Sunday Apr. 20, 2014
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School board puts forward three levies for voters to decide in May
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By EnPrime on 03-16-12 @ 2:33 pm
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No. Just no.
By mitch on 03-16-12 @ 5:15 pm
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Our children are our future.  We can only hope the people of Kalispell will show the intelligence
shown by those in Whitefish.
By Maria on 03-16-12 @ 5:32 pm
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I believe the children are our are future
Teach them well and let them lead the way
Show them all the beauty they possess inside
Give them a sense of pride to make it easier
Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be…

Yeah right….blah, blah, blah…how do we indoctrinate our little darlings? Teach them how to pass
school bond levies.
By dowhtsrght8 on 03-21-12 @ 6:39 pm
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Unfortunately, our schools needing help is very real this year. I’m sure the folks at Flathead High would
be happy to show anyone all the problems they are facing there. Nobody enjoys paying taxes, but this
is our community, and our kids need a safe place to learn.
By Squirrel on 03-21-12 @ 6:41 pm
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Schools in Montana are funded by a combination of state funds and local levies. If the district can
come up with numbers that reasonably reflect legitimate needs, then voters should pass the levies.
People keep saying “no” and “cut, cut, cut”, but at this point, maintenance has to be done. The air
system in FHS is broken and unhealthy. Kids are being taught in breezeways and closets in a
couple schools. There is definitely need. Invest now, or pay later in higher maintenance and
construction costs.

As for cutting salaries and teachers… the vast majority of teachers spend WAY more on their
classrooms and kids than anyone else in any other sector would DREAM of spending for their jobs.
And the vast majority of teachers work their butts off to make a difference with kids. Not to mention,
KSD 5 is the second biggest (I think) employer in town - cut salaries and jobs, cut $ flowing back
into the community.

I’m not a teacher. I don’t work for the district. But I know education. I’ve spent significant time in
classrooms. I’m hoping the district can put forth a clear message of what’s needed and what will be
spent, where. If that happens, I will support the levies… even though - especially because - I will be
paying higher taxes for the good of the community.
By halcyonkayak on 04-19-12 @ 1:21 pm
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This issue is very straight-forward for me.

The building reserve funds are not “tax increases” that pile up on each other. They do not go to
increase the payroll of the district personnel. They are for maintenance and upkeep. The money
goes towards the infrastructure that’s needed to assure that the best learning can take place.

The levy is also not an “tax increase” in that these additions have a “sundown” and the monies
have to be renewed in order for the reserves to be kept up. That is just how we do it in
Montana. It keeps the funding system flexible so the rates can fluctuate with the needs and the
payers are in control.

In light of the fact that the building reserve funds have not been renewed for a few years now,
I think it’s time for us to invest in the ongoing high quality of our schools. Many posters have
said it; we keep our houses in good order, why would we not do the same for our schools?

It’s time for the community to step up again, just like your community did for you when you were
in school.
By jnerison on 04-30-12 @ 11:00 am
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I grew up here and went to school - back when levies used to pass.  I went to a State University and
now I am back, working and paying taxes.  Not very much in taxes really, compared to other cities
Bozeman and Missoula.  I am not going to raise my children here if this levy doesn’t pass.  There is
an opportunity for us to support our children here, I hope we can take advantage of that.
Kellyn Brown
Kellyn Brown18 Apr
"If we made decisions on permits this way in MT, our economy would grind to a halt" @GovernorBullock on #KeystoneXL delay
Dillon Tabish
Dillon Tabish20h
KALISPELL, MT: You'll find the box in a brick building filled with history. Skateboards, pizza, clocks & ties #THTH14
Molly Priddy
Molly Priddy18 Apr
@natashavc @TaraAriano @allyzay Oh no, I've been thinking it's a room for all your types of mustards. Recalibrating my ideas now.
Tristan Scott
Tristan Scott19 Apr
@tristanscott *Billie Joe
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