Monday Apr. 21, 2014
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Ruled ban on medical marijuana sales does not violate the constitutional rights
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By 108 on 09-12-12 @ 7:52 am
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good work boys
By TWG2A on 09-12-12 @ 11:42 am
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I hope the “patients” subscribing to this are aware they are relinquishing their Second Amendment
Right to keep and bear arms. Regardless of your views on MMJ, the FEDS (ATF) control your gun
rights and they will take that right away from you when you get this “medicine”.  Maybe the next
time Montana fights for our Tenth Amendment States Rights legislation, you stoners won’t be so
quick to ridicule and demonize those efforts simply because they are being presented by TEA
Partiers and other Constitutional Americans. Our governor was cheered and applauded when he
took a branding iron to veto our efforts to enforce our Tenth Amendment rights after we got that
legislation passed in BOTH houses. Partisan politics at it’s very worst. Enforcing our Tenth
Amendment Rights would have interfered with the feds ability to raid pot farms and arrest those
who are prescribing it.
By brokenbutcher on 09-12-12 @ 12:06 pm
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This is about State law vs Federal law. Not pot.
By hotfishmt on 09-14-12 @ 6:40 am
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No matter what law MMJ falls under, it will not become legal until the DRUG
MANUFACTURERS…get in the program. You can bet the family milk cow, that when the BIG
BOYS that make prescribed pain killers are able to make it legal through a “regular doctor” and
they can control the way MMJ is used & bought….not until then will MMJ be a factor in life.

The big companies spend mega $$ for Lobbiest to smooze members of Congress so the
companies get their WAY….no matter what the voters have voted for or against.

The one major thing wrong with MMJ is the “strength” of any MMJ….controlled methods for the
dosage & power…is the downfall of such MMJ. Least legal drugs…do have very tight methods for
determining the “dosage power”....not some get rich grower with a light head.
By treehugger on 09-16-12 @ 12:07 pm
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