Saturday Apr. 19, 2014
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New measure would give sheriffs the supreme law of the land
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By fcb on 02-16-13 @ 12:47 pm
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US Constitution was designed to protect the People and the states from the tyranny of a big
national government tyrant .
By Mark Phillips on 02-16-13 @ 8:57 pm
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“Wisdom and good examples are necessary at this time to rescue the political machine from the
impending storm.” George Washington. You are essentially wrong about the purpose of the US
Constitution.  Washington was referring to the economic and political turmoil that the states were
experiencing. I recommend a closer study of the Articles of Confederation and the subsequent
rewriting of the “rules” that governed the national government that the states created.
You might also want to take a look at the philosophy of localism and libertarian anarchism.
Kellyn Brown
Kellyn Brown22h
"If we made decisions on permits this way in MT, our economy would grind to a halt" @GovernorBullock on #KeystoneXL delay
Dillon Tabish
Dillon Tabish2h
KALISPELL, MT: You'll find the box in a brick building filled with history. Skateboards, pizza, clocks & ties #THTH14
Molly Priddy
Molly Priddy20h
@natashavc @TaraAriano @allyzay Oh no, I've been thinking it's a room for all your types of mustards. Recalibrating my ideas now.
Tristan Scott
Tristan Scott15h
@tristanscott *Billie Joe
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