Thursday Apr. 24, 2014
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National survey looks at public health and emergency preparedness
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By Peter Panning on 12-20-12 @ 12:29 pm
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Wow, read the report! Their definition of readiness and mine are very different:
My definition of readiness is measured by. 1. Level of public self sufficiency. (How prepared
are people to help themselves, with food, supplies, tools and knowledge to survive emergencies.)
2. Level of community cooperation (How prepared and willing are people to help their neighbors
in the event of an emergency.)

Their definition: 1.Level of public “health” funding. 2. Level of childhood vaccination. 3. The
existence and quantity of “climate change adaptation plans” 4. The existence of child care
facility evacuation plans 5. “Public health laboratory” capacity.

Just like the government, blow money on stuff that won’t help a bit in a real emergency.

Here are some real tips. Keep a couple weeks of food on hand,  create an emergency go pack,
with flashlights, batteries, matches, first-aid, knife, bottled water etc. Keep a little cash on
hand. Have a BBQ and and extra propane tank. Buy a small generator and keep a couple of gallons
of gas. Buy a few tools (shovels, saws, an axe or maul etc) and use them once in awhile rather
than paying someone to do it for you. Finally meet your neighbors and offer to help once in
awhile. In an emergency your most valuable asset will be your relationships.

By Red Green on 12-20-12 @ 12:37 pm
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Peter, I wish I could give you 1000 “thumbs up”.  Well said—-that’s what I do.

My first thought when I read this headline was,  “yeah, that’s because Montana citizens are
more self-sufficient than most other states (including the feds).”
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