Wednesday Apr. 16, 2014
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Emails recently surfaced that were full of harsh criticism of moderate leaders and their agenda
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By Mark W. on 01-18-13 @ 7:04 am
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“He said the moderates have their own policy goals: fix the pension system, advance a school
funding makeover being drafted by Republican Sen. Llew Jones of Conrad, and fund colleges
enough to freeze tuition.”

Is there any way we could pave the sidewalks with rubber so the kids don’t get hurt as well?  Or will
the “extremists” stop that as well? 

Just get it over with and become Democrats.  Though I’m reluctant to curse even them with this
kind of dead weight.
By Mark W. on 01-18-13 @ 7:44 am
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Here’s a little glimpse of what Montanans want see:

1.  The destruction of public employee unions, including an immediate defensive bankruptcy suit so
a judge can gut the current pension obligations.  (Let’s do it now so people can recover instead of
waiting 5 years when it will be inevitable.)

2.  Sweeping legislation enabling homeschooling, including property tax amnesty for all
homeschooling parents.

3.  Preemptive legislation giving state backing to all county sheriffs desirous of defending their
citizenry from onerous anti-gun legislation.

4.  Verdell Jackson’s state bank idea is a good idea. 

The day of the moderate is over.  Show some vision or get out of the way.
By Mark W. on 01-18-13 @ 1:56 pm
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What happened to the good old days when a pithy comment would troll out a few takers for a rousing
By dsrobins on 01-19-13 @ 4:19 pm
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I didn’t realize that Mark W. had such a bad lisp.
By Mark W. on 01-19-13 @ 6:01 pm
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Very clever.
By Mark W. on 01-19-13 @ 6:28 pm
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Look, you’ve got to understand the anger here.  We’re 40 years into a baby boomer sexual
revolution dystopic nightmare, and it’s ending up just like one would have guessed.  We’ve got
absurd wars, out of control illegitimacy and divorce, the family is busted up beyond all recognition,
suicide rates are skyrocketing and we are broke.  And the problem is?

Teacher pensions and tuition costs. 

I understand the manufactured opinion about the last legislature was that it was ridiculous.  I
happen to think it was one of the most successful legislatures of my lifetime.  For once I could
sleep knowing there were people passionately protecting my interests.  That’s how politics ought to
be.  The conservatives did their thing, Schweitzer did his thing.  No problem.  So the left was
disgusted.  What did you think was going to happen? 

I do not believe it is the job of the legislature to “get along.”  I believe it is the job of the legislature
to ZEALOUSLY advocate for the best interests of their constituents.  And I believe it wholly invalid
that teacher pensions and college tuition is what your average conservative Montanan is
considering the heart of the problem.  Nor do I think those issues have anything to do with “Reagan
Republicanism,” which, if it means anything, means creating a big, bold vision. 

Democrats never have a problem getting passionate.  Why are so many Republicans mealy-
mouthed dullards?  And why do conservatives put up with it?  Get out in front of it!  Let’s see it. 
Put on a show you bloody monkeys!
By Mark W. on 01-19-13 @ 6:56 pm
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I retract the “bloody monkeys” statement.  That was unfair. 

We know you’re doing your best. 

Good luck.
By bopho on 01-19-13 @ 9:58 pm
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It is of no use entering into a conservation with you Mark W. since, as you state, you know what
Montanans want: Government by Zealots.
By Mark W. on 01-19-13 @ 10:27 pm
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Bopho, you’re not a conservative anyway.  The only thing I’m genuinely concerned about is
broadening the dialogue.  That’s why articles like this make steam come out of my ears.  It’s why
I’m concerned about getting kids out of government schools.  The same thinking that got us into
this mess will not get us out.  The dialogue needs huge amounts of fresh air.  Am I a zealot for
thinking we’re in a mess?  It very well could be.

By the way, I make no comment on the legislators as individuals.  I’m sure they’re all great people,
on both sides of the aisle.  You don’t get elected without being very talented and having exceptional
support in your community.  I only comment on their performance as hired actors in the political

Thanks for your comment bopho. 
By bopho on 01-19-13 @ 11:31 pm
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Mark W. - Send me a copy of the Conservative Purity Test.  I bet you would be surprised at some of
my answers.  But anyway - I was born in 1947 so that makes me a baby boomer so I must be a part
of your so called “dystopic(sic) nightmare”.  (I’m sure you meant “dystopian” because there is no such
word as dystopic.)  But as I haven’t lived a fearful life and have enjoyed my four decades in the
Flathead, I must not be a good baby boomer.  And don’t forget that the first baby boomers didn’t start
voting until 1967.  They didn’t have much effect on policy until maybe 25 years later.  So you can’t
blame the great society on them.  And it was baby boomer G.W. Bush and all those neocon baby
boomers that surrounded him that messed everything up in the first decade of this century. 

And I thank you for your comment sir.
By Mark W. on 01-20-13 @ 4:07 am
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Sorry Bopho, I thought you were a progressive.  Congratulations for setting yourself well apart from
what’s largely considered the most selfish generation in world history.  And whether you were part
of it or not, your peers’ deconstruction of the staid mores of the 50s was what made Roe possible,
and everything thereafter, including the Civil Rights movement and the Great Society.  The change
in the culture preceded the changes in the government, and the government responded to those
changes.  And that’s where we have been stuck ever since.  Stuck on stupid, if you will.  In a
dystopian nightmare, where government capital expenditures have replaced social capital as our
lifeblood.  Fresh new schools n purdy city halls, plenty of money fer dem teachers n kollege and
all, and shiny airport security and lots and lots of blue gloves but Jonny’s the only one on the block
in a two parent home.  I don’t call it progress.  America is a Dreamliner.

However, you’ll find no argument from me that the neocons were (and still are) disastrous for this
country.  In fact, weren’t many neocons former hippies (red diaper babies/sexual revolutionaries like
David Horowitz) who didn’t find the Democratic Party Israel-friendly enough?  In essence, boomers
who who ran out of stuff to destroy in their own country and were forced to look outward? 
Destruction, destruction, destruction.  You’re very right to distance yourself. 

Did you notice the Party distanced themselves from Bush in the last election?  Most party hacks
recognize the neocons as an unmitigated disaster.  But it still wasn’t enough.  Why?  Because the
Party isn’t setting itself apart enough from the Democrats.  For all intents and purposes, they
appear to be two wings on the same bird of prey.  My personal preference is that the State Party
not do that.  I see future Party victories coming from greater polarization.  I’m sad the State Party
hasn’t learned Romney’s (and McCain’s) Lesson, especially with Rehberg and Hill’s loss.  Rehberg
and HIll were tuition and pension types.  But given all that’s been said here it’s probably naive to
think they will learn.  After all, boomers are never wrong.
By Mark W. on 01-20-13 @ 4:49 pm
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By the way bopho,  I see the errors in the above comment.  I still stand by it.  We’re not looking for
scientific accuracy here, we just need the boomers to jump on this grenade so we can turn this
ship around.  I’m a genXer.  I’m pretty sure nothing positive has ever been written about my
generation.  It’s not a big deal.  It’s just a matter of political theater.  We just need you boomers to
sign some kind of reconciliation agreement about how you so completely screwed up the country
that 30 million people are incapable of dealing with it and are on SSRIs, if they haven’t committed
suicide yet.  Maybe about how you’re sorry you didn’t study the history of sexual revolution and
how they end before you discovered you were the first humans on planet earth to realize sex is fun. 
Then hand over the keys to the car, work until you’re 80 to pay off the national debt, and we’ll make
sure you’ve got plenty of shroom tea and orgy rooms in your nursing homes.  It’s not about all
boomers, it’s not about being vindictive.  It’s just a way to try and quickly unring the bell so we
might avoid being absolutely crushed by outside forces.  Either for our insolvency or for our hubris. 

Will you take this hit for team America?  Boomers?
By Fast on 01-20-13 @ 7:11 pm
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No wander I became a Independent voter, my ex party is in melt down mode.  The world is changing around us
maybe this one of the reasons why the brightest of our young people leave Montana.
By bopho on 01-20-13 @ 9:14 pm
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Mark W. - You have proved a point to me.  You are a much better talker than listener.  But in your
view you might take listening as a weakness.  I stated that I would surprise you with a few of my
answers on your Conservative Purity Test and you took that to mean that I might somehow be with
you.  Sorry to disappoint you but I am a lifetime Democrat.  I just don’t believe in idealogical purity. 
Idealogical purity works fine for sheep but would seem less than ideal for anyone with a curious mind.

I also have trouble with you prejudging large swaths of the population.  My generation is great and
your generation sucks.  Don’t you realize how ridiculous that sounds. 

As for the Republican party in this state and its internal squabbles - I’ll just sit back and enjoy the
show forever thankful that the good people of Montana elected a Democrat as governor.
By mooseberryinn on 01-20-13 @ 10:10 pm
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speaking of sitting back and enjoying the show…(read).  You two guys are funny.  Have ya thought of
taking this show on the road?  Contact:  Joe Biden.  aka “Buffoon Joe”
By Mark W. on 01-21-13 @ 4:42 pm
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Bopho, I know you’re a democrat.  I read your comments.  The whole point of your bringing up the
“Conservative Purity Test” was to attempt to speak to me as if we held the same views.  So, for
the sake of argument, I took the liberty of taking you at your word. 

I’m not an ideological purist as a person, but I am an ideological person as a citizen.  It’s funny that
forty years after we began to construct the public square based on satisfying everyone’s
“curiosity,” we can’t build a commercial or fighter plane that flies properly.  Because engineering
requires a level of ideological purity and eventually when the public square achieves thermal
runaway, it bleeds over into every aspect of life.  With that in mind, I’d tell you that you’d be
surprised at the score I would get on the Liberal Purity Test, but what point would that make?  It
has nothing to do with sensible government. 

I don’t prejudge large swaths of the population.  If only you were as good a listener as you are a
talker you would have noticed the “not all boomers are like that” disclaimer.  It was merely an
ideological hook on which to hang a picture of a path out this mess.  But I keep forgetting.  A
boomer is never wrong.

I have no problem with Democrats.  They get leaders that represent their interests.  They’re not
supposed to represent mine.  I congratulate all Democrats on the shiny new governor.  I suggest to
Republicans if they ever want that seat again they need to flush the moderates.  Then we
ideologically crush the Democrats, get the thermal runaway in the public square under control, and
get this Dreamliner back in the air. 

On 3 America.  LET’S DO IT!

By Mark W. on 01-21-13 @ 9:34 pm
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Let me briefly expand on this Dreamliner theme.  I’ve been following the production of this plane for
some time, as I’m sure many have, and it doesn’t surprise me it has problems.  I’m surprised but
thankful that one hasn’t fallen out the sky.  And wether or not it turns out to be the battery, it’s an
apt metaphor for what should be responsible American government. 

People are the engines of civilization, the human libido is the battery, and Government is the
voltage regulator.  Government always has an interest in turning up the voltage because as the
acid leaks out the top and starts eating away at the airframe of cultural cohesion, Government can
step into the gap, create jobs and expand itself and its power over the people.  The people sit in the
airframe and everyone knows the thing is falling apart but the Government isn’t going to tell people
about the battery.  They are going to say it’s the schools, the defective people, the Iraqis,
unfairness, prejudice, social justice, domestic violence, health care, etc.  Anything but the battery. 

Most people don’t want the voltage turned down either.  Why, that reeks of tyranny.  How dare you
try and tell me what to do.  Meanwhile thousands of pages of regulations dealing with the airframe
are written, the currency of the people is devalued to enforce them, the tail of the airplane has
fallen off and landed in a tent city somewhere south of Seattle, the middle is falling off, and people
are starting to wonder what is going on.  Now it must be the guns.

We’ve got to be adults and turn down the voltage.  Yeah, it’s a real bummer to hear.  But we’ve got
our libido so far strung out into the public square the Government basically has it wrapped around
our necks and is hanging us by it.  We force them to release it by agreeing to overturn Roe v.
Wade, and getting rid of no-fault divorce.  Then we watch the voltage drop. 

It’s not about what people do in their homes.  That doesn’t effect the voltage.  All that matters is
what bleeds out into the public square.  If Democrats and Republicans can agree that a high
voltage generally serves none, than we can have a conversation about tuition, pensions, wealth
inequality, health care, whatever.  I’ll be as liberal as possible.

Until this is dealt with, this plane is going nowhere but down. 
By mooseberryinn on 01-23-13 @ 10:29 am
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Hey, mark w. - it appears bopho missed his cue.
and - what is it you’re trying to say?
By Mark W. on 01-23-13 @ 10:53 am
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I think bopho and I have said all we were going to say.

All I’m trying to say is that the first priority ought to be agreeing on a greater level of decency as a
people before we make any more big decisions.  I don’t want to give the left any more until they
agree to turn the public square’s presumed libidinous voltage down, so the plane can right itself and
the people can recharge, and we can stop throwing money into a plane with no cabin pressure and
a hole in the side. 

What I’m saying is that what the right really wants is SOCIAL CONSERVATISM.  The two words
nobody wants to hear.  And lastly, what I’m saying is that until we deal with this basic issue, our
decisions as a country will result in correct answers about as often as a man trying to do long
division in a whorehouse. 

We can’t build a plane, we can’t help the poor, our cities are collapsing, our debt is exploding, we’re
on massive drugs, SSRI’s and otherwise, we’re committing suicide in record numbers.  In short, we
are completely out of control.  I want to see the conservatives seriously address the two points in
the above comment, I want to see the left agree to these two basic concessions, and then we can
go on and have serious discussion about everything else. 

I’m putting these two elements into a basic counter-revolutionary meme and turning them into a
generational warfare schema, the same the left used to turn the country hard left.  Their mantra
was “don’t trust anyone over 30.”  The new mantra will be “don’t trust anyone over 50.” 

Turnabout is fair play. 
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