give one individual a thrill.
By Clarity on 11-04-12 @ 4:19 pm
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FACT: Trapping causes agonizing suffering to animals.  FACT: Wolverines are endangered.  There
is no justification.  It is cruel.  It is brutal.  The traps used in Montana are BANNED in most
of the world because they cause extreme suffering.  That reason alone should be enough.  To even
be having a discussion about whether or not an endangered species should be trapped and killed
is insane.  This shouldn’t even be up for discussion.  Wake-up Montana.  It’s time to join the
rest of the world in stopping barbaric cruelty to animals.  Protect wildlife don’t abuse it.
By Kokanee on 11-04-12 @ 11:09 pm
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Yet again Clarity you spread grossly misinformed rhetoric you believe is truth. You watch and
read sites that are against trapping and you believe what you see on those websites because?? It
is the internet and they do not lie to get you to beleive it.

What traps are you reffering to you cannot answer that you would not know a mousetrap from a
number two bridger. How do biologists catch animals for study and then release them unharmed
back into the wild. Do you know the wolves that were introduced into yellowstone some of those
were trapped by legholds call FWP and ask. The only thing barbaric about this conversation is
the gnashing of your teeth.
By Penokee on 11-05-12 @ 7:00 am
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There is a difference between live trapping animals to study, reintroduce, etc. and trapping for kills. 
By conflating these two distinct uses for trapping you weaken your argument. 

The by-catch from trapping is large and can be very detrimental to other species.  Case in point:
Closed areas on the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest in Wisconsin for protection of pine
marten.  Marten are easily trapped and their populations can be wiped out in locations where
trapping activity is heavy.  As for trapping a species like coyote, it’s a waste of time.  Trapping
coyotes simply spurs higher reproductive success for remaining animals; if wolves and cougar are
trapped out of an area, coyotes will also prosper.  Another simple conundrum that dismantles the
arguments of the pro-trapping crowd. 

Finally, as a meat-eater, angler, and hunter, sound wildlife management often requires lethal
methods. For wolverine and other top predators, trapping to kill is almost invariably wrong-headed
and cruel.
By Kokanee on 11-05-12 @ 8:07 am
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Weaken my argument ?? Trapping is a tool still used worldwide for various reasons. Animals
caught in leg holds are very often unharmed and non targeted species are simply released.

The single biggest danger for wolverines is climate change, it is thought to be brought about by
all the hot air spewed by footloose advocates.
By seesaw on 11-06-12 @ 8:07 am
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I ask this in all sincerity-please specify the facts you are using to conclude that wolverines are
By mitch on 11-06-12 @ 9:48 am
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I’m always surprised at the “anti-crowd” who so readily accept the misinformation spread by
those of like mind, but do not take the time, or the knowledge to check out that information for
themselves.  Instead expecting those with opposite opinions to “prove” to them what they don’t
want to believe.  If you’re actually concerned with the facts, check it out for yourself, the
information is out there.  Yes, wolverines are endangered, yes, I have done my homework. 
Now…. you do your’s.
By Kokanee on 11-06-12 @ 2:54 pm
5 up | 1 down

Couldnt agree more Mitch!!!!! It really galls me to have someone that is passionate enough to
gather a lifetime of outdoor knowledge and have it refuted by some website chair jockey. Why it
just sends me over the edge when they repeat verbatim what their like-minded websites spew.
Never thought we could be on the same page thanks for finding common ground, there’s hope for us
By mitch on 11-06-12 @ 3:19 pm
4 up | 2 down

actually Kokanee, I agree with you more than you think and it is obvious from your posts that
you are a sportsman.  There’s trolls on both sides.  I guess the word is actually respect, as
even when I don’t agree I do believe you have the experience behind your words.
By Clarity on 11-06-12 @ 3:26 pm
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“Andre the two-legged dog was rescued last winter when a woman noticed the animal trailing
blood across a country road.  The large, friendly mutt lost most of the lower half of both his left
legs after getting caught in an animal trap or snare. “The bone was sticking out on both of
them. It was horrible.” Now, the black and brown canine has become a symbol in Alaska for
what pet owners and animal lovers say is a gruesome and growing problem: pets accidentally
caught in traps and snares meant for wild animals.

Read more:,4670,TwoLeggedDog,00.html#ixzz2BU4iReZA
By farmerswife on 11-07-12 @ 1:57 pm
3 up | 2 down

It makes me both sad and angry that people even want to torture and kill innocent animals,
which is what trapping does.  In the case of the wolverines that are getting so few, why do
people even want to do this?
Compassion seems to be completely missing in a large numer of our society.
By mitch on 11-07-12 @ 5:09 pm
4 up | 1 down

there are several names for this condition “farmerswife” .  It is impossible for those of us with
any compassion to understand how this affect those who’s minds are so sick.  sociopath and
Narcissistic comes to mind.  Sadly, if they do this to an animal they are most certainly abusive
in other ways too.
By seesaw on 11-07-12 @ 6:18 pm
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Wow Mitch get a grip. My question was directed to Clarity, so unless you are posting under two
names or claim to speak for her, I would appreciate it if you would let her answer. You really have
no idea where I stand on this issue and should quit with the assumptions.
By Mtwatch on 11-08-12 @ 8:30 am
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I ask this in all sincerity-please specify the facts you are using to conclude that wolverines are
Was this the question your are referring to Seesaw…if so, DID YOU READ this article???
By Clarity on 11-09-12 @ 5:10 pm
2 up | 1 down

The article states, “In the year for which the most recent data is available, there were 4,887
trapping licenses for various animals purchased in the state, according to FWP.”  This number
of deliberate acts to maim, injure and kill wild animals in the most cruel and inhumane way is
completely unacceptable.
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