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By RussCrowder on 01-31-13 @ 12:04 pm
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Let’s just hope the beloved grandchildren don’t ever buy property anywhere in proximity to the City of
Whitefish.  They will miss the joy of “Representation” that most “free” citizens and property owners
in America enjoy. They will miss the respect and benefits that most other governments in America
recognize as the “Right” of property ownership:  Private Property Rights.  Of course, with Obama
and his socialist’s running the show, this is probably all academic anyway as most of our grand
children will be too busy paying for the new socialist state to ever have the means to purchase
private property for themselves.  But for the few that do:  Beware the Whitefish Doughnut!
By reggie on 02-01-13 @ 10:50 am
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Russ, liked the first part of your comment and agree. However, continuing to call the center
right President Obama a socialist regardless how many times repeated will not make it so.

Also, to address your claim of Obama’s high spending, note: (1) The GDP has grown from -8.3
to +1.5, (2) corporate profits are at an all time high, (3)  the 10% unemployment peak in the
immediate aftermath of the Bush economic castastrophe has steadily declined to less than 8%
and continues down, (4)  the Bush 1.5 trillion dollar deficite of 2009 was reduced by 200 billion
in 2010 and another 200 billion in 2011 and continues down, (5) hireing of government workers
has been frozen, (6) Obama’s discretionary spending is the lowest of any President in memory.

You see, the Bush/Republican economic catastrophe guaranteed that the deficite and debt
would explode, even worse than the unprecidented debt Bush added whial holding office;
which you on the right were fine with then. The idea that your party was horrified by all the
spending is just revisionist history; the debt and deficite became an issue for you pretenders
when the black Democrat got elected President. If you doubt this, take a look at Paul Ryan’s
voting record.

The 5 trillion added to the deficite was going to happen regardless who was elected President;
because when finantial disaster comes, safety net expenses go up and revenue goes down as
fewer people are paying taxes because they don’t have jobs.
By RussCrowder on 02-01-13 @ 11:14 am
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Dream on reggie…I do agree with one part of your premise that up to now Obama’s political agenda
has more closely represented “fascism” than “socialism”.  However, his second term is where the
rubber will really meet the road and I expect that his true deeply committed socialist self will be
manifested for all to see.  His “Socialized Medicine” was just the tip of the iceberg.
By mooseberryinn on 02-01-13 @ 11:55 am
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WHOA - Reggie….That’s a really big steamin’ pile ya typed up there.  Somehow though, I’m thinking
“fact check” will not help you.  Way, way far gone over the edge there buddy.  But - it was really funny. 
I gotta admit that.  Really funny.
By reggie on 02-01-13 @ 1:30 pm
46 up | 20 down

Russ, I think Mussolinie’s defination of facsim is close to what the U.S. has become under
the “supply side” economic scam, which is really just very effective class warfare, and proven
failure at economic policy for any nation. According to quote by Benito Mussolini IIRC, “Fascim
is better called corporatism as it is the combination of state power and corporate power”.

I don’t think Obamacare is the best method to adderss our out of control health care costs, but
it is better than doing nothing. What do you suggest to bring healthcare into affordability?

And what is your defination of socialism?

Moose, it would be easier to respond if you identified the facts you take issue with (and
reduced the insults) regarding my previous comment.
By bopho on 02-01-13 @ 2:10 pm
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reggie - you can’t have any kind of rational conversation with those two.  Comparing the United States
of today with Hitler/Mussolini fascism and/or Soviet era socialism is both a gross distortion of history
and ludicrous.  The people of the United States are the freest in the world.

And the only rights RussCrowder cares about are the rights of developers to do anything they want
regardless of the cost to the rest of us.
By debbietant on 02-02-13 @ 8:01 am
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Russ and mooseberryinn are getting a good lesson on payback when it is no longer the greedy few
property owners and capitalists able to exploit the majority, and they don’t like it!  That’s to bad
because there is plenty more to come so they may as well quit whining and get used to it.  Thanks to
President Obama the collective now have a voice and we WILL BE HEARD !
By fatheadfred on 02-02-13 @ 10:30 am
21 up | 26 down

hey debbie glad you are so happy.  here is the bottom line for many older montanans and their
grandchildren who have owned a home on whitefish lake since 1952.  the writer of this article
will be reposing our home for over 30 years on the lake that was owned by my father in law
since 1952.  for a while i only suspected that people like yourself really did not exist,people
who love to see other people lives uprooted and broken so others can benefit from many years
of hard work.  you have already been heard now its a matter of how many older people lives do
you want to squash, and knowing your kind you wont stop ruining other peoples lives,all
because they dont share the same beliefs as you.  since your life is not affected by this action
it must be grand shouting out words without any backing.  being an older guy i will tell you and i
suspect you will laugh out loud but what comes around goes around.
By pik20e4me on 02-02-13 @ 11:35 am
35 up | 18 down


I appreciate your efforts to contradict misconceptions of some frequent posters commenting
here.  Unfortunately, facts tend to have a liberal bias and they get in the way of long-held
ideologies.  As a consequence, the denialists will blow them off and make ad hominem
arguments.  Our “socialist” president is effectively an Eisenhower Republican and a pragmatist.
By GATE on 02-02-13 @ 11:44 am
19 up | 40 down

The ‘greedy property owners and capitalists’ are the one’s who’ve used risk Capital to create wealth
which is then used to provide employment and/or Nanny State goodies to some who are paralyzed
with self loathing and envy. Unless one lives in a Tree or a Buffalo Chip Hut, one of those ‘greedy’
Capitalists probably built the House you live in!
By reggie on 02-02-13 @ 12:27 pm
36 up | 18 down

Only labor creats wealth, capital accumulates wealth. If the wealthy were really “job creators”
then why aren’t we awash in jobs? After all they currently enjoy the largest share of existing
wealth and income in national history.

And, even though I spent nearly my entire working carrer in construction, I have yet to see a
rich man working on a strangers home, or any other construction. Workers built every house in
America, capital just arranged financing, and took (a deserved) portion of the wealth labor
created. Our problems started when greedy capitalists decided they deserved ALL the wealth
workers create.
By RussCrowder on 02-03-13 @ 4:26 pm
12 up | 32 down

Reggie…We’ve got to get you and debbietant together…That would be a match made in Heaven…Or
By JosephineDoody on 02-04-13 @ 6:43 am
15 up | 29 down

There she goes again! Debbietant spewing her hatred toward the productive in life. The very people
who make it possible for others to live by providing the system…aka…The Dole…those government
programs that professional renter debbietant, is no doubt a fan of.

Debbietant doesn’t want these hand-outs to end because it’s possible she could be a beneficiary of
them. Therefore, she needs the middle-class and the wealthy to continue to produce in order to
make it possible to buy groceries, receive subsidized rent, get free health care, etc.

The unfortunate by-product of all the “free stuff” is that in Debbietant’s case, none of it seems to
make her happy. It’s never enough for her. She’s still a hater of the productive (aka taxpayers) -
despite everything they provide and make possible for others.
By mooseberryinn on 02-04-13 @ 8:07 am
14 up | 40 down

Wow - go figure, ya kick over the cow-pie and the Scorpians come running out.  Reggie - I don’t
agree with just about 99% of what you typed.  Simply put, (for you) - there aren’t any “facts” there. 
Bopho - not really up to speed on history eh?  maybe ya might try reading a book or two. 
Debbietant - “exploit the majority”?  Um, I think the “majority” work for a living, get a paycheck, and
basically just don’t want taxpayers to feed them.  Now, in your case, this may not be true?  “greedy
property owners” - Hey!  that’s me!  I’ve worked since I was 14-15 or so, bought and almost paid off
a modest home, I don’t apologize for the rewards of my hard work.  “collective” ??? wow - right out
of the Marxist hand book.  do you have a job?  if not, find one.  Work for a change.  Oh, question -
Can food stamps be used to buy Twinkies and beer?
By reggie on 02-04-13 @ 11:39 am
28 up | 14 down

More denial from the willfully ignorant right. Everything in the comment being slandered is true
and easily supported by published information. But I am sure Moose knows how to use google,
and did exactly that; just discovered some unwelcome truth that puts the lie to a few deeply
held false beliefs.

“none so blind…....”
By Mark W. on 02-04-13 @ 1:19 pm
11 up | 23 down

reggie, the whole purpose of the kind of communism you propose, and that is practiced by both parties
to varying degrees, is to filter money upward to the banks and tax farm the people, not to solve
problems.  So it’s no mistake that after trillions of dollars milked what has happened?  Millions of people
uprooted from their homes in neighborhoods destroyed by illegals and section 8, the destruction of
families, widespread poverty, disillusionment, learned helplessness, government corruption beyond
compare, and a breathtaking lack of accountability in all sectors of society.  And even better, for every
dollar we spent on these “benefits” bestowed upon us by our benevolent government we got 30 cents of
“value.”  Said “value” brilliantly illustrated here by flatheadfred’s comment, and echoed by tens of
millions across the country.  People directly effected by the destructive beliefs of people like you,
reggie.  You want to talk about deeply held false beliefs.  But I guess you got to break a few eggs, huh

I don’t think anyone is entirely happy with the current wealth disparity in America.  But rich, poor, middle
class.  It should be transparently obvious by now that giving any more money, property, or regulatory
reach to the machine is suicidal. 

By mooseberryinn on 02-04-13 @ 9:22 pm
11 up | 24 down

reggie - are you trying for comedy?  Reading Joe D’buffoon’s blog?  Oh wait!  you’re not really listening
to King Obama?  Good lord man, you must be stuck in one achin’ ignorant steaming pile of stupid. 
Sorry.  you’re terminally unteachable.  Is there anyone willing to try to teach reggie anything?  Good
By GATE on 02-05-13 @ 8:13 am
14 up | 20 down

Moose: The ‘Progressively challenged’ will never ‘get it’. To put it into a historical perspective they
might be able follow: ” Over Five Thousand years ago Moses said to the Children of Israel ” Pick up
your shovels, mount your arsses and camels, and I will lead you to the promised land”!  Nearly 80
years ago (when welfare was introduced), Roosevelt said:” Lay down your shovels, sit on your
arsses, and light up a camel, this is the promised land”.  Today, The Deceiver and his Regime have
stolen your shovel, taxed your arsses, raised the price of camels, and mortgaged the promised
By reggie on 02-05-13 @ 8:15 am
20 up | 10 down

Mark,no one proposed communism, or any other form of government than democracy, just
pointing out the total failure of our 35 year experiment in VOO DOO economics. That the
obvious results are destructive to civilization, and will end capitalism when the producers
cannot buy any goods/services beyond necessities. As we head towards corporate feudalism,
the deluded right continues to point out the wrong force as enemy. Our biggest problem is not
an overreaching government, it is unregulated, and undertaxed business, in the form of
multinational corporations. You do know that corporate welfare costs taxpayers much more
than people welfare, right?

The reason government cannot work for the people is, cubic money has replaced voters as the
real constituancy. Elections cost SO MUCH that our elected representatives must spent hours
every day begging for money to have enough to compete, regardless party. Of course, they
must cater to their financial backers on every issue where money opposes people, or face a
hugely funded opponent who will support capital over people in the next election.

Unregulated capitalism is also the biggest cause of illegal immigrants, as few would come in
illegally if there was no illegal employment available. But, the right refuses to really punish
(through government) the profiteers that undercut existing wages, illegally, for selfish benifit,
just as repubs in the senate are working to gut the Consumer Protection Bureau in Dodd-
Frank that will put some restrictions on unethical, illegal acts by wall street.

Now that unions have been defeated, government is the only force big enough to protect
people from financial domination/destruction at the hands of inhuman corporations. But the
constant propaganda of the corporate media, especially the openly lieing Fox and rightwing
radio shills, keeps us fighting each other instead of seeing, and thus engaging, the real enemy.
By Mark W. on 02-05-13 @ 9:13 am
9 up | 18 down

reggie, I don’t really understand that kind of Chinese but I respect your right to speak it.

I think we need some state’s rights going on.  Agree?
By reggie on 02-05-13 @ 11:53 am
16 up | 8 down

Government of by and for the people is American, not Chinese, Mark.
By Mark W. on 02-05-13 @ 1:50 pm
8 up | 13 down

I take it that’s a “no” on State’s rights reggie.  Let’s list what we agree with and find compromise:

1.  We agree that very little that is good for the people makes it through the system because of
money interests.  However, at least money is also good for people, so it’s not all bad.  The
compromise I offer: Limits to campaign funding in exchange for voting rights limited to only net
taxpaying, non-government employed, over 25 year old citizens.

2.  We agree the border should be closed.  We don’t need to bicker over whose fault it is.  It’s
certainly not mine, and it’s not yours.  We close the border, deport the illegals and reject the current
amnesty.  Government housing limited to government housing areas, not distributed through
established neighborhoods with section 8. 

We wait until the dust settles and see where we are.

By reggie on 02-05-13 @ 2:49 pm
13 up | 9 down

I support states rights, it’s just that repubs seem to have a flexable definition for that term, and I
don’t support (or even know) all of those definitions.

I don’t have anything against money, could use some more actually. But the love of money is
the root of all evil, so those unable to control themselfs regarding the amassing of great sums
(enough to outlast all future offspring) at the cost of terrible suffering for fellow citizens need
restrained, not given advantage.

Your proposel to disenfranchise fellow citizens reeks of the voter supression tactics being
practiced by the republican party. No, I don’t agree that we need to steal rights from fellow
citizens. If the right can’t win elections without cheating, they must change their platform to
better reflect what the voters want, or join the other former political parties in history’s garbage

Haven’t given section 8 housing location much thought, buy forceing the most vulnerable into
what sounds like deliberately planed gettos would create more problems than it helps, IMHO.
Am undecided on what to do with illegals now in the U.S., but those who have never known
any other country and see our nation as their only home should be considered separately.

I don’t want to limit private money in election/issue campaign funding, I want to eliminate it.
Public funding for all elections! Why should one person have more influence on democraticly
controled government than any other one person? And why should corporations have any say
in democraticly controled government?
By carbuncle on 02-05-13 @ 3:24 pm
5 up | 10 down

Josephine Doody
You white haired old lush, you speak of property rights and we all know you are the
control freak of our city council / airport planning with no regards to our rights. Go dive
into one of your batches of shine, and maybe you can come up with a happy on. 
By Mark W. on 02-05-13 @ 3:40 pm
11 up | 11 down

“Why should one person have more influence on democraticly controled government than any other
one person?”

Because we have values, and some people reflect those values more than others, and those
people should not have their votes cancelled by idiots who do nothing, to be blunt. 

Private money is needed in campaigns because being a government employee or otherwise getting
a government check creates a nearly insurmountable political barrier.  You’re going to vote your
check, and you’re going to tell others to vote your check.  You can’t tell people who pay for those
checks that they can’t attempt to have a similar influence.  We can limit private campaign finance
to the total aggregate amount of all state and government employee’s checks and welfare
payments.  Fair is fair.

Voter suppression is different than legally limiting the franchise.  Universal suffrage is a joke. 
Some people shouldn’t be voting.  We need some kind of test at the very least. 

Corporations should have a say in government because, at the very least, a legislator should know
if their actions are going to adversely effect thousands of jobs, and billions in paychecks and

Section 8 doesn’t “fix” the slums, it brings the slums to neighborhoods of decent people, forcing
them to move.  Enough of the social engineering and screwing with people. 

By debbietant on 02-05-13 @ 4:53 pm
14 up | 19 down

The property owners and capitalists are easy to spot on this blog, they are the ones with all the
thumbs DOWN!  They are going the way of the dinosaur and the poor soul’s aren’t smart enough to
realize it.  OBAMA-2016 !!!!
By fatheadfred on 02-05-13 @ 5:05 pm
17 up | 18 down

hey rocket scientist debbietant obama cant run in 2016 you mental midget and im a democrat. 
your comments do not at all relate to the subject matter in the original article you are just
looking to pick a fight
By Mark W. on 02-05-13 @ 8:54 pm
6 up | 7 down

Thumbs down is the new thumbs up.
By JosephineDoody on 02-05-13 @ 9:52 pm
10 up | 9 down

Carbuncle: Noun. A multiple boil in the skin, typically infected with staphylococcus.

Poor Carbuncle. Your name has made you bitter. Perhaps you could share a stiff drink with your
buddy Peephole while you commiserate about the property owners of Kalispell and the Greater
Flathead Area (aka taxpayers). I’ll be happy to share what’s left in my Mason jar. Cheers!
By reggie on 02-06-13 @ 10:39 am
12 up | 11 down

You seem pretty much unreachable, Mark. The function you suggest for corporations in our
democracy is necessary, and can best be handled by the only ligitimate function of lobbyests;
give sworn testimony in their field of expertise when called by a congressional committe for
their input. Nothing else business does belongs in democraticly controled government,
especially the “legal” but illigitimate bribing that is campaign funding.

Your ideas don’t relate to democray very well, even appearing to disown it when the majority
votes “wrong” in your view. However, I will support a test to determine voting eligibility so long
as I get to set the test perimiters. You probably won’t like my requirements on what must be
known by the citizen wishing to vote, but I believe my values reflect traditional America better
than any on the right…. Agree?
By mooseberryinn on 02-06-13 @ 11:02 am
8 up | 13 down

Reggie - this is your version of comedy? right?  Come on, where is the punchline?  we’re all waiting for
the big laugh at the end of the comic parody.
By reggie on 02-06-13 @ 11:32 am
13 up | 14 down

Moose, are you, Russ, and Gate comteting for the “Don Rickles” award for political
offensiveness, rudness and insults? If so, that comic (and dubious) award has been claimed by
one of your shining lights for many years now, and it will require you guys to raise your game
quite a bit if you stand any chance.

That spot is held by the many times and returning champion lieing mud thrower…..Ann Colter!
By Mark W. on 02-06-13 @ 3:12 pm
5 up | 13 down

Unreachable reggie?  On the contrary, I think we’re getting somewhere.  We’ve agreed to close the
borders and start deporting.  I agree to limiting the role of business to congressional testimony. 
And we agree to a test for voting eligibility.  We’ll let the legislature fight over the questions. 
Though if you want to throw out your ideal sample test, I’d like to read it. 

We disagree over protecting stable neighborhoods from section 8 and whether the campaign
funding limit should equal total state and federal employee and welfare payouts for a given election
term in a given district, and whether government employees should be allowed to vote. 

Here’s my deal: Section 8 shall be allowed into stable neighborhoods, as long as it’s in a house
next to any form of city, county, state or federal employee.  Then, we’ll subtract said employee’s
salaries from the allowable campaign funding total and allow them to vote.

So, if any government employee believes in lowering the campaign funding limit and wants to vote,
they can live next to a Section 8 beneficiary.  If enough do it we could get the spending limit down
to zero for you.


By mooseberryinn on 02-06-13 @ 6:56 pm
5 up | 13 down

Geez, sorry reggie, you still don’t get it and most likely never will.  too bad.  but hey, the “good” news -
you will pay for Chairman Obama and the Demo-dummies regime along with the rest of us.  Somehow,
I think this will make you happy.
Kellyn Brown
Kellyn Brown18 Apr
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Molly Priddy
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