Thursday Apr. 17, 2014
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U.S. government paying $1 billion to tribes over mismanagement of funds and trust lands
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By Sawyer on 06-23-12 @ 8:25 am
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Unemployment would not be 70 to 80 percent if the tribe would let bussiness work rather than
trying to regulate / make up rules as they see fit to try to steal as much money as they can from
companies who try to work on the reservation. The latest being an oil company who tried very
hard to create good jobs and work with the tribe. They were stymied at every move they made
by new rules and newly created monies that needed to be paid.
      If they gave all the money out to tribal members, then the chosen few on the tribal board
would not be able to line thier pockets full with what is left. Rather than waste money on finacial
classes for members the board needs lessons on ethics and fairness for the whole tribe.
By wanita on 08-01-12 @ 4:56 pm
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Hello,  I am the last member of my family to receive a part of this settlement.  I believe at this
time that ALL of the available funds should go to the members of the tribe.  I believe that there
are hard times for everyone who live on and off the reservations and it is only fair, but ethical
that these funds should go to the tribal members.  Thank you.
Kellyn Brown
Kellyn Brown1h
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Molly Priddy
Molly Priddy30m
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Tristan Scott
Tristan Scott16 Apr
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