Friday Apr. 18, 2014
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Gov. Steve Bullock is proposing that the state expand Medicaid
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By hotfishmt on 01-14-13 @ 8:49 am
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Medicaid Expansion….does not seem good at all to me. There are a lot of people “milking” the
system now an to add more….waste of more federal dollars….and when it runs into trouble, the
state is on the “federal food $$ hook”.
Maybe using the same dollars to investigate how mentally ill people are kept in the main
stream to long & then later have to deal with problems they cause in society??? Like
the “wacko’s” that commit mass murder & not later after some event?
By CRidg on 01-14-13 @ 12:04 pm
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I couldn’t be more against Medicaid expansion. In the past few months we’ve heard countless times
about our country almost falling off the “fiscal cliff”. If Congress is going to allow our country to creep
over the ledge of fiscal damnation, how on earth can we trust them to live up to their promise to fund
medicaid expansion?
By waterman on 01-14-13 @ 1:05 pm
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Bullock is only looking the state coffers. He forgets that the feds right now cannot continuing
funding Medicaid w/o raising more tax dollars. That means us, the taxpayers, will be paying more
for Bullocks scheme. We comprise less than 50 % of the U.S. population right now. Why doesn’t
Brad come up w/a job creating idea that does not require more tax dollars. Does he not
understand that higher taxes kill job growth ?
I was hoping for more from him than this have baked idea.
By thinker on 01-14-13 @ 3:22 pm
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What a harebrained idea!  If it’s true more welfare recipients create new dollars, then we should all
be on Medicaid and any other kind welfare this idiot can dream up.  The government doesn’t pay for
anything.  The taxpayers pay for everything. People who pay federal taxes, some of whom live in
Montana, will be paying for this.
I’m horrified this clown was elected.
By KWilks on 01-14-13 @ 4:14 pm
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This just seems like another example of our federal leaders promising us that everything is under
control when it really isn’t. We just can’t trust Washington to keep their word on this.
By GATE on 01-14-13 @ 4:15 pm
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An Ode to Medicaid:  Dear Abby: My Husband has a long record of money problems.He runs up
huge credit card bills and at the end of the month, if I try and pay them off, he shouts at me, saying
I’m stealing his money. He pays the minimum and let’s our kids worry about the rest, but already
we can hardly keep up with the interest. Also he’s been so arrogant and abusive to our neighbors
hardly anyone speaks to us anymore. The few that do are an odd bunch, to whom he’s been giving
alot of expensive gifts,running up our bills even more. Can you Help!! Signed LOST.

Dear LOST:

Suck it up and stop whining, Michelle. Your getting to live in the White House for free, travel the
world, and have others pay everything for you.. You can divorce the jerk anytime you want. The rest
of us are stuck with the idiot for Four more years. Signed Abby!!
By Gators on 01-16-13 @ 5:30 pm
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Just the Facts Jack:  Medicaid fact in Maine..39 Maine Hosp. are suing to get $484 Million
Dollars owed them since 2009.  Hospitals have run TV ad and newspaper ads to get what they
are owed.  This is only one state.  Anyone who “paid attention” in high school see this is not
Other Facts: Food stamps: There are 30 Million more people recieveing food stamps today
than in 2000.  Yes..30,000,000 people with an average benefit of $125/month.  If you like that
you will like Social Security disability in 2000 was 5 million people and today is 8.6 million
people.  I thought the work place is safer than at any time in history.  Many news headlines of
rampant fraud in the system.  YA THINK!  Pell Grants which pay people to go to college other
than working jumped to 9.7 million people from 3.9 million in 2000.  You wonder who’s getting
this money…many that do not deserve it.  This is what going to break the good ole USA…the
losers of the country call stand tall and say WE DID IT!!
By mooseberryinn on 01-18-13 @ 12:37 pm
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GATE - Very well done!  very true too.  Gators - also well said. 
keep in mind, Chairman, comrade, El presidente, His holiness the Marxist Majesty and the demo-
dummies regime are not trying to SAVE America, they are working to TRANSFORM America.  So
what is a wee bit of economic destruction and loss of liberty among friends?  I mean, do we really
need all those freedoms mentioned in our Constitution?  Would having the regime decide who
lives/dies, works, gets all the money etc. really be so bad?  It worked so well for Castro and
Chavez, ya know?
By Gators on 01-18-13 @ 12:55 pm
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Remember politicans (ALL) want your vote they have to spend money they don’t have.  So you
can see we are headed the same ugly direction Europe is heading…many uncertain days
ahead, no matter who is president.
By Gators on 01-19-13 @ 11:09 am
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Question: Why do people want the Gov’t to help them insead of helping themselves?  Yes, I
know some people really need it, maybe (15%) of the people who get it, and I’m all for that.  It’s
the people I knew in High School who had the same teachers as me, but they for some strange
reason did not PAY ATTENTION in school thus the rub.  Still baffles me today.  Where did they
learn this behavior?
By GATE on 01-19-13 @ 11:57 am
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Using accepted accounting standards the Federal Deficit in 2011 was $5TRILLION dollars, and in 2012
$7TRILLION dollars including unfunded liabilities. Whose going to pay for these schemes?
By Gators on 01-19-13 @ 12:41 pm
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Gate….we are…and it’s going to hurt everyone…esp. the lower income people.  They won’t
have any extra money for smart phones, cigs, and booze..ouch..pun intended…
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