Monday Apr. 21, 2014
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The killings happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown
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By HRH Prince Michael on 12-14-12 @ 12:41 pm
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Please pray for the survivors, families, loved-ones, and children,
afflicted by this horrific violence.
Please also recall, all those afflicted by -literally- the hourly-increasing
epidemic of Death and Destruction that relentlessly punishes our once Godly-blessed nation.
By bocephusj57 on 12-14-12 @ 1:42 pm
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Such a tragedy, 18 pairs of itty bitty “cold dead hands”.  May the FSM embrace them in the
warmth of his noodly appendages.

Who would the NRA advise to be armed in the classroom?  The six/seven/eight year olds or the
secular “union thug” public school teacher?
By Craig moore on 12-14-12 @ 5:23 pm
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Any attempts to spin this tragedy for political purposes is sad beyond comprehension.  Parents,
spouses, children, and sibblings are grieving.  Let’s respect the dead.
By hotfishmt on 12-14-12 @ 6:02 pm
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Such a drity deed done by some “babied” wacko and the grief the parents have to endure makes
me cry. The news has said, already that the man (coward) had some mental issues. I bet his now
deceased mother had some insight & neglected to take the issue for some real help. What a
waste of innocent small kids.
He was ready for war, and its not the guns….its a mental health issue swept under the table. The
mother was the registered owner of all the guns…the news said tonight….to bad she did not
register her now worthless dead overgrown son.
By bocephusj57 on 12-14-12 @ 9:43 pm
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Who died and made you the moderator here, Daddy?  Take a look at what those christofascist
charlatans, Bryan Fisher and Mike Huckabee are saying.  They’re evangelizing the situation, and
they’re not the only bible beaters doing so.

Nice try, Craig, but it’s never too soon to talk about how to better ensure gun safety/security
in society.
By GATE on 12-15-12 @ 7:27 am
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A horrific act that should cause us all to pause and pray for these families. These morally and
spiritually bankrupt cowardly psychopaths are drawn to these ‘violence free’ Progressive reeducation
camps because they know they can cause mayhem unopposed. How many mass murders take place
at Gun ranges or Police stations? Properly train and arm select teachers and this carnage will
By Clarity on 12-15-12 @ 7:28 am
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Heartbroken.  Guns don’t make us safer.  Compassion and community do.  Praying.
By hotfishmt on 12-15-12 @ 12:54 pm
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the more news from the school is the “person” had some mental issues. Like the shooter at the
movie theater in Colorado. Some weep easy parents or socia worker or some other mental health
worker did not “sound the siren”. Keeping troubled people under the ubbrella of “mental problems”
only makes them more empowered.

Its now the guns, as wacko’s will find a way. Just need to find a quicker way around the so called
laws that surround the disturbed people. Like the man that shot the Congresswoman in
Arizona….one could tell by his eyes….far from normal Then his college shrink was pissed that her
notes were found, and then tried to keep quite the data on the shooter…as an invasion of privacy
between patient & doctor. When the red flag is RED…..for pets’s sake….make some noise
By mooseberryinn on 12-15-12 @ 1:58 pm
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The guns did not arm themselves, nor aim, nor pull their own triggers.  That was accomplished by a
human who for whatever reason decided to murder adults and children.  Maybe human life didn’t
mean much to him.  There are plenty of folks who think that way.  Maybe he just thought other
people were all responsible for his problems.  There are plenty who believe that too.  Maybe when
he was in elementary school he was bullied?  This was his revenge?  Lots of wackos out there
might think that too.  Had the Principal or a teacher been armed, this might have been less horrific.
By GATE on 12-15-12 @ 2:23 pm
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Before this tragedy the Socialist Administration eliminated emergency preparedness programsand let
the School violence prevention programs lapse. Left Wing groups have ‘increasingly voiced concerns’
about increased spending on police and security at schools. The Justice Policy Institute, a Far Left
Socialist group, wrote a report in 2011 entitled ‘Education Under Arrest” that concluded that ‘Schools
do not need School resource officers to be safe”.
By waterman on 12-15-12 @ 3:18 pm
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Clarity- If the world was rainbows and sunshine all the time you would be correct. Then we would
never even had the need to invent weapons of any kind.
That is not the world we live in and never will. This world is full of evil doers and guns do offer
some self/ family protection from the evil and wicked.
Guns are a tool. Just like a scalpel that may save your life or take it. I think of guns as a tool to
save my life and those around me.
By Yodah on 12-15-12 @ 5:16 pm
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Ladies and (mostly) gentlemen…step right up and get your All American Red, White and
Blue Tri Corner Tin Foil Hats….Only $17.76, plus shipping.  These are just what you need
these days.  Guaranteed to block all mind altering government sponsored RAYS.  Repels
United Nations Ray # 17…The Dreaded Socialist Mind Clouder….All Gay Rays….The
Montezuma Mind Controller…Comes in “Stars and Stripes”....“Stars and
Bars”....“Pink”...and of course “Camo”....get yours today….
By Fast on 12-15-12 @ 5:29 pm
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” It’s starts with the parents people! They need to take a test before blessing the world with their prodigies. “
I had guns and bullet around me all the time when I was growing up but I had parental guidance too.
By Red Green on 12-16-12 @ 12:26 pm
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Morgan Freeman said:

“Forget you ever read the gunman’s name - Put him out of your mind and actively avoid it. 
Learn and remember at least one of the victim’s names and help by donating to mental
health instead of focusing on gun control.

I would add—-turn off your TV and or switch channels, especially if there are children
around. There will be little new on this story that will help you through your day.  Don’t let
the media and their competitive thirst force more of this tragedy into your consciousness.
By JB on 12-16-12 @ 1:54 pm
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This event is a tragic one, and the lives of those who were involved will be affected forever.  I
wish with all my heart that this event never happened.

However, having said that…


Banning firearms of ANY type is not the answer, and it never will be; that action will only make
it easier for criminals and those with violent intent to gain access to firearms - or any manner of


If the perp used a knife, would we ban knives?  I doubt it.  But that is exactly what happened in
schools in China and Japan, where firearms are banned.


The focus need to happen on violent behavior, and the seeds surrounding that.


There is commonality behind the use of weapons - it is the human being who uses them to
perform acts of violence.  Do normal people suddenly pick up a gun or a knife and charge into
a school, killing the innocent?


Now there are calls on the Internet from some radicals to stage acts of violence at the offices of
the NRA - what will that solve?  (What will happen, is that they will be fired on - NRA offices are
well armed.)


What will disarming the population do?  Make slaves of all of us.  It has happened time and
time again - that is the act of a tyrant, who uses an event like this to tighten control on the
people, claiming benevolence.


I agree - the blood of the innocent is on those who would take away the means to defend


Criminal and perps prefer unarmed victims, BTW…
By Mark W. on 12-16-12 @ 1:57 pm
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Of course twice divorced, self-absorbed Morgan Freeman couldn’t fathom the idea that the lack of a
father in the home might have contributed to this tragedy.  Besides, we as Americans must leave it
to Hollywood to put the finger on the zeitgeist of events like this and make sure that we properly
identify as victims.  Else we might do something about pernicious cultural influences such as
Hollywood itself.  Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and self pity.  God forbid we actually do anything
about this disaster of a culture we’ve created.  But then advocating for something like the abolition
of no-fault divorce wouldn’t sell many tickets.  Not that it would help much.  After all, separation of
Church and State says the family itself can have no bearing on the evolution of a child’s
psychology.  The kid was nuts.  End of story.

The only narrative Americans should be taking away from this event is the one that involves
looking in the mirror.
By Yodah on 12-16-12 @ 4:38 pm
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Can anyone tell me why you would need a clip of more than ten rounds as a civilian??  If
you can’t kill it with ten shots you should try another hobby…Putting a round on the target
should be the goal not “Pray and Spray”...
By mooseberryinn on 12-16-12 @ 4:52 pm
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yodah - for once I agree with you!  A 10 round clip should be the maximum sold.  However, with a little
practice, a person can change clips in maybe 3 seconds.  Not much of a window for defense.  It is a
shame that the school staff did not have a suitable weapon.  I know, that sounds absurd, something
that no one ever thought this country would come to, but here we are.  There are no perfect defenses
against a murderer with no concern for his own life.
By GATE on 12-16-12 @ 5:43 pm
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Not one word from the Progressive Tragedy Profiteers and their hysterical Media Shills about the 10
shootings in Chicago the other day or the 446 Murders to date. You’d think that in one of the most gun
restricted Cities in the Nation the leaders of this Progressive Cesspool would want to explain the stellar
success of their ‘gun control’ policies!
By Yodah on 12-16-12 @ 6:33 pm
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Makes you sound like an angry crank…..
By JB on 12-16-12 @ 7:13 pm
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Yes, the Federal Gun Free Schools Zone Act has done a lot to prevent this tragedy from
happening… hasn’t it?

What works is armed deterrence - and there are many, many examples:


• A 1997 high school shooting in Pearl, MS, was halted by the school’s vice principal after he
retrieved the Colt .45 he kept in his truck.

• A 1998 middle school shooting ended when a man living next door heard gunfire and
apprehended the shooter with his shotgun.

• A 2002 terrorist attack at an Israeli school was quickly stopped by an armed teacher and a
school guard.

• A 2002 law school shooting in Grundy, VA, came to an abrupt conclusion when students
carrying firearms confronted the shooter.

• A 2007 mall shooting in Ogden, Utah, ended when an armed off-duty police officer intervened.

• A 2009 workplace shooting in Houston, Texas, was halted by two coworkers who carried
concealed handguns.

• A 2012 church shooting in Aurora, CO, was stopped by a member of the congregation
carrying a gun.

• At the recent mall shooting in Portland, OR., the gunman took his own life minutes after being
confronted by a shopper carrying a concealed weapon.


For several years after the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, anti gun activists blocked pilots
from carrying firearms. But after it became undeniable that guns are an essential line of
defense against hijackers and other terrorists when the lives of innocent passengers are at
stake, Congress finally passed legislation allowing it.


Deterrence rests in an armed populace, trained to use firearms to protect the innocent from
harm.  Take a look at Switzerland - a country with the lowest crime rate on earth - because
every male that is capable of it is required to own a fully automatic firearm - and grenades, for
that matter - and are also trained by the government to use them.


An armed society is a peaceful society.
By mitch on 12-16-12 @ 7:36 pm
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Provide some links JB, otherwise it’s all bull——!  These freaks enter into these situations
knowing they’re not going to come out alive.  Doubt it ever enters their minds that it’s a “gun
free zone”.  It’s a suicide mission.
By JB on 12-16-12 @ 7:53 pm
42 up | 52 down

What, you don’t how to use Google?  That’s a poor excuse for an argument, claiming anything
that I don’t provide a link for is BS.  Do your own homework.  I know you know about the latest
ones - or do you not read the news, mitch?

Most of these incidents are already on Wikipedia - and I know that you know how to use a
search engine.
By Yodah on 12-16-12 @ 8:07 pm
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They’re Swiss….by nature law abiding and orderly….talk about comparing apples and
oranges…...You seem to advocate a return to frontier days….didn’t they call it “The WILD
By bocephusj57 on 12-16-12 @ 8:14 pm
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Being a gun owner didn’t keep the baby killer’s momma alive.  Did it, JB?
By JB on 12-16-12 @ 8:18 pm
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I doubt very seriously she was trained to use her own firearms, bo.  Lame excuse.  Owning a
gun does not make you an expert - and don’t even think that I think that way.  Read what I said.
By JB on 12-16-12 @ 8:21 pm
50 up | 26 down

Yodah, are you implying that most Americans are not law abiding?  Yeah, that’s what I
By Yodah on 12-16-12 @ 8:29 pm
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Let’s say that each of the interventions you cite saved 100 lives….ah lets make it
1,000…so that’s 8,000 lives saved but between 1998 and 2009 over 103,000 people were
killed with firearms in America leaving ONLY 95,000 more to be saved…...Americans are
much more disorderly than the Swiss….but then this website is proof of that…...
By bocephusj57 on 12-16-12 @ 8:53 pm
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Nancy Lanza loved guns, and often took her sons to one of the shooting ranges here in the
suburbs northeast of New York City, where there is an active community of gun enthusiasts, her
friends said. At a local bar, she sometimes talked about her gun collection.

Investigators have linked Ms. Lanza to five weapons: two powerful handguns, two traditional
hunting rifles and a semiautomatic rifle that is similar to weapons used by troops in
Afghanistan. Her son took the two handguns and the semiautomatic rifle to the school. Law
enforcement officials said they believed the guns were acquired legally and were registered.

Ms. Lanza, 52, had gone through a divorce in 2008 and was described by friends as social and
generous to strangers, but also high-strung, as if she were holding herself together. She lived
in a large Colonial home here with Adam Lanza, and had struggled to help him cope with a
developmental disorder that often left him reserved and withdrawn, according to relatives,
friends and former classmates.

Ms. Lanza was a slender woman with blond shoulder-length hair who enjoyed craft beers, jazz and
landscaping. She often went to a local restaurant and music spot, My Place, where at beer
tastings on Tuesday evenings, she sometimes talked about her gun collection, recalled an
acquaintance, Dan Holmes, the owner of a landscaping company in Newtown.

“She had several different guns,” Mr. Holmes said. “I don’t know how many. She would go target
shooting with her kids.”
By Yodah on 12-16-12 @ 9:14 pm
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  “An armed society is a peaceful society”  I assume you know who wrote that….if not
look him up….He’s not the man you might think he is….
By bocephusj57 on 12-16-12 @ 9:27 pm
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I notice the rightwingnuts have recruited themselves a non-commenting vigilante posse of comment

It is to laugh.  I don’t know what they are trying to accomplish, but it further displays their
all-around human impotence.
By Yodah on 12-16-12 @ 9:37 pm
28 up | 48 down

Don’t be to hard on them…they’re just lobbing tomatoes from the darkness at the back of
the theater….
By Yodah on 12-16-12 @ 9:41 pm
20 up | 47 down

Can you really call someone with an oversized magazine impotent…...
By Yodah on 12-16-12 @ 9:42 pm
21 up | 46 down

Would it be a smart thing to do…...
By bocephusj57 on 12-16-12 @ 9:50 pm
23 up | 51 down

Long barrels, oversized magazines, big trucks/boats…all are penis compensation devices.
By Yodah on 12-16-12 @ 9:58 pm
25 up | 54 down

My old Springfield ‘03 has a long barrel, it’s nice, I feel good about it but I don’t go out in
public and wave it in people’s faces and I certainly don’t try to cram it down everyone’s
By bocephusj57 on 12-16-12 @ 10:01 pm
20 up | 58 down
By bocephusj57 on 12-16-12 @ 10:16 pm
21 up | 58 down
By bocephusj57 on 12-16-12 @ 10:46 pm
22 up | 55 down
By JB on 12-16-12 @ 11:20 pm
52 up | 25 down

The gun hating left doesn’t like it when you use their own tactics against them…they must then
resort to name calling…typical.
By bocephusj57 on 12-16-12 @ 11:39 pm
23 up | 66 down

Somebody call the waaaahbulance for JB.  He has no cogent responses so he blindly lashes out.

Why do rightwingnuts support the killing of children long after they have passed thru the birth
canal, yet demand that they not be an allowable health care decision in the womb?

I guess Republicans and Glibertarians hate children.
By JB on 12-16-12 @ 11:53 pm
59 up | 21 down

Go to bed, bo.
By bocephusj57 on 12-17-12 @ 12:17 am
17 up | 59 down

What are you doing up at this hour?  Waiting for the opening bell on the Nikkei penny stock market?
By hotfishmt on 12-17-12 @ 4:39 am
69 up | 3 down

Way too many of the most recent comments have been sidetracked…..away from the issue.
The “shooter” had a mental problem….look at his eyes (as shown on tv yesterday). He had those
crazy eyes like the shooter in Colorado & Arizona had….erie blank stare.
Mental issues need to be addressed…..rather than hid under the cloak of “professional privacy”
when someone show violent tendancies or withdrawn from daily life….not ignored.
I do see no need for the general public to have assualt weapons….it empowers cowards to do
nasty deeds.
Gun control does need to address the large mags & assualt weapons….ALONG WITH MENTAL
HEALTH ISSUES…..nuts are nuts & will always be, and mind altering drugs won’t help.

In most states there used to be “hospitals” for the mentally or crimely insane…..most closed as the
laws changed…... and now, we have more NUTS…..running loose in all towns/states…..or as the
case in the school shooting…..Mama was trying to pacifiy her wacko son way too long and
ignored his problems…..she was “home schooling him”......ha ha ha. What a sad week this was/is.
By Yodah on 12-17-12 @ 5:52 am
20 up | 58 down

Just for the record….love guns….hate murder….I accept the idea that there are bad people doing
bad things in this world…So do we have mandatory mental evaluation for everyone….Just gun
owners or people who wish to purchase guns…or parents…..or voters…or internet
posters…...people will always fall through the cracks….
By JB on 12-17-12 @ 9:41 am
60 up | 32 down

Banning firearms doesn’t address the real issue - it is only a very convenient excuse for politicians
to disarm the law abiding citizen.  Are anti gunners so naive to believe that if all “assault” guns are
banned, then the mass killings will simply stop…that murder will stop? 

How do the innocent protect themselves?  How do we protect the innocent?

It certainly won’t be from police - it is not their job to protect, although I know some police officers
who do feel this way.  Honestly, when was the last time a cop was there when you needed them?

Resolving this issue with take time - it will mean a fundamental shift in how we answer behavioral
issues, how we address the seeds of violence.

Having law abiding citizens that are trained in safe firearms use in critical situations will not result in
the “Wild West”, despite opinions to the contrary - what it will result in, is a reduction in violent acts
- that has been proven time and time again.

Trust me, I don’t want to see anyone murdered, and I most certainly don’t want to see what
happened in Newtown again.  There have been way too many incidents like that one this year - and
not just in this country.

You want a quick easy solution from me?  Sorry, I don’t have one - I wish I did.  Anyone that thinks
there is one for tragedies like this one is deluding themselves. 

And anyone who thinks that banning “assault” guns will resolve this issue is not thinking straight. 
Do you really think those that own such weapons will simply turn them over?  Why do you think
that sales of “assault-type” weapons has been so high over the past few years?  Put 2 and 2
together…do you really think that there will be mass arrests of the owners of such guns?  Those
who own them, or just purchased them, didn’t buy them to turn them over…
By waterman on 12-17-12 @ 11:25 am
59 up | 21 down

What is so interesting to me is that the anti-gun groups thinks banning clips (which can be made
at home from beer cans or molded from plastics), assult rifes, handguns, etc., think they have the
answer to the school shootings.
Compare that to the drug problems we have. The gov’t already bans many drugs such as coke,
lsd, MJ, heroin, etc. Yet it is so readliy available. Even at elementary schools.
The real answer is not more gov’t crack down on guns or drugs. The real answer lies in society
itself. Parents being parents, not their childs best friend. Allowing parents & teachers to discipline
children when the need arises. Having children do home chores, not protecting them from work or
Getting back to the basics of life that we have drifted away from. When I see children or adults
poking away at their smart phone while at dinner or in a group in public makes me wonder how
they expect to communicate to their children or peers face to face.
The shootings, drug problems has taken generations to develope and there is no short term
answer ! It will take generations to resolve, but only if parents take action. It seems parents want
schools to raise their chilren, but teachers cannot disipline children or mold them into up right men
and ladies like a parent can. Some teachers have long lasting effects on some individuals, but not
like a good parent does.
Gov’t is not the answer. Never has been. Never will be, the answer to society issues.
By mitch on 12-17-12 @ 11:33 am
62 up | 61 down

Actually JB, it depends on the reaction you want to get from the readers.  If you want people to
take your post seriously, indeed, you must have facts on hand.  Is there anyone of us who has
so little to do than to spend our time fact checking other people’s posts??  Surprisingly, there
are those who just make stuff up. 

I did check one of your remarks JB, and it is very true.  “• A 2012 church shooting in Aurora,
CO, was stopped by a member of the congregation carrying a gun”

What a hero!!!!  I seen many links, so this was nothing hidden by the media, for whatever
reason they would do that?  Also mentioned he is/was an off duty cop.  Curious as to why
that wasn’t mentioned in your post, as it puts a whole different slant on it.  Did read on your
post that another hero was also an off duty cop.  Interesting, makes me wonder if these other
heros were trained professionals.
By Yodah on 12-17-12 @ 2:52 pm
16 up | 66 down

Let’s not let the possibility that a solution won’t be perfect keep us from doing anything at all…
By Yodah on 12-17-12 @ 3:26 pm
12 up | 54 down

I still haven’t had anyone tell me why a civilian would need a 30 round clip….zombie uprising….King
Kong…..massed gopher attack…..Ban any magazine of more than 10 rounds….Buy back the ones
out there for $100.00 each….if you want to make your own fine….6 months in the pokey for each
one….loss of the weapon for good…some cash…..anyone that can’t get the job done with 10
rounds should take up horseshoe tossing….....
By Yodah on 12-17-12 @ 3:30 pm
9 up | 55 down

Can’t anyone give me a reason…even a weak one…..............
By JB on 12-17-12 @ 3:32 pm
51 up | 11 down

One that you’d accept?  Probably not.
By JB on 12-17-12 @ 6:22 pm
45 up | 11 down

It’s not about what you use a 30 round clip for - its about the freedom to obtain one - or ten - or a

Are you even fathoming this?

If I want to go to the gun range and use a 30 round clip to load my rifle and expend every round
loaded in it downrange in the pursuit of punching holes in a paper target, that is my business.

Got it?
By Yodah on 12-17-12 @ 7:02 pm
7 up | 49 down

Well I did ask for a weak one…..What percentage of your freedom would….no make that will you
lose when they restrict them….about as much as I lose by not being able to shout “FIRE” in a
crowded theatre….just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should…..or that you lose
anything when you don’t….
By JB on 12-17-12 @ 8:07 pm
42 up | 11 down

Freedom is a weak reason?

Only a liberal (read: socialist) would answer like that.
By Yodah on 12-17-12 @ 8:20 pm
7 up | 56 down

The USA probably has the most liberal gun laws in the world…whatever changes are made we will
still have the most LIBERAL firearms regulations on the planet….I think blasting 30 or 100 holes in
paper is a pretty weak reason to give those families in Connecticut…....
By Yodah on 12-17-12 @ 8:21 pm
6 up | 56 down

Why resort to name calling??????????
By JB on 12-17-12 @ 8:44 pm
51 up | 11 down

Wow…talk about missing the point…

30 round magazines are just the first step - and it will end with banning all firearms.  You can’t tell me that
won’t happen eventually.
By Westvalley on 12-17-12 @ 9:43 pm
43 up | 8 down

I can solve this whole issue but few will listen.  People are overmedicated these days. 
There’s aa pill for everything.  On the other side of that there is VERY little real treatment.
  Look at all our poor kids coming back from war with PTSD.  Many can’t get help.  Heres my
solution,  OK anti-gun folks, Lets ban cigarettes!! There WAAAAAAY more dangerous than guns!!!!
Secondhand smoke causes approximately 3,400 deaths from lung cancer and 22,700 to 69,600 deaths
from heart disease each year. Guns kill around 15,000. Total
tobacco deaths per year are calculated at over 500,000 per the CDC   Cdc has figured that
tobacco related illness costs america nearly 2 BILLION dollars a year!  2 BILLION would go a
long ways towards mental health!!!  Not only would banning Tobacco save tens of thousands of
lives every year but would save money that could be spent on mental health care for people who
need it.  While where add it, 100,000+ deaths a year from Alcohol abuse.  Bann alcohol too! 
Nobody needs Tobacco or alchohol anyways right?  Just like nobody needs an AR15!  See how
silly this sounds when you replace a ban on a gun with a ban on tobacco or alcohol????
By Westvalley on 12-17-12 @ 9:46 pm
38 up | 2 down

Sorry for my lousy spelling above.  Kind of hard posting from a phone…....
By mooseberryinn on 12-17-12 @ 9:49 pm
55 up | 12 down

More gun laws won’t make any difference to someone planning to commit atrocity (crime) and willing to
end their life in that endeavor.  I heard today that 99.9% of gun owners have never committed any
crimes with their guns.  It is the non-law abiding .1% of criminals and crazies causing the trouble.  If
that Principal had a gun and knew how to use it, this murder spree may never have happened.  Sad fact
- it won’t (and hasn’t) been limited to schools.  Any venue with a crowd is a target.
By JB on 12-17-12 @ 10:19 pm
48 up | 8 down

Look, the vast majority of gun crime in this country is committed by those who obtain guns illegally.
The vast majority of gun owners here are law-abiding, responsible citizens who will never commit acts
of violence.  Can anyone prove to me that this is not the case?
By JB on 12-17-12 @ 10:26 pm
50 up | 9 down

Did Norway’s strict gun control laws stop Anders Breivik from killing 77 people?

This is a prime example of the futility of overbearing gun control legislation.
By Yodah on 12-18-12 @ 5:56 am
8 up | 55 down

So because a law is not 100% effective it’s of no value???If you think that way why have any laws
against drunk driving…The laws don’t prevent ALL accidents and deaths…Why have any laws
against domestic violence…spouses still get beaten and murdered…Why have stop signs….not
everyone stops….The idea of most laws is that they dial back the madness…you can never
eliminate it totally….Remember that saying…“Don’t just stand there, do something” seem to
advocate just standing there…
By Mark W. on 12-18-12 @ 7:57 am
34 up | 8 down

So you’ll take that stance when it comes to laws against abortion as well Yodah?  Of course not. 
Because your only consistency is that the law destroy your host culture’s social norms.  One of which
happens to be the Second Amendment.  Deal with it.
By JB on 12-18-12 @ 9:30 am
37 up | 27 down

Did the same ban that was instituted back in 1994 “dial back the madness”?  If so, do you have
proof of that?

Did Connecticut’s assault weapons ban stop Adam Lanza from murdering children?  Did the Federal
Gun Free Schools Zone Act stop Adam Lanza from murdering children?  Did the Gun Control Act of
1968 stop Adam Lanza from murdering children?  Did the Brady Act of 1993 stop Adam Lanza from
murdering children?

What good will one more law be if it is not effective against crazed lunatics like Adam Lanza?  The
behavior of one human being is the root cause of those deaths.

Laws are not the panacea that some would make them out to be.

I don’t advocate “standing there” - but let’s do something that WILL make a difference in the case of
people like Adam Lanza AND protect the rights of law abiding citizens.
By JB on 12-18-12 @ 9:56 am
40 up | 25 down

Having said what I did, I offer this:

I do believe that the Firearm Owners Protection Act of 1986 IS an effective law.

There is a provision in the law that prohibits ownership of FULLY AUTOMATIC weapons by private
citizens manufactured after May 19, 1986 (the date of enactment of the act).  Any weapons of this
type made before this date are still fully transferable by citizens, after a lengthy background check
that usually takes months.  Because the supply of these fully automatic weapons of this type are
limited, they are usually VERY expensive - well out of the reach of the average person.

In addition, there are more than 175,000 of these weapons that are registered with BATFE - and
according to them, none of them have been used in the commission of any known violent crime.

Sounds pretty effective to me.
By HRH Prince Michael on 12-18-12 @ 10:51 am
42 up | 10 down

With, The True and Living Yahweh, as My Witness:  The Divinely-anointed House of David
shall dutifully and relentlessly hold the ENTIRE Excutive, Legislative, and Judicial branches
of U.S. “government”, WHOLLY accountable for the -needless- epidemic of Death and Destruction
which harshly punishes our once Godly-blessed nation.  Cowardly, “Pay-check Patriots” from
ALL Federal Agencies MUST expect severe and lasting consequences.  No excuses, no exceptions, NO

I was personally sickened and disgusted by the vapid words offered by one of the most
Oppressive, Anti-Christian politicians in U.S. History:  The Pharaoh of The United States,
whose immoral and Godless regime included Eric “Lil Janet” Holder Jr., who was instrumental
in the nauseating massacre of nearly 70 Christian Women and Children, at Waco, TX.
Again:  Justice,  -TRUE Justice- draws near

AS, The Lord God Lives:  The 2012 Victory, is HERE:
By waterman on 12-18-12 @ 12:06 pm
59 up | 24 down

Yodah- you ask some good questions that need some good answers. The quote, “Those who do
not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”, by philosopher George Santayana. . (Karl Marx is also credited by some with this quote.) Holds so true.
We do not have to look back too far in history to have some good answers. Being a WW I & II
history buff I see how the Nazi’s move to disarm the citizens was citied to be for the good of the
country and society. Of course we all know what holocaust that lead too.
That is just one incident that been repeated many times over in the world and cities. How about
New Orleans when Katrina hit ? Where were the police to protect the citizens from the looters.
The police were part of the looters in some cases.
Our country & freedom was fought for by citizens. Just like you and me. A bunch of rag tag civilans
with their own weapons. Honed by professional military trainers into a mighty force.
What if England had banned those weapons ? We may have used our knowledge to build more
of them. Or maybe not.
The point being, An armed socity is a peaceful and free socity.
The left looks to gov’t for answers that can not be answered w/legislation alone. You cannot
legislate good behavior. Gov’t can only assist in creating the right enviroment and allowing the
people to willingly do the right thing.
A true leader leads by example and does not hold himself above his followers. His followers
follow because they want to do what he asks of them, because they know he has the country’s
best interest at heart. Even at their own sacrifice.
I choose to be armed, because self defense is in my, and my familys, best interest.
Giving up a magazine, because of size, is a poor thought process. It is what you do with that
magazine and weapon that matters in the end.
By concernedaboutguns on 12-18-12 @ 5:01 pm
4 up | 82 down

I was drawn to this site as it seems to be the home tome of “Don K” the Auto dealer.

Don K is one of the major sponsors of the Gun Owners of America organization. Who depict
themselves as “the only no-comprimise gun lobby in Washigton”

Personally, I could NOT support anyone who supports the following view:

“In addition to the gunman, blood is on the hands of members of Congress and the Connecticut
legislators who voted to ban guns from all schools in Connecticut (and most other states). They
are the ones who made it illegal to defend oneself with a gun in a school when that is the only
effective way of resisting a gunman.”

As a Floridian, my purchasing power in Montana is limited, but I would urge residents of
Whitefish, MT to express themselves and tell Don K that compromise IS NEEDED if we are to reduce
the number of children killed every year by firearms.

Michael, Florida
By Am Trans on 12-19-12 @ 7:52 am
0 up | 65 down

Don K can’t afford to compromise, because if the gun clubs do, then next the auto dealers will have to. 
Because it is they who supply child killers with (by far) the most commonly used, most lethal murder
By reggie on 12-19-12 @ 8:13 am
26 up | 66 down

Bo, I like the fact that more right leaning people are reading here, and maby even commenting.
Where else can they get exposed to the pertinent elements of truth not easily available in
mainstreem media?....certinly not from their usual media choices.

Keep shining the light, some of it will ring true with a portion of those reading, regardless
existing opinion….. when they are willing to be exposed to both sides.

“The roots of belief are always green.”
By concernedaboutguns on 12-19-12 @ 8:17 am
1 up | 74 down

I have to agree that Motor vehicles are the largest killer of our children.
According to the National Center for Health statistics (2007), deaths of children 0 - 19 were
(per 100,000):
Motor Vehicle - 6,683
Firearms - 3,001 ( all causes: unintentional, Homicide and suicide) - 45% compared to Motor

Put together, these two numbers are only slightly less than death by Natural causes (11,560)

Michael, Florida
By GATE on 12-19-12 @ 2:18 pm
65 up | 16 down

Crazy Joe Biden 2008:” Barack Obama ain’t taking my shotguns”. Dingy Harry Reid 2010: “I carry a
gun every place I go’‘.
By bocephusj57 on 12-19-12 @ 8:38 pm
15 up | 62 down

Saint Ronny of Rayguns lobbied for the 1994 Assault Weapons ban.  It passed by two votes.

“Congressman Scott Klug, a Republican from Wisconsin was an opponent of the assault weapon ban
and the day before the vote stated his opposition to the ban. Klug only changed his voted after
“a last minute plea from President Reagan” in the form of a handwritten note.

‘‘Dear Scott: As a longtime gun owner and supporter of the right to bear arms, I, too, have
carefully thought about this issue. I am convinced that the limitations imposed in this bill are
absolutely necessary,” Reagan wrote Klug. “I know there is heavy pressure on you to go the other
way, but I strongly urge you to join me in supporting this bill. It must be passed. Sincerely,
Ronald Reagan.’‘

‘‘I can think of no one who has been a stronger supporter of law and order and a stronger
supporter of the Second Amendment,’’ Klug said in a statement regarding Reagan’s note announcing
his support for the ban.

Another former Congressman, New Hampshire Democrat Dick Swett, also credited the former
President with influencing his vote. Swett was unsure of how to vote on the ban, but made up his
made after direct lobbying from Reagan.”
By GATE on 12-20-12 @ 6:18 am
53 up | 2 down

President Ronald Reagan on Gun Control: ” The gun has been called the great equalizer, meaning a
small person with a gun is equal to a large person, but it is another great equalizer in another way
to, It insures that the people are the equal of their Government whenever the Government forgets
that it is the Servant and not the master of the governed. When the British forgot that they got a
revolution. And, as a result, we Americans got a Constitution; a Constitution that as those who
wrote it were determined, would keep men free. If we give up part of that Constitution we give up part
of our freedom and increase the chance we will lose it all”.- Ronald Reagan
By corsair1945 on 12-20-12 @ 9:35 am
21 up | 8 down

“A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity.” -Sigmund Freud
By Passin through on 12-20-12 @ 11:04 am
16 up | 51 down

I knew someone would bring up the 2nd amendment This is what is says for those who can’t place
the wording…***“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right
of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”  ***
It’s the regulated militia I think is the key to that line, just how many of you are in a militia? if so
what is your rank?

There are people who own guns I bet can not even tell you what it says other then the owning a
gun part.

When that was written we had no guns that could handle more then one musket ball at a time,
there were no gatling guns, there were no short the founding fathers had no idea
these would ever be around ,they wrote for the time they lived in.

Many things have changed since then. so if you want to own a gun then fine own it but stop using
something that has nothing to do with today to feel good about it.because if you want to use that
then go back to the Bible and live the 10 commandments. no offence ment to those who do not
want hear about the Bible,but the Commandments were around longer then the 2nd Amendment.
And in theory if you lived by them then we should not have the trouble we have now.

Yes this and many other shootings were done by people who needing help,but did not get it..IF
you’re tired of this happening then write the people in Washington and tell them you want them to
start using the tax money for things other then foolishness, no more   bridges in places just to
name after some guy in congress, no more over paying for things they could go to Lowes or
Homedepot and get…Stop using it as a never ending checking account. and don’t say it is a
waste of time it is only a waste if your afriad to have your name on a paper saying what you want

My father always said take the problem to the top so I have ,I have sent many a letter to the
president/cogressman, when I was upset by something…Who knows I may have a file on me, so
I’m not doing anything I should be worried about, but at least I am letting someone know what I
think should be done not just sitting and grammbling about it .

I will not get into it but this issue is personal I have a cousin who was killed by a bil who should not
have had a gun..but the store where he got it did not do a waiting period so they could do a
background check, they just sold it to him…

So yes I am sick of the 2nd Amendment being used as reason to have a gun when most people
are not getting to protect a*free state* its just to have one.and some of them should not have one
for metal reasons.

Just a FYI I have grown up around guns my whole life so no I am not afraid of them in the right
By GATE on 12-20-12 @ 11:31 am
45 up | 4 down

John F. Kennedy: ” Today, we need a Nation of Minutemen, citizens who are not only prepared to take
up arms, but citizens who regard the preservation of freedom as the base purpose of their daily life and
who are willing to consciously work to sacrifice for that freedom”.
By waterman on 12-20-12 @ 11:51 am
43 up | 13 down

passin- “When that was written (constitution) we had no guns that could handle more then one
musket ball at a time, there were no gatling guns, there were no short the founding
fathers had no idea these would ever be around ,they wrote for the time they lived in.”

That can also apply to electricity for our benefit, vehicles, airplanes, internal combustion engines,
etc, etc, etc.

Should we also give all of that up ?

How about the non-criminals just go back to the musket and leave the assult rilfes w/the
criminals ?

The constitution is so great because it is practically timeless. I am certain that none of our leaders
today could have wrote any of the founding documents that make this country so great. It would
look like our tax regulations and the “O” care bill combined X 1000 fold, and you’d have to pass it
so we could find out what is in it !
By Passin through on 12-20-12 @ 12:19 pm
14 up | 55 down

During JFK time in office how many shooting like this happened? We had prayer in school,
Parents were allowed to make thier kids mind without fear of being arrested if the kid did not
make it to every thing they wanted to had chores to do teaching them respondibility,.. it
was a differant time. Also in many ways we were not so far from the imagines of WWll.

The Berin Wall is down in many ways we are not the people of that time.You can bring up all the
speeches of a time gone by but the thing is we are not living back then we have to deal with what
is going on NOW.

In a time when a Nuke could be dropped from any one… a gun is not much protection.

Do we bring prayer back into school, do we give parents the right to make thier kids mind as long
as they are not beatten, Do we take the idea if it takes a village to raise a child and if so do we
allow a nieghbor a stranger in a store to make the kid mind or get mad they did not come to us
and let us handle it…

We need to go form here and stop thinking in the past we either do what is good for all or we stay
here grummbling about things that keep happening, and stop blaming people for what happened
back then. we cannot go back and change what is, so lets do what needs to be now.

Cos as a aunt,sister cousin,friend I am sick and tried of a rehash of the OLD days and what was
said or done and no one is trying to figure out what to do NOW… You all enjoy rehashing the 2nd
amendment what JFK may have said fine..this dose not stop the next shooting from happening, it
dose not stop the next person who should not have a gun from getting one. or using it.

So post all the speeches you want, talk about who did what on whatever bill but dose it help stop
the next shooting from happening?

Oh and the idea of letting teachers or any one in school have agun to protect kids unless they are
ready to go through what a cop dose to know how to not shoot at every movment how many kids
would be killed by them.  there is a big differance between using a gun during hunting season or
at a range to being in a spot where you have to use it. It is so easy to say what you would do
when your are safe in your own home and no one has a gun going off around you.How many kids
were saved because teachers used their heads their clear mind not having any metal problems
heads…not a gun? I know we will never know.
By GATE on 12-20-12 @ 12:59 pm
63 up | 7 down

were not called THE BILL OF NEEDS for a reason!
By bocephusj57 on 12-20-12 @ 3:40 pm
67 up | 63 down

Another classic example of unhinged rightwingnuts cherry-picking a quote out of context.  Google
JFK’s quote, the gun nuts are flogging this all over the internet.

It opens with this:

“This year, the celebrations of Roosevelt Day has special significance for Democrats everywhere;
for we celebrate not only the triumphs of the past but the opportunities of the future.

Twenty-eight years ago Franklin Roosevelt assumed the leadership of a stricken and demoralized
nation. Poverty, distress and economic stagnation blanketed the land. But it was not long before
the great creative energies of the New Deal had lifted American from its despair and set us on
the path to new heights of prosperity, power and greatness. “

and closes with this:

“It is this effort and concern which makes up the New Frontier. And it is this effort and
concern which will determine the success or failure not only with Administration, but of our
nation itself. “

The New Deal and The New Frontier are not specific to 2nd Amend issues.  Your attempt to
cross-purpose JFK’s words are a miserable and ignorant failure.
By GATE on 12-20-12 @ 4:09 pm
62 up | 66 down

John F. Kennedy: ‘By calling attention to ‘a well regulated militia’, the security of our Nation,‘and THE
RIGHT OF EACH CITIZEN TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS’ our founding fathers recognized the
essentially civilian value of our economy…The Second Amendment still remains an important
declaration of our basic civilian-military relationship in which every citizen must be ready to participate
in the defense of his Country”.
By bocephusj57 on 12-20-12 @ 4:36 pm
8 up | 59 down

Your cite is from something he wrote in 1960.  Not his 1961 remarks.
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