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The House endorsed the measure 54-43 on Wednesday
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By fourweight on 02-06-13 @ 8:19 pm
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Repubs on global warming…...“just don’t admit or teach it and we can pretend it does not

Repubs on sex and sex ed…...“just don’t admit it happens, or teach it,and we can pretend it
does not happen”

Repubs on their own education…...“no need to pretend it did not happen…...we is proud to
never have seen the inside of them college places, that Palin chick was right - all them
educated folk is nothing but elistist”
By mooseberryinn on 02-07-13 @ 9:21 am
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fourweight - are you related to ‘reggie”?  You sound a lot like him.
By fourweight on 02-07-13 @ 3:53 pm
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Whoa there MB - I don’t know a Reggie - certainly am not related to one that I know of - but from
your description I bet he is a heck of a swell guy.  Probably smart as a whip.

Sounds like you don’t like him….what did he do?? sound intelligent? get an education? use critical
thinking? read a book? call glenn beck and idiot? turn off faux news?  think sarah palin is dumber
than a box of rocks? point out how the right has been hijacked by kooks doing the bidding of big
corps…....c’mon…..which one set you off??.....or is he just a normal guy with a brain? that alone
would probalby do it for you boys.
By mooseberryinn on 02-08-13 @ 8:29 am
23 up | 39 down

Well, no “criticisms” of “reggie” - it’s just that I don’t think I’ve ever seen/read anyone’s descriptions of
our current situation that was so impossibly upside down and inside out.  I just find it so amazing that
in this “day of information”, there are folks like reggie who simply have no information at all!
By fourweight on 02-08-13 @ 9:42 am
34 up | 26 down

Not only are there folks like Reggie and me…..there are a lot of us….
Hey MB….if you did not notice - your Big Oil Pawn Denny LOST the Senate race.  Your Wall
Street Investment Dude LOST the presidential election.  Your “gut public land I hate wildlife but love
oil companies” gov also LOST

Hate to rub MooseBerries in your face, but you my friend are in the minority - not the other way
By inthemiddle on 02-08-13 @ 6:13 pm
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fourweight, unfortunately for us mooseberry is in the majority around here, just look around we
have Jerry O’Neil proposing all his whacko bills and his constituents love him. go to a sporting
goods store and try and buy a box of .22 shells all the conspiracy nuts have bought them all up
because Obama’s coming for their guns. Pick an off the wall theory and these people jump all
over it.  Its hard to beleive that 40% of the people around here are Democrats, I guess you can
say we are the very silent minorty.
By Mark Phillips on 02-08-13 @ 7:49 pm
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inthemiddle, MBI is a bully. He tries to suck the oxygen out of an intelligent commentary. The Beacon
tolerates her/him because they have an altruistic philosophy based on Rousseau. Just flood past him.
By Fast on 02-08-13 @ 10:10 pm
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Social Media is changing things beyond the control of the medieval thinkers.
By reggie on 02-09-13 @ 8:45 am
32 up | 18 down

Thanks for the kind words, Fourweight I appreciate your comments too.

Moose, it is very believable that you haven’t seen or heard any information pointing out the
holes in wingnut thinking; you brodcast that fact with nearly every comment. Most on the right
avoid anything that doesn’t confirm their beliefs; that is why I recently decided to be more direct
in bolg comments.

Do you consider your position so fragile that you must avoid or deny all information that proves
you in error?
By mooseberryinn on 02-09-13 @ 10:21 am
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Well now - Y’all just don’t see the ‘cause and effect” side of things at all.  For example -
obama/Demo-dummy care;  suddenly medical costs are increasing more rapidly than before.  fuel
costs rising even more - obama regime obstructing oil resources.  Power/heating costs rising -
Obama’s EPA crippling power production via regulations.  Food costs rising - related (at this time)
to fuel costs - coming soon, more regulations via FDA.  and on and on.  Then there is the attacks
on our Constitution.  and OBAMA’S OWN WORDS to “replace” our constitution. etc.  and yet…
Y’all just kneel in the bs he shovels out and worship like he’s all about ‘saving” America.  Ya just
don’t get it, you never will, ya poor brain-washed drones.  oh, speaking of drones….. ah, never mind,
ya wouldn’t get that either.
By pik20e4me on 02-10-13 @ 7:45 am
21 up | 11 down


There is no need to take MBI seriously.  On the face of it, he just takes Fox News Facts or
something that fell off Ann Coulter’s carcass and uses it for bait while he is trolling for people of
liberal persuasion.  He is not stuck in his mom’s basement and he doesn’t believe the stuff he
posts either.  On the contrary:

You see, actually, MBI is a grad student at the U.  His undergraduate major was economics,
and he’s going for a political science major.  His posts are part of his research for his thesis
project.  He is carefully measuring feedback, predicated on a number of factors and variables. 
How many thumbs down do you get when you vary the levels of inanity, outrage, pre-school
naming strategies, word-salad complexity, and others? 

Now that you know the truth, let’s help him get a good grade.
By mooseberryinn on 02-10-13 @ 1:26 pm
7 up | 17 down

pik20e4me - not even close - but thanks, proves the point that along with ‘reggie” you don’t get it, never
will.  Hey, while you’re worshiping down there in the bs, maybe some kind soul will bring ya some knee
By pik20e4me on 02-10-13 @ 2:50 pm
11 up | 5 down

Well, MBI, that post should do wonders for your thesis grade.

Enjoy the rest of the day.
By redhawk on 02-11-13 @ 4:42 am
16 up | 4 down

Let’s not teach sex ed…after all, Sarah Palin’s family record proves it’s not necessary.
Sheesh.  Republi-taliban.
By waterman on 02-11-13 @ 10:10 am
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Redhawk- who’s talking about sex-ed. ? I thought this thread was about attacking the other
political party.
Somehow the whole comment section has gotten derailed and is not about the subject matter
I am sorry to say that even the general population has degenerated to the low level of congress.
Yes, I am in there too. Just not as low as others.
Is it possible that we can even work together anymore ? Or just split the country into 25 red states
and 25 blue states ? The mixing pot we learned about in school has sunk to a new low. What a
shame, as I had the idea that our country and constitution was better than this.
By fourweight on 02-11-13 @ 11:30 am
13 up | 6 down

This is not about attacking any party

Its about attacking idiots who want to deny science in the samy way they want to deny sex ed. 
Somehow they think that knowledge is dangerous (or maybe its just difficult for them to absorb
something so intimidating)

Problem is that they do tend to belong to one party.  Tis sad to say that the party of Lincoln, WF
Buckley now welcomes mental midgets like MooseBerry, Denny Rehberg and Sarah Palin.
By Westside2 on 02-11-13 @ 6:11 pm
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I’ve often wondered what it would be like if we taught young people swimming in the same way we
teach sexuality. If we told them that swimming was an important adult activity, one that they
will all have to be skilled at when they grow up, but we never talked with them about it.

We never showed them the pool.  We just allowed them to stand outside closed doors and listen to
all the splashing.  Occasionally, they might catch a glimpse of partially clothed people going
in and out of the door to the pool and maybe they’d find a hidden book on the art of swimming,
but when they asked a question about how swimming felt or what it was about, they would be
greeted with blank or embarrassed looks.

Suddenly, when they turned 18, we would fling open the doors to the pool and they would jump in.
Miraculously, some might learn to tread water, but many would drown.

Exerted from a speach attributed to Elizabeth Canfield
By Mark W. on 02-11-13 @ 6:43 pm
5 up | 18 down

There are a lot of freakish things about Progressives, but nothing quite so freakish as your
obsession with the sexual acclimation of other people’s children. 

By redhawk on 02-11-13 @ 8:35 pm
15 up | 5 down

Really Marky?!  I just don’t want to have to support ignorant people’s babies.  Isn’t that the
Repub mantra?!  And then you turn around and keep children ignorant, which will more than likely
lead to more unwed mothers, like Bristol Palin.How do you wrap your head around such illogical
ideoligies?!  I’d like to know what drug you’re on, to be able to spout such nonsense without
logic intervening… at any point.  Wow.  Just wow!
By Mark W. on 02-11-13 @ 9:36 pm
6 up | 15 down

Maybe obsession was too light of a word?
By thinker on 02-12-13 @ 7:54 am
10 up | 10 down

For the record, fourweight, I seem to recall Palin has a degree in journalism, which you may not
consider to be worthwhile, but, nonetheless, she has an education and can probably write better
than most commenters.
Teaching sex education doesn’t mean anyone will hesitate to practice it.  My high school taught
sex education, and according to the unmarried teacher, all it ever produces is unwanted children
and dirty diseases, which was a very damaging approach.  The biology class was more helpful.
By pik20e4me on 02-12-13 @ 9:35 am
10 up | 6 down

It is my understanding that Sarah Palin has a degree in journalism.  Her daughter, the unwed
mother Bristol Palin?  Not so much.
By bocephusj57 on 02-12-13 @ 10:32 pm
6 up | 6 down

Yeah, she has a degree in journalism.  It took her 5 enrollments at 4 schools for her to cobble
it together to become a backwater, big-haired sports reader in the wilds of Alaska.  She
couldn’t see that job through, either.

and thinker, (talk about a screen name with no attachment to reality) all you have to do is read
what she actually writes (ghost-written memoirs don’t count) to realize that English as a second
language speakers/writers have a better command of English than that word salad spewing nitwit
will ever have.
Kellyn Brown
Kellyn Brown18 Apr
"If we made decisions on permits this way in MT, our economy would grind to a halt" @GovernorBullock on #KeystoneXL delay
Dillon Tabish
Dillon Tabish12h
KALISPELL, MT: You'll find the box in a brick building filled with history. Skateboards, pizza, clocks & ties #THTH14
Molly Priddy
Molly Priddy18 Apr
@natashavc @TaraAriano @allyzay Oh no, I've been thinking it's a room for all your types of mustards. Recalibrating my ideas now.
Tristan Scott
Tristan Scott19 Apr
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